Justin, angry, frustrated: "You don't get it, Brian. Don't even want to try."

"Sunshine …"

"Don't call me that!"

"What should I call you? Baby? That's how you're behaving!"

"That's your opinion? Fine! Go find another baby to fuck.  I'm gone!"

Grabs bag and jacket.

"Justin …"

"If you're going to apologise, forget it. Sorry's bullshit!"

"I love you."

Exasperated. "I know that, you twat."

"Then what?"

"Brian … will you, or will you not marry me?"


Prides requires at least a token resistance.



"Yes, what?"

Exaggerated sigh. "Will you marry me, Justin?"

"Say please!"

"Little shit!"

Tussles. Laughter. Love.

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