Missing in Action


Author’s Note: Sometime 308 - 311





“There’s no guava juice.”

“Well, have water.”

“There’s no bottled water.”  Silence.  “Sunshine?”


“Have you shopped this week?”

“Brian!  I have three assignments due this week.  Shopping is not on my priority list.”

“But there’s no guava juice.” 


“So I should go then?”

“Yes, Brian.  That would be a really good idea.  Get juice.  Get water.  Get … anything you want, just …” deep breath “ get out of here for a while.”



“So I’ll just go then.”  Silence.  “Sunshine?”

“Yes, Brian?”

“Do you want anything while I’m out?”

Pause.  “Ice cream?” 

Eyes meet.

Much later, mutual, “Yummmmm.”


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