Missing in Action


Author’s Note: Set early S3


“Hey, Sunshine.”


“So, how’s the fiddler?”

“He’s in Europe.” Silence. “He won a competion.  He’s on tour.”


“It’s great.  He had to go.  He couldn’t not go.  It’s a once in a lifetime thing.  So I mean, I miss him, but …”

Painfilled pause.  Then …

“Do you do you ever wonder if I miss you?”


“Well, Sunshine … later.”

“Brian?”  Silence.  “I miss you, too.”

A breath.

“Do you think there’s something we can do about that?”

“Well, we could maybe see each other sometimes.”

“How ‘bout dinner tonight?”

“Like – a date?”

“Yeah … I guess.”




“Later, Sunshine.”


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