Morning at the Loft

Warning: This one is mainly PWOP. There's some bondage, a little kink. Nothing really heavy.

Spoiler Warning: (vaguely) for S5.


Justin stretched and yawned. It was good to be home. Even though strictly speaking "home" had turned out to be Daphne's yet again. She'd got a new roommate while he'd been away, so at the moment he was sleeping on her couch.

Brian's suggestion that Justin move into the loft had sort of slipped away when he'd confessed that he'd accepted Brett's offer of a job on the movie and would be away for six months.

Justin sighed.

Of course it had actually turned out to be not much more than a month, because those homophobic pricks in Hollywood had got a case of post-election cold feet and pulled the plug after good old George W had been re-elected riding high on his right wing pseudo Christian family friendly fag hating agenda.

Fucking hell!

He could feel the anger and frustration building in him again, and decided to put that energy to better use.

Although technically speaking "home" was Daphne's, where he theoretically slept on her couch, in fact he'd only spent one night there since he'd got back. (Brian had been out of town on a business trip and Daph had indicated that it might be nice to see her roommate occasionally. They'd had a girls' night in, snuggling on the couch with ice cream and popcorn, and catching up with all the goss in each other's lives.)

But right now he was precisely where he belonged: in the big bed in the loft. And his … something … lover, friend, partner, whatever the hell, was lying next to him, still sleeping, but with a definite trace of morning wood to indicate that he wouldn't be for long. If Justin wanted to carry through on his plan, he'd have to move fast.

He slid out of bed, and, holding his breath, silently opened the toy chest. He took out the most important items, and quickly headed back to the bed.

The secret of doing this successfully, Justin had learned, was misdirection. He began licking Brian's neck as he wrapped the first piece of silk around Brian's left wrist and then moved to very softly nibble his ear as he tied the silk deftly to the restraint built into the bed frame. He let his lips wander down to Brian's nipple, and, as he'd expected, the man rolled onto his back to give him better access; still without fully waking up.

Justin paused for a moment and considered, then he leant across and began licking the soft skin just below Brian's right armpit. The man stirred, and moved his arm aside, once more allowing greater access to his body. Justin took a few hairs between his teeth, and gently tugged on them, knowing the effect this would have on his lover. Sure enough, he felt Brian's hips move, and moved quickly to secure the other wrist.

Confident of his mastery now, he got up and efficiently tied the man's ankles, before checking the wrist restraints to make sure they were secure.

Brian was awake now, but, after one powerful heave, which had only served to pull the restraints tighter, he'd remained still, waiting to see exactly what Justin had in mind.

Justin took time to rest his knees for a moment against the bed, between his lover's bound feet. His eyes went dark with lust as he took in the view before him. Brian lay spread-eagled - naked, bound and at his mercy. The long, beautiful muscles in his arms and legs were stretched, and the planes and curves of his torso cried out for touching. The man's cock was semi-hard now, and Justin felt his own harden further at the sight.

After a moment, he bent slightly to one side and ran his tongue across the tips of Brian's toes. Then he did the same to the other foot. As he'd expected, by the time he straightened, the man's cock was fully engorged, standing up stiff and proud from the dark nest of his pubes. Justin paused a moment to caress his own cock, and saw Brian's tongue snake out to lick his lips.

Justin made a teasing kissing motion at him before getting up to fetch the other things he wanted from the toy box.

He felt Brian's eyes on him, as he moved to the box, and deliberately chose to bend over from a standing position rather than kneeling to select his choices. He heard Brian give a faint moan, and laughed softly.

"You'll keep, Sunshine," the man promised.

Justin wiggled his ass at him in response, and decided on a larger butt plug. He chose one, thick and nasty with a remote control for the vibrating function, and tossed it back onto the bed, so Brian would know what was in store for him. Then he couldn't help a giggle as he selected the instrument that Brian feared more than any other.

He laughed at the curses Brian spewed at him as he walked back to the bed.

"Justin if you use that fucking thing on me now and make me piss all over the bed I'm going to take it out of your hide."

Justin considered. It was a fair enough comment. But he wasn't going to let this opportunity slip. He pouted at Brian, which won him another Kinney glare. Okay, so Brian wasn't playing about this.

"You can get up and go to the bathroom, but …"

Brian sighed, he had a bad feeling he knew what was coming here.

"You know what you have to do while you're there."

Brian lay and looked at him, considering, but the demands of his cock made the decision easy.

"Okay, fine. Whatever."

"And you have to come back and let me tie you up just the way you are now."

One more moment's thought, and then the man nodded.

Justin untied him and then followed him into the bathroom. Brian glared at him. Justin grinned as he joined him at the toilet bowl.

"What? You thought I wasn't going to watch?"

Sighing, Brian finished his piss, and got out the necessary equipment. He fucking hated this. It wouldn't be so bad if Justin did it to him, but his fucking partner liked to watch too much, and that made it all the worse. It was even more fucking annoying because his damned cock didn't seem to get the idea that it shouldn't like Justin watching him shove a tube up his own fucking ass and squirting this warm soapy shit up there. Every fucking time they did this, it made him so hard he felt like his cock could snap right off at the roots.

There! At least that was all of it. Now he could just …

He felt Justin's hand on his back.

"Not yet," his tormentor whispered. "Just wait."

The hand rubbed his back, and then moved down over his buttocks. Then Justin was behind him, squeezing and lifting both buttocks in his strong artist's hands.

"Fuck!" he ground out, fighting for control of his treacherous body.

Justin guided him to the toilet and settled him down onto it.

"Now!" he ordered, pushing his cock against Brian's lips.

Automatically, Brian opened at both ends, the enema flooding out of him as he took Justin's cock deep into his mouth. Justin thrust into him once, twice, and then froze into place as he filled Brian's mouth with come. When he was finished, he reached down and jerked Brian off, quickly and efficiently.

Brian gasped and leant back, staring up into his partner's eyes as he came.

Wiping his hand on a towel, Justin smiled at him. "I want us both to last a long time," he said.

Somehow, Brian wasn't sure that was a good thing.


Spread out once more on the bed, tied hand and foot with the butt plug thrust firmly into his ass, although not turned on yet, he was even less sure it was a good thing.

It had taken his young lover only a few moments to get him hard again. Hell! he'd been half way there by the time Justin had settled him back on the bed. A swirl of Justin's tongue around his navel, and Justin's skilled fingers lubing and opening him for the butt plug had been all it had taken. By the time the disgustingly pink-spangled object had been firmly forced into his rectum, he'd been fully erect once more.

And now Justin was reaching for his favorite weapon. Brian felt like kicking himself for not making it a condition of the game that Justin couldn't use … that. Then the soft tip of the feather stroked up his inner thigh and he started to lose all ability to think coherently.

By the time Justin had used it to explore his thighs, the backs of his knees, his armpits and his toes, Brian was cursing and swearing and nearly ready to beg.

By the time Justin had used it to tickle his balls, and trace around the edge of the butt plug where it disappeared into his ass and follow the line of the big vein on the underside of his cock, he was desperate and ready to give way.

And when Justin used it to caress his slit, he gave a helpless groan and murmured, "Justin, please, if you don't fucking …"

That's when Justin turned on the vibrator.

Brian's body jolted as the plug in his ass began to buzz against his prostate. He became totally lost in the sensations it was causing, and was hardly aware of Justin rolling a condom down his cock.

As Justin pushed down onto his cock, however, the motion caused the plug to move in his ass, setting off a whole new set of tremors, and as Justin settled his weight and rode him, the twin sensations of the plug and his lover's hot tight ass drove him quickly to orgasm.

But the sensations didn't end when he'd come and now the stimulation to over-sensitized nerve endings was truly painful.

"Justin," he begged, but his lover was lost in his own impending orgasm and didn't hear him.

"Justin!" he shouted, but it was drowned in Justin's own shout as he came, scalding hot across Brian's heated flesh.

"Justin," he whimpered as the blond head sank onto his shoulder.

"Mmm?" Justin murmured, sleepily sated.

"Turn the fucking thing off!" Brian roared.


Later, after a remorseful Justin had removed the plug and untied him; after he'd slipped into the shower with him and washed his come from Brian's chest, and soothed the man's sore asshole with a gentle rim job; after Brian had fucked him senseless against the shower glass, with the water spilling over them, and the steam covering the marks their hands and knees and faces made on the glass; later, after all that, Brian consented to drink some coffee and have a bite of Justin's bagel.

And while he was drinking the coffee, he said suddenly, "You never did move your shit in here."

Then he wrapped his arm round Justin's neck and pulled him close enough to kiss.

"I still wouldn't mind it if you did," he said.

This time, Justin got to be happy about it.

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