Romantic Conversation - Sort Of

Improv: #22 - silk, kneel, petal, glimpse

Brian on Justin

He comes to kneel beside me and bends over my cock.

I take his head between my hands and his hair glides like corn silk through my fingers.

I pull him up to me and my lips touch his neck, the spot just behind his ears where the skin is petal soft and sensitive.

He gasps, and moans my name and it's the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

Our limbs twine around each other and, corny as it sounds, my heart squeezes. I want to stay with him, tangled in his love forever.  

Not that I'd ever tell him that.

"Roll over," I say.

Hell, he knows what I mean.

Justin on Brian

He's pressed against me, into me, around me.

As he thrusts, his eyelashes flutter against my cheek, soft as the dusted silk of a butterfly's wings.

I twist my neck so that I can catch a glimpse of his face. It's deeply flushed, like the petal of a dark red rose.

He's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, ever felt. This is where I belong. Where we belong.

I want to drown in his eyes, in his heat, in his love.

But that's not something that I'd ever say to him. I grunt instead.

"Harder!" I say.

Well, he knows what I mean.

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