Authorís Notes: This one, unusually, is set in S1 - for some reason I'm thinking the afternoon of Mikey's aborted country weekend with Dr Dave.  I think Dave might have left the loft alone in canon, but let's pretend he didn't.




As Michael closed the loft door behind him he heard that infuriating giggle and recognised the significance of Brianís rumbled response.  Heíd heard that sensual bass note too often to mistake it.  The throb of Michaelís cock echoed the pang in his heart.

He reminded himself that Brian was only interested in fucking, including that stupid kid.

But climbing into Davidís car Michael remembered not just the maddening cockiness of that giggle, but also one unfamiliar note in Brianís all too-familiar response. 

From anyone else he mightíve thought that note sounded something like happiness.

But that was bullshit.

Wasnít it?


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