For fifteen years I've watched my son mooning over Brian Kinney. I've tried to tell Michael that Brian's never going to suddenly fucking fall in love with him. But then that asshole bats his pretty eyelashes and Michael stops thinking with anything but his dick.

And his heart.

Only now it looks like his heart is going to get stomped on.

Because against all the odds, Brian Asshole Kinney has done what no-one ever thought that he could, let alone would.

He's fallen in love.

With a little blond twink that no-one, including Kinney, ever saw coming.

My poor Michael.



Brian Kinney is my best friend. We've been friends since we were fourteen. I understand him better than anyone. But the one thing I'll never understand is his obsession with that little blond twink.

Brian could have anyone. For sex, anyway; and a good fuck is all he's ever wanted from any of his tricks.

But I've seen the look he gets when his precious Sunshine turns one of those smiles on him. Even if Brian doesn't know it, he wants more from that little twink.

He wants that kid to love him.

But why?

I just don't get it.


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