Author's Note: This one was tricky. Looking around for inspiration, I found this saying in my little book of favourite sayings (it's a tiny notebook in which I write down things that take my fancy - I wear it on my lanyard with my work security pass and sometimes it saves my sanity)

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Hard to work that into a BJ drabble, but I seized on the word "spirituality" itself, and added "service" and "obligation". So the drabble had to incorporate those three. This is the result.


Brian feels no obligation to accompany his mother to Church. He doesn't feel that his spiritual well-being is going to be in any way enhanced by sitting through a service in which he's likely to be told he's going to Hell because he likes cock.

What's ironic is that whatever spiritual capacity he's developed has come as a direct result of the two things the bigots think condemn him to eternal damnation his love for Justin, and for the son born so far out of wedlock, he's not even on the key-chain.

Guess God really does work in mysterious ways.


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