The Cat Blew Up - 4

The Cat Blew Up - 4

"Oh my God!" yelled Hunter as he burst into the diner. "The cat blew up!"

Brian looked up from where he and Justin were cozily planted in their booth. "What the fuck are you talking about and what the hell was that noise?"

"Down the street at the construction site! The caterpillar thingy just totally blew up! Flames were shooting everywhere!" Hunter motioned frantically in the air.

"Jesus!" Deb said. "Maybe we should call 911."

Ben and Michael entered the diner. "It's all right, Deb. Someone called already. I checked with the workers and they're okay. They all ran as soon as they saw the thing catch fire."

"Oh, thank God!" Deb replied smacking her gum. "Those boys have been bringing a lot of business in here lately."

"Not to mention a lot of eye candy." Emmett swooned from his spot at the counter.

"Brian?" Justin eyed his lover uneasily. "Uh, when I walked by from the bus stop didn't I see he 'Vette parked down that way?"

"Fuck." Brian pushed Justin out of the booth, practically knocking him on his ass, and quickly, but coolly, went out the door.

Justin gathered himself and followed.

"Teach him to park that thing in a no parking zone," Deb muttered as she moved off to pick up an order, while Michael, Ben and Hunter made their way to their own booth.

Ten minutes later the door opened and Justin came in, leading a shocked looking Brian, who was carrying something that resembled a rear view mirror.

"Uh, Deb," Justin called. "You may want to re-think that 911 call."

"Oh God, what happened? Are you hurt, honey?" She came rushing back to the front of the diner.

"No, but I'm afraid Brian's giant penis on wheels is dead." He tried not to smirk as Brian shot him a dirty look.

Ted stood and folded his hands together as he bowed his head. "Rest in peace, phallic symbol, rest in peace."

"Fuck you all!" Brian snapped at his laughing family as he moved to sit down, the mirror hanging limply in his hands. "My car. That fucking cat blew up all over my car."

The End

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