"The Cat blew up at someone on line today. Again."

"What set him off this time?" Emmett asked, leaning over Michael's shoulder so he could peek at the small laptop that was on the counter of the comic book store.

"Let me guess," Ted said dryly. "Yet another fanfiction that has Justin rich and famous and Brian leaving his career to stay home in the country and raise the kids?"

"No, no!" Emmett laughed, "I bet it's one of those MPREG stories that has Justin having little blond haired, hazel-eyed babies...out his ass! Those always set him off."

"Who the fuck is the Cat and why does he blow up?" Hunter joined the group clustered around the laptop.

"He's this gay guy with the screen name Catmandu, Cat for short, and he is the self appointed arbiter of what constitutes good taste in fanfiction about our dear Stud of Liberty Avenue," Ben explained.

"I have to say, I agree with a lot of what he says. I mean, men having babies?" Ted shuddered dramatically. "That's almost as unrealistic as his highness bottoming," he added with a smirk.

"But Cat doesn't just disagree with these stories, he eviscerates the writers. And it isn't just the far out stories, sometimes it can be for something as simple as suggesting that Brian would pine away for Justin, giving up sex while waiting for him to come back from New York...." Emmett's voice trailed off as everyone except Michael looked at each other for a moment then burst out laughing.

After taking a sip of herbal tea to compose himself, Ben spoke up.

"I agree there's a point to his complaints. but it doesn't seem to take much to make him blow up at someone's harmless little story. After all, isn't it all just for fun?"

"Well, I happen to agree with him completely. These people deserve to be told off, "Michael insisted, stubbornly. "Those ridiculous stories completely twist Brian's character all out of recognition. Letting Justin top and making me out to be some kind of jealous, whiny, clinging....After all, I really know Brian, I'm his best friend, not that no talent blond. What good was he to Brian...hey, what are you all staring at?"

Glaring at the others as they slowly edged their way out of the store, Michael starting typing his Live Journal post. He was happy to tell the world that he agreed with everything Catmandu had to say about all that sappy "Brian and Justin happily ever after" fiction.

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