An X-Files Kind of Day

An X-Files Kind of Day

(Fandom - Harry Potter/Charmed Crossover)

Draco and Chris walk into the house, which they share with Wyatt and Harry, only to come upon a very peculiar sight. Both rubbed their eyes to make sure they weren't hallucinating. When they looked in the living room the peculiar sight was still there. They looked at each other to see if the other was seeing what he was seeing.


"Yeah, Draco?"

"Did I just see a dog that seemed perplexed looking at the map…..?"

"Only if you also saw a mouse that went dancing naked right by the two of us……"

"No…it can't be. It has to be our mind playing a trick on the both of us. After all, we've both been extremely busy with the martial arts school," replied Draco.

"Yeah…that has to be it. Let's go to the kitchen and get something to drink and come back to the living room," said Chris.

They both head to the kitchen to get themselves refreshment. Both of them return to the living room with their glass of iced tea.

Upon returning to the living room, both still saw the dog looking perplexed at the map and the mouse going by them dancing naked.

"Are we losing our minds???" said a confused Draco.

"Nope…there is a dog looking perplexed at the map and a mouse that went by us dancing naked. No figment of our imagination at all," said Chris.

"Think Wyatt and Harry are playing a joke on us? Harry, after all, is the son of a Marauder and Wyatt does like his jokes."

"That has to be it! So let them have their fun. You do have to admit it's a funny thing to come home to."

Draco and Chris settle in to watch some television.

An hour later, Wyatt and Harry come home. They walk into the living room only to stop bug eyed at the sight of Chris and Draco in the room with a perplexed looking dog and a naked dancing mouse.

Harry looks at Wyatt and says, "And here I thought this day couldn't get any worse after the cat blew up!"

Chris and Draco look up at the two of them only to ask, "What do you mean the cat blew up?!?"

"Don't ask. Let's just say this has been an X-files kind of day," Wyatt replied.

All then proceeded to tell each other of how their day went…minus the cat blowing up, while the dog continued to look perplexed at the map and the mouse went dancing by naked.

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