The Cat Blew Up - 3

The Cat Blew Up - 3

(Fandom - Harry Potter/Charmed Crossover)

"Wyatt…..ummmmmmm…..there's something I have to tell you." Harry said.

Wyatt saw Harry biting his bottom lip, looking as if he really did not want to say anything…but needed to.

"What is it? Come on…you know you can tell me anything Harry."

"Well…..I'm not sure you're gonna believe me when I tell you this. I'm not sure I even believe it myself and I saw it."

"Just take a deep breath and tell me, babe. You're beginning to scare me here."

Harry took a deep breath and looked his husband straight in the eye.

"The cat blew up!"

Wyatt looked perplexed for a minute and then started to chuckle. "What do you mean the cat blew up??"

"Well…..I was out in the backyard and this grey striped cat was bothering Kit. I clapped and then waved my hand to shoo him away and next thing I know the cat blew up!" Harry said, getting a little upset about the whole thing."

Wyatt hugged his husband to let him know that everything was all right. He then looked at Harry with humor shining in his eyes, and said, "Think you can do that to the mosquitoes?"

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