Poor Cat

Poor Cat

"The cat blew up…" Justin spoke slowly, "…into a tree?"

"Yep," Brian replied. "And Tabby's sitting on a branch, explaining to the people that he was messing around with a Kold-Air Blow-Hard fan on the porch and he accidently hit the `high' button and got blown right up into the tree."

"And that's supposed to sell Kold-Air Blow-Hard fans to the general public?" Justin wanted to know.

"Yep," Brian assured him. "The Kold-Air people are crazy about it too. We're expecting at least a 15% increase in sales within a month after this commercial first shows. The general public likes stuff like that."

"OK, if you say so, Bri," Justin laughed doubtfully. "I'm not in advertising - thank God. And I'm not expecting to ever buy a Kold-Air Blow-Hard fan either - unless you really want one.…"

A possible disagreement between the guys was avoided at this point by the ringing of the telephone, which Justin was glad to answer.

"OK, we'll be right over," was all Brian heard Justin say in what was a very short conversation.

"Hey Kinney," Justin told him. "Gus' cat, Cicero, is stuck in a tree. I told him we'll be right over to get it down."

"And how the hell are we supposed to get it down, Sweetheart?" Brian grouched. "I guess you expect me to climb up and get it."

"No need for any climbing, Honey," Justin informed him. "We're stopping at Home Depot on the way over and we're buying a Kold-Air Blow-Hard fan."

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