When a Dog Meets a Boy, and a Cat Meets a Girl

When a Mouse Meets a Cat, and a Cat Meets a Mouse

The mouse went dancing naked. Even though the mouse had had no idea of the part it was playing in Justin the Cat's plan of making its way to his new toy's home in Pittsburgh, the mouse had performed perfectly in its role.

Justin the Cat had devised his plan as soon as he had understood that it would be way too dangerous for a cat of his size by himself to travel all the way from Toronto to Pittsburgh. No, in order to get to the house of his newest toy, Justin the Cat had to come up with a safer way of action. By the facts he knew, he had deduced that the Brian-toy would come to him, eventually. It called the house several times a week. It always wanted to speak with its cub, which was proper, and the JR-or-Jenny-Rebecca-substitute-toy would always tell the Brian-toy the latest greetings from Justin the Cat. The toy had not forgotten its owner, the cat, or its cub. He just needed to be patient and his toy would come. He had waited for four long weeks, and, at last, his toy had arrived. It had been time to put his plan in action. First he had needed a mouse.

The cat found the mouse using the skills he had achieved during his five former lives. By the time his toy arrived, Justin the Cat had completed all the preparations needed for the hunt for the perfect mouse for the task. As it was still early in the spring, and, thereby, there was not much food in the nature, the cat had decided that it was most likely he would find mice in the root cellar of the house he lived in. He was wrong, though. There was no root cellar in the house. Fortunately, the next house to the right had one, and there had been an abundance of mice there. He had caught a bit of weight feeding on them during the weeks of waiting, actually. His tail was looking better than ever. It had never been as bushy, not in one of his former lives. A feline smile decorated the cat's face.

For a skilled cat it had been no difficulty to get a perfect mouse. Justin the Cat had then carried the mouse to the Brian-toy's room. After closing the door, which was no difficulty for a skilled cat, Justin the Cat had started what came naturally for any cat; he started playing with his catch. He had nipped a tuft of hair loose from the back of the mouse. Then he had slipped into the closet and climbed into the pocket of one of the Brian-toy's suit pants and left the tuft there. He had repeated the actions until there was barely any hair on the mouse left; tufts of mouse hair had found their way in every pocket in the closet and various other places in the clothing hanging there, too.

Then had come the tricky part. Justin the Cat had never before tried to ferret out a way to open a suitcase closed with a combination lock. He had made a clumsy start with the numbers, but, in the end, it was easy. Of course, the Brian-toy had used his birthday, 15 th of March, 2007 to lock its suitcase. It was only natural.

As soon as the suitcase was open, he had put the furless mouse inside. Then he had locked the suitcase again, and, then, there had been nothing else to do but sit back and wait for the fruits of his actions.

It had not taken long. The Brian-toy had reacted exactly like he had anticipated. The tufts had made it frantic with worry, and, when it had found the furless mouse in its suitcase, it had gone ballistic. It had come to get Justin the Cat to take care of the pest; a need which Justin the Cat had been all too happy to satisfy. He had chased the mouse around the Brian-toy's room in a merry dance right to the tasty end. As far as Justin the Cat was concerned, for a creature like a mouse, it was a glorious way to go.

"That was quite a performance, Gold," the Brian-toy said. "I think I'll have to buy me a cat when I get back to Pittsburgh. Who would have thought that one day Brian Kinney would get a cat!"

"What? What? What?" Justin the Cat meowed loudly its protest. His toy was contemplating replacing him by another cat? How humiliating!

"And I'm Justin," he meowed as the toy smirked at him, "not Gold, asshole!"

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