Writer's Block

Writer's Block

4 am in the morning, and Brian was still awake. With a Friday deadline for Brown Athletics rapid approaching, he was still stumped for a new slogan for its new fall line. To make matters worse, for some strange reason, Justin was still awake as well, and pestering him like crazy. Perhaps it was something in his zodiac sign that had Brian's normally quiet little blonde in such a talkative mood tonight, of all nights.

"Justin... baby, will you please hold it down? I have writer's block." Brian massaged his forehead. "I need to think of a first line for this TVspot. If I can just come up with a first line, the rest of the dialogue will flow."

"Try, The Cat Blew Up!" Justin said.

"What?" Brian looked up at Justin.

"You needed a first line, now you have one, The Cat Blew Up. As a matter of fact, all of your ads should start with The Cat Blew Up! That way you'll always have a first line, your ideas will always flow, and everyone will know that's Brian Kinney's ad, because Brian Kinney always begins his ads with, The Cat Blew Up!" Justin smiled.

Brian stared at Justin for a moment. At first he was going to respond; that was until he took a look at that smile. Why bother? "Thank you baby," Brian said, then promptly took his boy to bed, and fucked him to sleep.

5 am in the morning, and Brian was still awake. Now if he could only come up with a first line for Brown Athletics' Friday deadline.

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