A Time to Modify

A Sunshine Files snippet showing John in a different light.

New July 3rd 2017

Alex and Glen

A Sunshine Files snippet about the background of Alex and Glen.

They Call Me Beau

A Sunshine Files snippet told from Beau's point of view.

Way Too Scary

A Sunshine Files snippet. Written for Moonshadow's Scary Things Challenge.

The Meaning of Sacrifice

A Sunshine Snippet in light of recent events. Written for the tribe's 2012 Holiday Challenge.

Kinney vs. Taylor

Involves Bree and an unexpected gift.  Written for Moonshadow's 2010 Valentine Challenge.

Living Together

Gus and Ray have made a big decision.

99 Luftballoons

In the future John and Patrick have a father and son moment.

Sugar and Spice

Patrick and Bree discover some things about themselves.

I Touch Myself

Justin thinks about Brian Brian thinks about Justin. 

With or Without You

Relationship troubles.

A Kinney By Any Other Name

Gus has an unusual request for his eighteenth birthday.

A Visit to the Zoo with a Five Month Old

Brian decides to accompany his husband and daughter.

PWP (sort of)

The world's silliest snippet.

Baby Steps

Bree takes her first steps.

Christmas Spirit

Christmas at the mall.

The Prince of Liberty

A new prince takes his place on Liberty Avenue.

What Litttle Gay Boys Are Made of

This is a precursor to the whole Sunshine Files.  Justin wants to learn about Brian's childhood..

Dr. Nick

A big day in the life of Hunter's Nick.

White Picket Fence

The power of a white picket fence.

Dada, Can I Marry You?

Bree poses this question to her father.

Kinney and Patrick

Back to the beginning their lives together.

Briana's Mother

From the diary of Briana's surrogate mother.

The Birth of the Bree

What happened the night Bree was born.

Brian's Women

A revelation for Joan.

The Prom

Briana is a junior in high school and gets invited to the prom.

The Pain of Loss

A death in the family.

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