Kinney vs. Taylor


There was a knock on the door to the cottage, so Brian went to the door. “Bree, there’s a delivery for you,” he called out hiding his smile and his part in the secret conspiracy.

“What is it?” Bree came running into the main part of their cottage from the sun porch. She was painting, dressed in her paint splattered overalls.

“Come here and find out,” her father commanded. Bree nervously went to the door to sign for the long box and the smaller one that was being held out for her. Justin, John and Bobby came into the cottage wondering what the commotion was all about.

“Right there, miss,” the delivery man indicated where Bree was to sign on his clipboard. Bree looked up at her Dada for confirmation. Brian nodded his consent then took out his wallet to give the man a tip. “Already taken care of, sir,” the man assured Brian. Brian smiled in approval.

“I wonder what this is. It’s not my birthday,” Bree muttered taking her boxes to the kitchen table. Bree was going to turn eighteen in a couple of months and was busily planning her special party that she wanted to host.

“There’s a card, princess,” John said recognizing the handwriting on the envelope. He reached out for Bobby with a smile, drawing him in closer then kissing the still bright red mop of hair. Bobby looked up at his spouse with mild suspicion.

With a slight tremble to her hands, Bree opened the card, her full lips moving slightly as she read it.

“Who is it from, Baby Girl?” Justin asked.

“Patrick,” Bree whispered as she quickly tore into the long box but was careful to keep the big red bow intact. “Oh my gods!” She gasped seeing two dozen red and pink long stem roses. Tears of joy began to stream down her face. Justin began getting an attack of allergies. John and Bobby grinned proudly. Even Brian had a moist glint in his eye.

“They’re so beautiful! Daddy, do we have a vase for them?” She threw her arms around her father.

“Of course, Baby,” Justin said as he sniffled into the soft strawberry blond hair.

“I’ll get it,” Brian said as he let father and daughter have their moment. Bree was always Dada’s little girl, but sometimes the special bond between Justin and Bree was too thick to interfere with.

Brian went to find a sturdy crystal vase worthy to hold the majestic flowers.

“What do you know about this, little bro?” John asked as Brian was filling the vase with water. They could hear Bree ooo and ahhh over the huge box of chocolates that accompanied the roses.

Brian gave him a grin.

“Spill!” John ordered.

“Your son wanted to do something special for Bree. I only made a suggestion.”

“And since when do you know how to get to a teenaged girl’s heart?” John smirked.

“I don’t. She’s the most fickle child I know. But I do know how to get to blond Taylor hearts. I’ve had years of practice,” Brian responded smugly.

John laughed. “That you do, little bro,” he agreed. “Is there any more to this gift my son gave to your daughter?”

“Dinner and dancing. Papaganos and Babylon. I’ll make sure the bouncers have them guarded,” Brian reassured his brother.

“I know you’ll keep them protected, and I trust my son. He knows how to treat a lady.”

“Yes, he does. He’s had good examples in matters of the heart,” Brian complimented his brother. John blushed slightly and ducked his head under his brother’s praise.

“Dada!” Bree shrieked in a panic.

“What is it, Squirt?” Brian asked as he brought over the vase then began to arrange the flowers in it like an expert.

“The note says to be ready by six! What am I going to wear? You have to help me pick out my clothes and, and...” Bree was making herself breathless as she tugged on her Dada’s arm. Her other daddy and uncles chuckled.

“Easy there, Squirt. Take your shower and I’ll go through your closet,” Brian said reasonably.

“Shower! Right. Shower, going to shower. Thank you, Dada. I love you. Love you, Daddy,” Bree said as she rushed off to her room. The men heard a door slam shut.

“Does our son know what he’s getting in to?” Bobby asked amused.

“I’m sure he does,” John assured him. “He’s got a lot of Kinney in him. There’s something about those Taylors. The Kinney men just know instinctively how to handle them,” John replied as he glanced over to Brian and Justin who were currently in a lip lock.

“I’m not sure if I want to know, if that’s any indication how our Kinney is going to handle their Taylor,” Bobby laughed. Brian and Justin stopped kissing and glared at Bobby, understanding the implications.

John and Bobby laughed.

“I’m sure there won’t be any problems,” John began when he was able to speak. “Their Taylor will have our Kinney wrapped around her little finger in no time.” John and Bobby again burst into laughter as Brian and Justin scowled.

“Bree!” the parents shouted as they scurried towards their daughter’s room.

“Are you prepared to be their in-laws?” John asked as he hugged his spouse.

“I thought we already were?” Bobby murmured against John’s lips.

“This’ll be different.”

“I know but there’s just something about those Kinney men and those Taylors. We can’t help being caught up in their lives for as long as the gods will allow,” Bobby whispered then put his own Kinney man into a lip lock.

“Mmm, something about those Morrison men too,” John said when he was allowed up for air. They smiled lovingly at each other, feeling the familiar response in their groins. The smiles suddenly turned to frowns.

“Patrick!” they shouted then ran toward their end of the cottage.



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