A Time to Modify



“What the hell is he looking for?” Brian bellowed across the sun porch from his office.  John was in his own attic office tearing it apart.

“I have no fucking clue,” Bobby shouted back.  “But I’m sure as hell going to find out.  He’s been up there for hours,” Bobby said as he stomped his way up the spiral stairs into the attic.

“John Anderson, if you don’t immediately stop, turn around, and tell me what the fuck is up with you, I’m going to have to get rough,” Bobby growled at his almost frantic spouse.  He stood, hands on hips, scowling at John.  John stopped, turned around then gave Bobby an incredulous look.

“Get rough?  You get rough?  With me?” John stated as he took three strides to stand in front of Bobby and stare down at the shorter man.  The fiery redhead stood his ground as he looked up into John’s face.

They stood there glaring at each other, neither man giving an inch until…

“What the fuck are you two doing over there?” Brian yelled.

John and Bobby burst out laughing until tears were running down their faces.  They began to laugh harder when Brian rounded the stairs then glowered at the two hyenas.  Brian pinched the bridge of his nose and began mumbling something about idiots not sharing the good drugs.

Brian shook his head as he sat down to wait until the boys got themselves together.

When the laughter finally died down and the boys appeared like they could carry on a decent conversation, John began to explain.  “I was thinking about the attic loft room in the B&B.”

“What about it?” Bobby and Brian asked almost at the same time.  John gave them a corny smile.

“I was searching for the original plans for the B&B,” John began.

“Is that why you blew up our office?” Bobby asked, his red eyebrows raised so high that they blended into his hairline.  “Looking for the B&B plans?  Geez, John, why didn’t you just ask me before you made like a tornado.”

“You know where they are?” John asked.

“Of course I do, you nut; I took all the plans for each home on the lane to be professionally bound,” Bobby explained.

“You did?” John asked with surprise.

“Yes, I did.  And if you build more cottages, the book binder tells me she can easily add them.”

“Wow!” John exclaimed with a bright smile.

“Oh wow, fucking wow,” Brian groused.  “Now ‘splain the damn rampage through your otherwise pristine office,” Brian demanded.

“I, um, want to redo the attic,” John said with enthusiasm.  Brian closed his eyes as he sat back then pinched his nose, again.

“You want to redo the attic,” Brian murmured, unnaturally quiet.  “What’s wrong with the attic as it is now?”

“Nothing’s wrong with it but I think it can be so much more.  It’s the tallest building on the lane and in full sun.  I want to install full windows on both sides and rearrange the living space to make the attic into an artist studio, maybe install solar panels.  And, and…”

“Slow down, Bubba,” Bobby cautioned as he took John’s hands into his.  John stopped to take a cleansing breath.

“John, you can do whatever you wish to any building on the lane.  It was your genius that created these homes and I have faith that you’ll maintain them or upgrade them as you see fit,” Brian stated clearly and with trust.  He stood then sauntered out of the office and down the stairs.  Bobby gave John a quick elbow to the ribs. 

“Thank you, Brian,” John quickly said.  Brian waved a royal wrist as he disappeared from sight.

“Well, now that we have his majesty’s permission, when are you planning to begin?” Bobby asked John.

“I guess when you pick up the book,” John replied.

“The book?” Bobby asked.

“The book of my blueprints.”

“Oh them,” Bobby said with a chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” John asked.

“You are!  And you’re so cute,” Bobby said as he got up close and in John’s personal space.  He then waved a thumb drive under John’s nose.

“What’s that?”

“Your blueprints,” Bobby said with a bright smile.  “And I had copies made, just in case.”  John just shook his head.

“I love you,” John murmured against Bobby’s lips.

“Love you,” Bobby repeated as they deepened their kiss.  “So when are you going to start?” Bobby asked when they came up for air.

John stepped back, looked around the room then said, “As soon as I clean up this office.” 

Then John and Bobby burst out into belly laughs.

“What the fuck are you two doing over there?” Brian yelled.


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