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Individual Stories


The Cat Blew Up 7

Written for the Cat Blew Up Challenge.

The Dog Seemed Perplexed Looking at the Map

Written for the Cat Blew Up Challenge.

The Mouse Went Dancing Naked

Written for the Cat Blew Up Challenge.



Just a bit of Loving


Brian Did What?

Brian and Justin met some months ago, fell in love and get married. Brian never introduces Justin to his friends and Michael finds them at the loft on their wedding night. Answer to wedding challenge from No Turning Back.


Come Home Soon

Justin and Brian are apart.


The Change

Brian watches Justin sleep.



Justin and Brian's thoughts about one another during their time apart. Told from Justin and Brian POV.


The Pain

Brian and Justin are having to deal with pain in two very different ways.  Warning: MPreg


Principles of Lust

Just a little lustful passion.


Oceans Apart

Just a little Song Fic that shows the love our boys have for one another.


The Vows We Made

Brian and Justin think about their relationship and promises they have made to each other.


A Father's Love

Sequel to The Vows We Made.



Love and War

Brian and Ben are in the Air Force, when Justin and Michael come to visit them in Colorado.

June 10th


What the...

The series, includes What the...?, What the Fuck is Going On!, and Fuck, Not Again!    Brian and Justin deal with tragic news.






June 10th


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