The Change

Lying here with you

I watch you while you sleep

The dawn is closing in

With every breath you breathe

Brian lay next to Justin watching him sleep. He never realized how much he loved the young man that was lying in bed next to him. He looked so at peace when he was sleeping, and watching his breathing seemed to relax Brian. In fact when Justin with him he was more relaxed. They had in deed been through some rough spots between the bashing, Ethan and his cancer but they still made it.

I can feel the change

The change you've made in me

But will I ever see

All the things you see in me

Justin had changed his life and there was no denying it. He was a bright part in a dark and lonely world. He was always encouraging and in order to put up with his bullshit pretty damn tough. Brian smoothed the hair from his angel's face being careful not to wake him. He made Brian's world a much better place.

When you say that I'm one of a kind

Baby, I don't see it but you believe

That I'm so strong and true, I promise you

I'll try to be that kind of man

Because you love me like I am

Justin never gave up on him even when he gave up on himself. In fact, Justin was the only one that could be supportive and get him through those hard times. Not even Michael had been able to help him through some of the things that Justin had been able to help melt away. He was determined to love and never let Justin go even if he couldn't say it he would at least show it.

When it comes to love

I may not know the rules

But there's one thing I know

My heart belongs to you, just you

He had never known how to love because he had never been shown love. The feelings that he had for the man asleep next to him were passionate like a fire burning within him, and he was surprised that he had been able to give his heart away. There had been fighting and tears, but Brian Kinney had finally fallen in love and admitted it. He glanced down at the matching wedding bands they each wore and smiled that they were now committed and would be together forever.

You show me you love me

With a fire that burns deep inside

They showed their love for one another strongly and deeply no only in their love making but their conversations and quiet moments of time together. Their love was fire that could never be gotten rid of. Justin Taylor had shown Brian Kinney love and was now being loved in return. They loved each other for who they were. No regrets.

I am

I'll never understand

I don't think I'll ever understand

Why you love me

Why you love me just like I am

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