A Father's Love

Chapter 1

Justin and Brian were curled up on the couch enjoying a quiet evening together. They had been married for almost two years and even though they were happy Justin couldn't help but feel like they were missing something. He was missing something. He wanted to raise a child with Brian. Gus was with them some of the time, but it wasn't the same as having their own baby. Justin decided to go out on a limb and ask, "Baby, how would you feel if we adopted a baby or if Daphne and I had a baby together?"

Brian almost choked at that question. He already had Gus and had never seen himself as a breeder. Justin had expressed feelings of wanting to raise a baby with him before but he didn't know how to feel about it. Ever since they had heard that the rate of adoptions was going down and that there was a need for more adoptions Brian had wondered if Justin would bring it up, and he also knew that he and Daphne had talked about having a child together.

"I don't know, do you really think we can do that. Raising a child is a huge responsibility, and if we are going to we need to make sure that our schedules are going to allow us to have time to be home. The last few months have been great having down time but we need to make sure that this is going to be a permanent thing."

"Baby, I know we can and besides I can arrange to do the art and graphic layouts for the movies here or in the studio space I have at Kinnetic. I really want to do this, and ever since we heard about there being such a great need for adoption I think that's going to be the best."

"Ok only if you are absolutely sure."

"One hundred percent." Justin said smiling one of his huge sunshine smiles, and leaned over and embraced his lover's lips.

Brian sunk into the kiss running his hands up and down Justin's back trailing kisses down his throat and jaw line. He slowly began removing Justin's sweats all the while kissing every inch of exposed skin. Justin began doing the same thing to Brian as the rubbed their equally growing groins against one another. Once Brian had Justin completely undressed he slowly ran his tongue down his butt till he came across his hole and began to lick his way from his hole to sack. Justin cried out in pleasure as Brian continued to eat him slowly savoring his flavor. Justin then slid on top of Brian taking him in his mouth while his husband continued to suck him. There was something about giving and receiving oral sex at the same time that made Justin incredibly horny, and he always like to do that as a precursor to sex because it was incredibly intimate and pleasurable. Once they were both on the edge of coming Justin shifted down Brian signaling for entry. They made love throughout the night and as they finally drifted off to sleep Brian knew he wanted to do anything to please Justin and having a baby wasn't that bad of an idea.

A few days later Brian and Justin went down to social services. They had heard that one of the best ways of being received into the adoption system was through foster parenting however even though there was an increased need for adoption that the system was incredibly nervous about placing children in home with same sex partners.

"Hi, we wanted some information on how to become foster parents" Justin said as he walked up to the receptionist desk at social services leaving Brian behind to look at the bulletin boards. The young woman smiled as she looked up at Justin. She noted that he was strikingly gorgeous and when the ring on his left hand twinkled she thought that his wife was damn lucky.

"That's a gorgeous wedding band," the young woman said trying to make idle chit chat while she searched through the filing cabinets. "I just need some information filled out here and then I will be able to have you meet with a social worker."

"Thank you" Justin smiled politely and walked towards Brian.

After Justin and Brian finished filling out the paperwork Brian went and handed it to the receptionist. When he did so she noticed that the ring he wore on his left hand was strikingly similar to the band on the younger gentleman's hand. This might be more difficult than once thought.

"Mr. Kinney and Mr. Taylor-Kinney what a pleasure to meet you both, I'm Stephen Alvin" the young man said politely as he noted the appearance of the two men. He also noticed the matching bands on their left hands, and wondered how this was going to affect the process. Even though there was the need for adoption placing a child with a same sex couple was always more difficult and more so with men than with women. What he was more curious about was if they were legally married or only committed though because that could also change the outcome.

When they got back home Justin was upset. Stephen had been quite clear that because they were gay that it was going to be more difficult to adopt or place a child in their care. He had also known that but didn't want to admit it to himself. Brian was just concerned that his husband was going to wreck the loft because upset didn't even begin to describe the way Justin was feeling.

"Jus, calm down. Everything is going to be ok."

"Bri…No it's not," Justin said between sobs. He had been through a lot of discrimination because of his sexuality and he was also upset that the system was prejudice against gay parents. After all lesbians can inseminate with donor sperm and become parents why couldn't he give a child a loving caring home? Brian knew the hurt that was in Justin's eyes and actions and all he could do was take Justin in his arms and make his hurt melt away after all he was going to see to it that his husband was happy in anyway that he could.

Chapter 2

A few weeks after the meeting with Stephen, Justin walked into the loft and threw his stuff down by the door. As he walked over to change his clothes he noticed that there was a message on the machine. He pushed the button and walked into the other room.

"Mr. Kinney and Mr. Taylor-Kinney this is Stephen Alvin from social services. I was calling to let you know that there is a young woman interested in meeting with you about adopting her child. If you are interested please let me know. Thanks." Justin almost passed out. Someone was actually interested in them even though they were gay. He was ecstatic and couldn't wait for Brian to get home to share the news.

A few hours later Brian came home and found Justin curled up in the middle of their bed fast asleep. He also noticed the sketch pad and pencil lying next to him and realized that he had fallen asleep while sketching. Brian picked up the pencil and sketch pad and kissed his husband on the forehead causing him to stir a little. Brian then went over to check the machine because he knew when Justin was asleep that if he heard the phone ring he would usually ignore it. When Brian heard the earlier message he looked over at the sleeping form on the bed and smiled because he was finally glad that his baby was going to be happy.

A month later a call came from Allegheny General that Anna was in labor. Anna was eighteen when she found out that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend didn't want anything to do with her and didn't believe that the baby was his, and decided that since she wanted to finish college and having a baby would be hard on that goal she decided to place her child up for adoption. Brian and Justin's had stood out from all the other couples that she had met because she wanted her baby to be raised in a home that was loving and accepting of all people, and she felt that living with a gay couple would allow her child to be brought up to be more open minded and not so critical. She also knew that one of the men had a son who lived with his mothers, and that most importantly the love that they shared for one another was so strong that there was no doubt in her mind that there was going to be love for her baby. The arrangements had been made within a few weeks of their meeting. Brian and Justin were allowed to be present at the birth of their child and now the time was approaching.

Justin flew down the halls of the hospital and ran up the stairs to the maternity ward. Brian was hot on his heels, but tried to remain cool and calm, he hadn't even been at Gus' birth so he wasn't really sure what to expect. When they finally got to Anna's room she was asleep, and the nurse quietly whispered, "she's been given an epidural and should be asleep for awhile, but I recommend that one of you stay with her so that when she's awake she can focus and breathe."

"Thanks. Bri why don't you go get some coffee for us, and I'll stay here with her."

"Ok love." Brian said smiling as he walked out of the room. When he returned a few minutes later Anna had begun to wake up and was obviously in a lot of pain. The contractions were frequent and when the doctor's came to examine her and within no time she was pushing. When the baby was finally delivered Brian and Justin welcomed a daughter into the world.

Chapter 3

"She's perfect. Her nose is so cute and her eyes are beautiful. She will be such a little heart breaker" Brian smiled as Justin walked into the nursery.

"What should her name be? I was thinking Abigail."

"Abigail is perfect. How's Anna?"

"She is resting last night took a whole lot out of her. I'm going to go get some coffee do you want some?"

"Yeah," Brian said then gently kissed his husband's forehead before picking his daughter up gently. His gaze followed his husband as he walked into the hallway and then slowly returned back to their little girl, "Welcome to the world little one. I love you."

A few weeks after bringing Abby home from the hospital Brian walked into his and Justin's bedroom and stood there for a moment admiring his husband. Justin had fallen asleep while reading and the amber glow from the lamp next to the bed fell across his pale skin and made his light hair shimmer. Brian immediately stripped and crawled in to bed next to his husband. Abigail had barely been sleeping at all at night, and he wanted to take full advantage of the precious little quiet time they had to do a little more than sleep. He began to slowly run his fingers down Justin's chest making his way to his cock. As he stroked him he began to stir, and sleepy blue eyes met hazel ones with a lustful glaze.

"Hmmm," Justin sighed as Brian began to quicken his motions as his dick began to stiffen. They soon began kissing and sucking on one another's lips, necks, and chests while all the while they ground their erections together. The lovers proceeded to suck one another off, but before they could make it that far a shrill cry came from the other room.

"I'll go," Justin said slightly exasperated. He then got up off the bed slipping on a pair of sweats as he went. Brian smiled at his husband as he thought about what a wonderful daddy he was turning out to be. He returned a few minutes later cradling their daughter in his arms. He held her close to his chest and kissed her cheek quieting her sleepy cries. Brian curled up next to him, and listened as Justin whispered the tune to a familiar lullaby, "Hush little baby, don't say a word Poppa's gonna buy you a mockingbird, and if that mockingbird don't sing Poppa's gonna buy you a diamond ring…." When Abby was finally sleeping soundly once again Justin took her back to her bed and came back to his husband. Brian had fallen asleep and instead of waking him Justin curled up next to him hoping to get at least an hour's worth of a nap before their daughter was awake again.

The next day Justin called Jennifer to see if she would baby sit for the night. He and Brian desperately needed some alone time and he knew his mom had been complaining that she didn't get to see Abby enough, "Hi Mom, do you want to baby sit for me and Bri tonight?" Justin asked his mom pleasantly. He was hoping to make reservations at Brian's favorite Japanese restaurant then come home and make love for hours.

"Sorry baby I can't. I already have plans or you know I would love to keep my granddaughter for a few hours. I'll ask your sister she shouldn't have any plans tonight and one of us can drop her off at the loft in the morning that way you two have all night."

"Ok, thanks Mom I want us to have some time to ourselves tonight so encourage Molly to say yes after all she will get to see my husband."

Jennifer Taylor giggled at that comment. She knew that Molly had always had a crush on Brian and she thought it was cute when Justin would ask his sister to do something for them he would make sure to let her know that seeing Brian was part of the bargain. "Ok sweetie. Talk to you later."

"Bye mom."

Later that evening, Molly walked into her brother's house and was met with the sounds of crying. She saw Justin sitting on the couch cradling his little girl. She also saw the bottle sitting next to him along with the pacifier. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary because her niece was always fussy when she was hungry, but Justin had a very ragged look on his face. He looked like he hadn't slept in a week and it worried her.

"Hey Jus is everything ok?"

"Hi Mollusk, Abby hasn't wanted to sleep at all or eat so she's being a little cranky. Brian and I are about to collapse if we don't get some downtime to ourselves. He's in the shower getting ready to go, but I will definitely make sure he's around to see you when you drop her off in the morning."

"Oh ok, is there anything you need me to do special."

"Nope, just make sure she's buckled in tight and try to make sure she's down for the night at about 8. We are trying to maintain some sort of schedule."

"Okay, no problem." Molly said grabbing the diaper bag from her brother and picking up her niece from his arms.

"Thanks Molly," Justin said as he led her out of the loft kissing her and his daughter on the cheek as they left.

Once they were out the door Justin slipped out of his clothes and into the bathroom. Brian was standing there stroking himself, and Justin quietly slipped in behind him and placed his arms around his waist. "We're alone and I'm horny," he whispered to Brian as he began to run his hands along his chest and back kissing and licking every inch of skin. Justin continued to do the same thing to his husband, and he then knelt down and began to run his tongue along Brian's erection.

"Mmmm," Brian mumbled as Justin licked the tender skin of his balls and inner thighs. They hadn't made love this slowly and passionately since their daughter had been born and it was nice to have the evening to one another. Brian ran his hands through Justin's hair raising his chin to look up at him and said, "Bed now…". As soon as they were in the bedroom they continued their lovemaking. Brian rimmed Justin before slowly pushing into him.

"Ahh," Justin moaned as his hole was filled with his lover. He began to push back into Brian in time with the thrusts. Brian sucked and bit his neck and back leaving small hickey's on the curve of his partner's shoulder's never stopping the thrusts. Their orgasms were synchronized to the rhythm of their love making, and they were very grateful that they finally had a night alone to themselves. A few hours later the men both awoke to the phone ringing. They had decided to have takeout and make love most of the evening just enjoying one another's company. Brian rolled over smacking Justin as an indication that it was his turn to stumble out into the living area and grab the phone.

"Hello" Justin answered sleepily. It was almost midnight and he was exhausted and content from his earlier activities and just wanted to go back to bed and curl up in his husband's arms.

Brian rolled over just about that time and listened to the conversation in the other room making sure that there was nothing wrong.

"Mom calm down its ok we'll be there in a minute. It's ok. Don't worry. We understand." Justin desperately told his panicky mother. After they hung up the phone he walked into the bedroom to find that Brian was already getting dressed and he looked hot in his jacket with his bed hair.

"What's wrong with Abby," Brian asked and as Justin threw on some pants and a jacket he grabbed the keys to their jeep.

"She's running a fever of 102, and mom decided to take her to the emergency room. Mom's also freaking out because she interrupted our time together but I told her not to worry because our daughter is sick and that's more important. I'm thinking it's an ear infection because she was pulling on her ears today and she was really fussy."

"I'm sure it's nothing. Let's go." Brian said, but as he took his husband's hand and walked out to the Jeep he couldn't help but wonder if something was seriously wrong with his daughter.

Chapter 4

When Brian and Justin got to the ER Jennifer was standing their holding Abby trying to stop her cries. Brian took his daughter from her and started walking back and forth across the waiting area trying to calm her while Justin filled out the paperwork. When they were finally taken back to an exam room the doctor took Abby's temperature one more time, and he also noticed that she was pulling on her ears.

"It seems to be an ear infection but you'll have to go to her pediatrician and get it checked. I'll give her some antibiotic drops and some pain drops, but she's in a lot of pain so she is probably going to be quite fussy for awhile." The doctor said after he checked Abby out.

"Thanks." Justin said as he picked up the scripts for the medicines and Brian cuddled his daughter close as they walked out of the room back towards Jennifer.

"What's wrong with her?" Jennifer asked tiredly.

"They think an ear infection," Justin said flatly. He hated to think that his daughter was in pain and there was nothing he could do but give her some baby Tylenol and cuddle her.

"Do you want me to take her with me and keep her tomorrow while you both are at work, and I'll bring her to the loft after dinner? I know how to handle a sick baby; I did it with you," Jennifer said hoping to get a smile from Justin, but knew that seeing your child sick and hurting was upsetting.

"Thanks Jen, but after all I own Kinnetic I'll take the day off and stay with her," Brian said.

"Ok I'm going to go home then. If there is anything I can do let me know."

"Thanks mom. Have a good night."

Once there goodbyes were said Brian and Justin went and buckled their sleeping daughter in the back seat of the jeep and headed to the 24 hour pharmacy. Once they got the prescriptions filled they went back home, and Justin gave Abby a dose of baby Tylenol along with her ear drops and put her to bed. When he walked into the bedroom Brian was laying naked on the blue duvet smiling at him.

"She'll be out for awhile with the Tylenol in her," he said in a quiet seductive tone as he gently stroked himself.

"Mmmhmmm," Justin said as he quickly stripped out of his clothes, turned on the baby monitor, and jumped in bed with his husband. They proceeded to make love for what seemed like hours, and right before going to bed for the night they both walked in and checked on their sleeping daughter, and couldn't help but think that life was perfect.

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