Justin quietly walked across the loft floor and sat his portfolio against the wall. He had been busy preparing for his upcoming show, and the trip that he would soon be making to New York. He silently walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. As he stood there drinking he noticed the soft glow of the light coming from the bedroom. He smiled as he walked in and saw Brian lying on the bed.

He had fallen asleep while reading, and the book was still open across his chest. The lamp light bathed his golden skin in an amber glow, and his breathing was deep and even with sleep. His gently wheeze filled the air as he shifted ever so slightly. The blue gray sheets were draped over the lower half of his body teasing Justin with just enough exposed skin.

He stripped his clothes off in silence and went to throw them in the laundry basket when he heard a small moan come from the bed. He heard Brian's breathing becoming deeper and more ragged, and his cock jumped at the thought of Brian dreaming about them making love. Once he had thrown the clothes in the hamper he gently picked up the book, turned out the light then crawled in bed next to Brian.

"How is the show coming?"

"Jesus, Bri you scared me," Justin said turning to face him, "I thought you were asleep?"

"I was until you clicked out the light. I was having this wonderful dream to."

"Really," Justin replied as his cock jumped even more in response to the huskiness and lust filled tone in Brian's voice.

"Yeah," Brian whispered reaching down and grazing Justin's cock with his fingertips causing him to whimper slightly. He then kissed him passionately along the neck and ears slowly caressing every inch of skin on Justin's body.

"Hmm, it must have been some dream," Justin said stroking Brian's cock slowly as he kissed his neck and ears guiding his face to meet his in a kiss.

"Uhhmm," Brian said slowly guiding his tongue along his lower lip requesting access to Justin's mouth.

They kissed slowly for a while their tongues entwining as their bodies did the same. Justin's breathing became rough and ragged as Brian continued to caress his overly sensitive skin and tantalize his senses with his hot breath, and Brian continued to suck on Justin's neck as his felt strong legs wrap around his torso pulling him closer as artist's fingers drew patterns along his swollen cock.

"Oh God, Jus," Brian moaned.

"Hmm, make love to me," Justin whispered as he continues tracing patterns along Brian's cock stroking the beads of precum from around the slit through the thick patch of pubic hair causing Brian to shiver visibly.

"Hmm," Brian replied as he slid his finger inside Justin causing him to gasp with both the pain and pleasure of the intrusion. He then slowly began scissoring his fingers until Justin was pushing back into his fingers demanding further action. He slowly slid his fingers out and replaced them with his hard cock sliding ever so gently into Justin giving him time to adjust.

Justin moaned as he wrapped his legs tighter around Brian's waist rising up to meet his every thrust. Their bodies continued to take over as their minds lost all coherent thought and screamed for release. The moans of ecstasy filled the room, and before long, both of their bodies were plummeting over the edge into a sea of pleasure. They continued to make love slowly and fervently through out the night, and come sunrise Justin whispered, "That must have been some dream."

"No, Sunshine," Brian whispered, "it was better than a dream."

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