The Pain

Brian smoothed his hands along the skin on Justin's shoulder's whispering words of comfort against his ear. He watched as his young lover fought the pain and waves of nausea that washed over his body. Justin had been in labor for nearly 6 hours, and in the past 2 hours the pain had become so severe he was nauseas and barely able to move for fear that the stabbing pain in his back and stomach would become more severe.

"Bri," Justin barely whispered hoping that the lack of breath would stop the pain but instead he felt it wash through him again.

"Yeah baby," Brian whispered against Justin's forehead being careful not to jostle him.

"Can you help me to the hot tub?"

Brian carefully picked him up and carried him into the private bath area of the room. He turned on the jets and carefully undressed his partner then slid out of his own clothes and into the spa next to him. He slowly massaged Justin's shoulders, back and stomach all the while whispering to him to breathe and relax. He hated to see his baby in so much pain, but it would all be over soon enough he hoped.

Jennifer Taylor paced the waiting room at the hospital. She wanted nothing more than to be with her son during this time, but she knew that he had his husband with him. She was a nervous wreck and no matter how much coffee she drank or how much she paced she couldn't get her son out of her head.

"Jennifer come sit down sweetie. This could take a long time and there haven't been any complications so far. I'm sure once Justin gets enough pain killer in him that he can sleep Brian will come let us know what's going on. This is the best hospital in the country for this situation everything is going to be ok. It's very routine for a male Newcomer to have a baby. Stop freaking out and sit." Debbie said smiling at Jennifer trying to calm her down. When word had gotten out that Justin was in labor the whole family had gone up to the hospital and camped out in the waiting area. They knew that this could take awhile, but there was no stopping the gang when it came to being support.

"Thanks Debbie," Jennifer said smiling at her.

Brian and Justin had met 4 years ago when Brian had been in Pittsburgh visiting his friend Michael. Brian had been out having a beer with Mikey and the boy's at Woody's. When Justin walked in, Brian was immediately drawn to his beauty. His hair was golden blonde, and he had the brightest blue eyes. Brian proceeded to walk over and introduce himself. All he had been hoping for that night was a quick fuck and he never imagined it would bring him where he was today. He had never seen himself being in a relationship or falling in love, and even more unlikely was being in a relationship and falling in love with a Newcomer, but Brian Kinney had done just that.

They had gotten married a year before, and had decided that they wanted children. In Newcomer society it was possible for the male to carry the child, and with all the genetic testing that had been approved, they could now have a baby that was fully conceived by two males or two females. They had planned on having children in about 6 months to a year from being married, but the afternoon Justin came in and was as pale as a sheet holding a home pregnancy test they knew within the year they would have a new baby.

"BBrian, make it stop." Justin stuttered as another wave of pain came over him. The pleading in his lover's voice snapped him from his thoughts.

"Shhhh. Breathe," Brian whispered against his ear and slowly started massaging his shoulder's and back once again.

"Why don't you go update the natives? I'm sure that they are getting restless," Justin smirked trying to make light of his discomfort.

"Ok, I better go let your mom see you to before she decides to barge in without knocking like she so rudely has before. You want to get out of there or stay?"

"Stay it seems to be helping the contractions a bit."

Just then a soft knocking on the door jarred the two men from their conversation. The young nurse that had been looking in on the birth came in and seemed quite shocked by the sight of the two naked men in the hot tub. "Are you doing ok?" she asked Justin as she checked his blood pressure and temperature.

"Can he get anything for pain or will it hurt him or the baby," Brian asked hoping that his husband could at least get something to take the edge off of the contractions.

"I already brought something that he's not allergic to so it shouldn't hurt the baby, and Justin I know it's going slow, but you're progressing nicely, and the baby is still strong so we can go ahead with the non surgical birth."

"Thank You," Justin said weakly and slightly slurred as his pain medication almost instantaneously kicked in and brought him some relief. Once the nurse left Brian picked up Justin and wrapped him in his bathrobe and laid him on the bed, he then threw his own robe on and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll go get your mom. Do you need anything else?"

"Ice when you come back thanks," Justin said returning the kiss, and closing his eyes grateful for the few minutes of pain free oblivion. Brian smiled at his husband as he walked out of the room to go get his mother in law.

Out in the waiting area Jennifer almost jumped on top of him when she saw Brian emerge out of the back area, "How is he?"

"Fine, Jen. I'm going to get some coffee why don't you go sit with him awhile. They just gave him some pain medication and he's dozing in and out.

"Ok thanks," Jennifer said and kissed Brian on the cheek as she went to check on her son.

"Honey, you look like shit," Debbie said bluntly, "When was the last time you slept."

"Probably 24 hours. Brian said stifling a yawn.

"I'm just getting some coffee and something to eat then I'm going to go back and climb in bed with my husband and try to sleep then. Where's Mikey?" Brian asked surprised that his friend wasn't there.

"He stayed at home. He and Ben didn't want to come and wait all night when they both have work in the morning, but told me to tell you to call as soon as we have a baby cause they want to know what's up."

"Ok thanks Deb," Brian then kissed her on the cheek went and grabbed a soda instead of coffee and a sandwich and went back to his husband. He thanked Jennifer for staying with him, and then climbed in bed next to his husband. He must have dozed off shortly afterwards because he awoke suddenly to Justin crying out in pain from the bathroom. He jumped off the bed and rushed in there and found his husband on the floor curled in a ball.

"Brian, there's so much pain. I can't do this anymore."

"Justin, look at me and focus and breathe slowly. In through your nose and out through your mouth just like they showed us in Lamaze. I'll buzz the nurse and have her come check your progression." After calming Justin down he picked him up off the floor and carried him back to bed and then called the nurse.

"Justin. Let's check you out now," the young woman said as she entered the room once again bringing a shot and some ice chips. She placed the items on the table next to the bed and gently pulled Justin's robe back to examine him. When she was done with the examination she proceeded to give Justin some more pain medication and once again increased the drip on the oxytocin. She also decided that since the progression was still slow that she would break the water causing Justin's contractions to become more forceful. His contractions were already quite regular and close together, but because he was a Newcomer male he was still going to have quite a long active labor. Once she was gone they attempted to once again get some rest.

Two hours later Justin awoke to severe pressure on his back and pelvis. He rolled over on his side and gasped in pain. When the pressure didn't subside he knew something was wrong.

"Brrian," he whispered stroking his husband's hand.

"Shhh." Brian replied reaching over and touching his husband's pale sweaty forehead.

"Something's not right. The pressure won't stop." Justin whimpered.

"Ok. Breathe. I'll be right back" Brian said kissing his husband. He then walked out grabbed the nurse and went back into their room.

"Ok Justin," the nurse said smiling, "you are definitely going to be feeling some discomfort because the baby is finally crowning so on the next contraction I want you to bear down and push as hard as you can."

"Ok" Justin said gripping Brian's hand and bearing down hard.

"Come on Baby, I can see his head. Push," Brian coached

"Bri, I can't do this." Justin almost screamed his face twisted with pain.

"You can," Brian whispered sliding behind Justin to support his shoulders and back. He continued counting in Justin's ear so the rhythm of his breathing and counting would keep Justin calm and encourage him to push harder.

"Come on your almost there Justin. That's it..." she coached along with Brian calming Justin allowing his muscles to relax causing the baby to slide free. "You have a son."

Justin collapsed back into Brian exhausted for the delivery. Brian leaned over and kissed his husband as he whispered, "You did awesome baby."

"We both did," Justin whispered back, and as he kissed his husband he smiled his sunshine smile as their son was placed in his arms.

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