Brian Did What?

Michael turned the key in the loft door and slid the door back quietly. He had knocked quite a few times, and there had been no answer. Brian had been going on a business trip, and was supposed to be getting back that evening, and Michael had to return some stuff he had borrowed for the store. He walked in and noticed that there was soft music playing, and there was candlelight flickering in the bedroom. He thought that was strange since Brian hardly ever lit candles, and he never listened to soft music. Curiosity got the best of him, and Michael slowly walked to the edge of the counter, and peered into the bedroom.

Brian was lying on his stomach completely naked, and there was a younger blond man that Michael did not recognize straddling his back. He was slowly kissing his way down Brian's back as he massaged oil onto his golden skin, and rubbed all the kinks from his muscles. Brian's eyes were closed, and he was obviously enjoying what the young man was doing. Brian softly moaned, and then rolled over to meet his lips with a deep kiss.

Michael continued to watch his best friend and the other man very intently. He watched as Brian kissed and caressed the blond man before him, and whispered in his ear quietly. He watched as they gazed into one another's eyes. He was about to turn around and give Brian some privacy when he noticed the flash of metal on Brian's left hand, and as soon as he saw the same piece of jewelry on the young man he hit the ground with a thud.



I jump when I hear the loud thud come from the kitchen area of the loft.

"Brian what the fuck was that," I whisper as I kiss him deeply.

"Probably just Michael he doesn't seem to know that when the door isn't answered no one is home or that they are asleep. Hold on," he whispers to me as he stumbles down to the kitchen. I stick my head around the corner, and that's when I see my new husband standing over the man lying in the middle of the kitchen floor. He obviously knows him because he doesn't even put on clothes as I quickly wrap myself in one of the sheets off our bed. He stands over him whispering Mikey repeatedly until the man opens his eyes and starts stumbling backwards on his hands and feet.

Brian had told me that he wanted to wait and tell his friends about us until after the wedding, and that he was using business as the excuse for our weekend trip to Canada. He had also told me that most likely Michael would stop by the loft, but I was just as shocked to see Michael lying in our kitchen as he was, and immediately snapped out of my thoughts when I saw Brian motioning for me to come over there.

"Justin, come here. Michael, this is Justin Taylor my husband," I hear him say.

"Nice to meet you, Brian I'll call you and find out all the details tomorrow. Later," Michael stammers as he walks back out of the loft slamming the sliding door shut behind him.

"Don't worry we will tell them tomorrow," Brian mumbles as he walks over to me, and before I know what is happening I'm melting under his touch, and all thoughts of intrusive friends are melting away.



I jump when I hear the thud, and kiss Justin deeply before making my way into the kitchen. I smirk at Michael when I see him lying in a heap in the middle of the kitchen floor. Maybe this time one of his abrupt visits actually scared him shitless.

"Mikey," I whisper softly, and watch as his eyes flutter open. I am still naked, and he immediately starts pulling himself off the floor and mumbles, "what the fuck, Brian put some clothes on."

"What are you doing here? I told you that I wasn't going to be back from business until late this evening and not to stop by until sometime tomorrow or Monday afternoon."

"What are you doing, who is that, and why are you wearing a ring on your left hand. What the fuck…," Michael continues stuttering as he glanced from my hand to Justin's hand and then again from me to Justin.

"Justin, come here," I motion, "Michael, this is Justin Taylor my husband."

He just stands there for a few minutes then stammers out, "Nice to meet you, Brian I'll call you and find out all the details tomorrow. Later," then walks back out of the loft slamming the sliding door shut behind him.

"Don't worry we will tell them tomorrow," I mumble pulling Justin into my arms, and kissing him deeply. I can definitely get used to being married, and in love.

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