The Sentinel to the Rescue




A day in the life type story.  Warning: Blair owies.  Smarm, schmoop, and fluff.





“Ow!  Ow!  Ow!” Blair cried out in rapid succession. 


He had been lounging around the apartment, enjoying a rare entire weekend off with his lover, best friend, partner in life and at the Major Crimes unit at the Cascade P.D.  Jim was out picking up their dinner while Blair was setting the table.  A water glass slipped out of Blair’s hand, shattering upon impact on the floor.  Blair had thought he swept up all the pieces of broken glass until his sock clad foot found a shard that was no longer hidden under a chair.


“Shit!  Bloody and painful is my world,” Blair mumbled to himself as he sat in the chair then gingerly pulled off his blood stained sock.  He couldn't see the glass splinter in his foot.  “Damn, where’s a sentinel when you need him.”


Blair searched his shirt pocket for his glasses then cursed as he remembered where they were.  On the coffee table, neatly sitting next to the book he was reading.


“He’ll kill me if I get blood on the rug,” Blair murmured from the chair.  “Maybe I can hop to the bathroom; the light's better in there,” Blair said to himself as he stood up, calculating the shortest route to the bathroom.  He took one tentative hop, lost his balance then stepped down on his injured foot.


“OW!” Blair shouted as the glass plunged deeper into his foot.  Reaching for the chair, Blair leaned over too far.  He and the chair fell onto the floor.  Blair saw stars then everything turned black.


“Hey, buddy.  Come on back to me.  Open up those pretty blue eyes of yours,” Jim cooed as he cradled Blair in his arms.  Blair groaned as he came to.


“What happened?” Blair asked as he attempted to sit up.  The pain in his head and his sentinel’s large hand on his chest made Blair rethink that decision. 


“I was going to ask you the same question.  I go down the block for a few minutes to pick up our dinner and I find you out cold on the kitchen floor with a bloody foot when I get back.”


“I was setting the table when I dropped a glass.  I thought I got it all but I didn’t.  I was trying to get to the bathroom when I fell.  I guess I bumped my head.”


“You state the obvious, Chief.  Hence the trip to the ER.”


“Oh man, for once I’d like to get through a weekend without the benefit of medical attention,” Blair grumbled making his sentinel laugh.


“Don’t worry, Sandburg.  This was just a precaution.  I removed the glass from your foot.  The doc cleaned up the cut and bandaged it; no stitches necessary.  But you’ve got a slight concussion.”


“Been there, done that, have several t-shirts to prove it.”


“Right, so I convinced the doc to let me take you home.  I’m quite familiar with the drill.”


“Greaaat.  No sleep for me tonight.”


“Nope but look on the bright side, I already spoke to Simon.  We both get another day off.  Actually you get more than one, I go back on Tuesday.  You go back when the doc says you can.”


“Cool!  I can live with that.  Maybe I’ll finish that book I’ve been reading.”


“You do that, Chief.  Now, you ready to blow this popsicle stand?” 


“I'm ready to blow you,” Blair whispered sentinel soft.


“When we’re home, Junior,” Jim said with a grin.  Jim bundled up his injured partner to take him home.






“Did I ruin dinner?” Blair asked as he hobbled into their apartment.


“No, Chief.  I put it away while the medics were working on you.  It’ll reheat just fine,” Jim replied as he made Blair comfortable on the couch.  “I’ll zap it in the microwave then bring in here.”


“You?  Eating on the couch?  Isn’t that breaking one of your rules?”  Blair chuckled.


“Sometimes rules were made to be broken. Besides you’re worth it, Chief.”


“Awe, I’m touched, Jim,” Blair said as he placed his hands over his heart to emphasize the point.


“Tetched, is more like it,” Jim responded.


“Har, har.  You’re a real comedian, big guy.”


Jim brought their dinner into the living room.  They ate in companionable silence on the couch with Blair resting up against his Blessed Protector.






“Jim?”  Blair awoke with a sleep raspy voice.


“That’s me,” Jim answered with a warm smile.


“What time is it?”


“Two in the morning.  You can go back to sleep now.”


“‘Kay,” Blair said as he snuggled close to his lover.






“Thank you.”


“For what, Chief?”


“For coming to my rescue, again.”


“It’s what I do.”


“You do it well.”


“I have good incentive.  When my Guide needs me, the Sentinel must respond.”


“Mmm,” Blair murmured with a yawn.


“Go to sleep, Sandburg.  Tomorrow’s another day.”


“Another day, another rescue,” Blair mumbled as he went back to sleep secure in his sentinel’s arms.



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