Bunch of Thyme




“Mayday! Mayday! Ryan! Where are you?” Seth shouted frantically.


“What’s the matter?” Ryan asked coming from their bedroom.


“Oh, there you are! How can you be so calm when we’re in such a crisis?”


“Because I don’t know what the crisis is?”




“So, what is it?”


“I can’t find thyme! We’re out of thyme!”


Ryan was silent for a moment. “We’re out of thyme?” Ryan asked calmly.




“And that’s the crisis?”




“Okay. I assume you need thyme for something?”


“Yes! For the Chicken Giardino I’m making for dinner.”


“Can’t you use something else instead?”


“Something else?! No, I can’t use something else! It’s not Chicken Giardino without thyme! It’s NOTHING without thyme. Thyme is essential to it.”


“Okay, okay. I just thought I’d suggest.”


“So, could you please pop round to the store and get some? My parents will be here soon.”


“Oh, you know how I hate grocery shopping.”


“Yeah, but this is easy. Just pick a jar that has “thyme” written on it. You can do it. Of course, if there’s fresh thyme, that would be better but dried thyme is as good if you can’t find fresh.”


“Couldn’t you go?”


“No, I need to keep my eye on the hors d’oeuvres I’m making. Please, Ryan.”


“Okay, fine, I’ll go. You need anything else?”


“Nope, just thyme.”


“You’re sure?”


“Yep. Thank you, my darling,” Seth said and gave Ryan a kiss.


Ryan rolled his eyes and grabbed his wallet and car keys from the hall table.


“Off to get thyme,” Ryan stated when he started the car. ‘Jeez, I’m so whipped,’ he thought and shook his head with a little smile on his face.

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