May Day




“Mayday!  Mayday! Man down!”


Brian rushed to the front door of Britin at the sound of Emmett’s pleading cry. “What the fuck?” He looked down to see Emmett on his knees digging through a pile of flowers; a pile of flowers that had a very familiar pair of legs sticking out from it. “Justin! What the fuck?” Brian hit the ground too and began throwing the colorful stems aside.


“Mmmph…ow,” came the pathetic groan from underneath the fragrant blossoms.


“What?” Brian finally found a hand and pulled.


“I said, 'Ow,' my fucking ankle!” Justin exploded as Brian pulled him to a sitting position. He reached down to rub the offending body part. “Shit!” He sucked his breath in through his teeth.


“Oh, no, I hope it’s not broken,” Emmett fretted.


“Do you think it could be?” Justin asked as he began to pull off his shoe. “Fuck!” he cried out again.


“Don’t touch it, twat!” Brian swatted his hands away. “Emmett, help me get him into the house.” He stood and leaned down to help Justin to his feet while Emmett supported Justin’s other side. The two taller men literally carried him into the house. “Set him on the couch,” Brian grunted.


“Shit, it really hurts, Brian.” Justin swiped at a tear. Emmett took off for the kitchen.


“Let’s see it, Sunshine.” Brian gently turned Justin so both legs were up on the sofa, and began to carefully remove Justin’s shoe and sock. “Fuck! It’s already swollen! I think we better have it x-rayed.”


“Fuck! It’s Saturday, Brian. We’ll be in the ER for fucking ever. Can’t we just ice and wrap it? I’m sure it’s just a sprain.”


Emmett came back into the room with a bag of ice and a kitchen towel. “I don’t know honey, it looks pretty bad. I wouldn’t take the chance. My cousin Bobby Joe ignored it when he twisted his ankle in the hog pen and it healed all funny and everyone called him…”


“Enough with the hillbilly yarns!” Brian cut Emmett off. “Will you please just sit here with Justin until I pull the car around, and then help me get him in.”


“Well, certainly, your highness,” Emmett huffed. Brian strode out of the room to get his wallet and keys and Emmett turned back to Justin. “How are you doing, baby? Is it awful?”


“Hurts like a mother fuck, but I’ll be okay. Thanks, Em,” Justin tried to smile.


Finally Brian had Justin’s SUV waiting in front and they got Justin into the car. Emmett started to get in as well, but Brian stopped him. “You are going to stay here and clean up this mess!” He waved at the flowers still strewn all over his front walk.


“But…” Emmett began to protest.


“And maybe call the family for me,” Brian added in a more gentle tone.


Emmett puffed out. “Of course, I’ll get right on it.”


“But tell them not to fucking come to the hospital! No sense in all of us waiting all fucking day. We’ll call them when we know something.”


Emmett tossed off a jaunty salute and Brian got in the car and drove away.





“I’m really sorry.” Justin leaned his head on Brian’s shoulder as they sat in the hard vinyl chairs of the ER waiting room. They’d been sitting there for two and a half hours.


“Sorry’s bullshit,” Brian replied without looking up from his year old Money magazine.


“I know you had some work you needed to get done today,” Justin persisted.


“I’ll do it tomorrow while you’re laid up.”


“Fuck,” Justin groaned. “I’ve got to get my paintings done for that show. I fucking hate creating under that tight of a deadline.”


“Live and learn, Sunshine.”


“What the fuck? It’s not my fault I twisted my ankle on the step!”


“What the fuck were you carrying all those flowers for?”


“They’re for May Day.”


Brian stared. “What?”


“You know. May Day,” Justin repeated it loud and slowly as if Brian were mentally challenged. “Emmett and I were going to make bouquets to deliver to everyone. We got to talking about how our moms used to take us. You know, you hang a basket of flowers on the door, and then knock and run away.” Justin swatted Brian’s hand away. “Cut it out! What the fuck are you doing?”


“I’m checking you for a fever too. I can’t believe I’m spending my fucking Saturday in the ER over May fucking Day! I should leave your ass here by yourself!” Brian stood up and tossed his magazine on the table.




Both men looked up to see Jennifer and Debbie walking toward them. “Fuckin’ A,” Brian muttered to himself. He plastered on a fake smile. “I thought I left instructions for Emmett to tell everyone to stay away, and that I would call.”


Jennifer and Deb sat down on either side of Justin, whose leg was propped up on another chair Brian had dragged over for him. “Well, when you didn’t call after a few hours we decided we better come and check ourselves.” Jennifer ran a hand over Justin’s hair. “How are you honey?”


“Oh, I’ll be okay,” Justin sighed. “My ankle hurts a lot. I’m glad you’re here though. Brian was just getting ready to leave.” He smiled evilly at his lover.


“What?” Jennifer and Deb both asked in horror.


“What the fuck are you thinking leaving Sunshine alone and helpless?” Debbie demanded.


Brian sucked in a deep breath. “What Sunshine meant to say,” he gritted out, “is that I was just getting ready to leave to go to the front desk to find out what the fuck is taking so long!” He yelled out the last part so he was sure the lady at the front desk could hear. She gave him a bored look from behind her partition and went back to her phone call.


Just as Brian began to stride off in her direction, a nurse came out. “Justin Taylor?”


“Finally!” Brian called out loudly, garnering chuckles from the other people who had also been waiting for hours. He turned around to help Justin only to find his lover being supported by the two moms, much to Justin’s chagrin.


Justin turned pleading eyes to his lover. “I don’t think we can all go back,” he said hopefully.


“Maybe I should stay out here then,” Brian answered sweetly.


Justin narrowed his eyes at Brian. “Mom, Deb, come on. I’m a grown man! Brian’s coming back with me and that’s it!” He shook off the indignant women and reached for Brian.


“Oh all right, Sunshine,” Brian sighed. “Come on then.”


“Asshole,” Justin muttered as the two finally began hobbling toward the nurse.


Deb and Jennifer held in their laughter until the two lovers were out of sight and then sat down to wait.





“May Day? Seriously?” Brian asked again as Justin sat on a gurney waiting for the doctor to come back after reading his X-ray.


“Shut the fuck up already! We thought it would be fun.” Justin closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall.


Brian stood up from his chair and moved to Justin’s side. “Does it hurt?”


Justin opened his eyes. “Yeah, it’s throbbing pretty good.”


Brian hopped on the table next to Justin and pulled him into his arms. “I’m sorry.” He kissed the side of Justin’s hair.


“Thanks,” Justin sighed.






“Do you think that later you’ll still feel up to dancing around my May pole?” Brian licked Justin’s ear.


Justin barked out a laugh. “I don’t know. You’ve been kind of an ass about this whole thing.”


“Then let my pole make it up to your ass.” Brian moved in for a kiss, which quickly turned heated.


“Fuck! You need to stop, Brian. The doctor will be here any minute!”




“So, your pole is getting nowhere near my ass if you don’t behave.”


Brian pulled away. “Twat.”




Brian did a double take, leaned in closer to Justin again and then began to laugh.


“What the fuck is so funny?”


Brian couldn’t stop laughing as he reached behind Justin and pulled a battered flower out of the hood of Justin’s sweatshirt. “Here, Sunshine. Happy May Day.”


“Fuck you,” Justin retorted, but he took the flower anyway and started laughing too until a sharp pain shot up his leg. “Ow! God don’t make me laugh!”


“I love you, Sunshine,” Brian whispered as he pulled Justin in close again.


“Me too,” Justin replied as he handed the flower back.


The End


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