“He’s in there,” Cynthia told Justin who had just furtively entered the Kinnetics outer office. “And he’s all yours. He has that meeting with Stephanie Zolbrod in two hours. He likes the Ferne Corporation account and they like our programs – which are very effective by the way - but Brian can’t stand Stephanie and she likes him less than he likes her. There’s gonna be a fight and she’s gonna cancel the contract and that is not what either of them wants. They both know deep down that Kinnetics is very good for Ferne – and vice versa. I tried to talk to Brian and that was useless so I called you. It’s an SOS situation, Justin – a real emergency. If you can’t calm him down, the Ferne account is as good as gone. You’re the last hope….”

“I don’t get it, Cynthia,” Justin wondered. “I know she gets on his nerves, but I met Stephanie and I think she’s OK.”

“She is,” Cynthia agreed, “And she likes you too. I don’t know what’s their problem but you know Brian when he makes up his mind - and his mind is pretty much made up.”

“Maybe if Ted would like – sit in on the meeting,” Justin suggested.

“Ted steers clear of Brian when Brian is being Brian – like he is now,” Cynthia smiled at him. “If I thought Ted could handle the situation I wouldn’t have bothered you. No - it’s you or no one, Mr. Taylor. Scared?”

“Yep,” Justin smiled back at her. “It’ll be a case of Justin in the lion’s den – but if you say it has to be me, I guess it has to be me. Nobody knows Kinnetics as well as you do – not even Brian – so here goes.”

Justin moved uneasily toward the door to Brian’s office – adopted his most confident (if a little faked) attitude and opened the door without knocking.
“Hey, Brian,” he announced himself.

“Hey Cynthia," Brian semi-bellowed right past the blond twink standing in his doorway, “you are definitely fired – and I do mean definitely fired, Miss Cynthia - Miss Meddler….”

“Am I fired too, Mr. Kinney?” Justin grinned at him as he entered the sacred precincts and closed the door behind him.

Cynthia was still smiling as she started typing up the new contract with Ferne Corporation – so her replacement wouldn’t have to do it.


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