Jim awoke when the rain started. He heard the first patter against the loft windows but kept his eyes closed, taking in the sound. Blair had taught him that, not only as part of his Sentinel training, but as part of his "Jim" training. He'd never thought to just listen to the rain before. He'd curse it as he ran from the loft to his truck or from one crime scene to another. He hated the feel of soggy clothes against his skin and how the rain would run down from his hair into his eyes. But since Blair had come into his life things were, well, different.

It was Blair who taught him how peaceful it was to just listen to the soft sounds of the rain. It was Blair who taught him to appreciate the amazing patterns the water made as it ran down a window or flowed against the curb, around whatever obstacles were in its way.

It was Blair who took him for a walk in the park during a spring shower and pointed out the droplets on the newly sprouted daisies and other assorted flowers along the edge of the path. He knew the daisies were Blair's favorite, delicate and simple, and resisted the urge to pull one from the ground and present it to his partner. He'd made that mistake once and once was enough. Instead, he watched as the delicate flowers withstood the rain falling on its petals and leaves. On their way home they crossed a small wooden footbridge and stopped to watch the rain dimpled water of the creek. As they stood with their arms resting on the railing two ducks swan by and quacked a greeting. Jim was surprised at Blair's joyous laughter and even more surprised when he pulled two pieces of bread out of his pocket and gave one to him. Blair tore his slice into pieces and threw them into the creek water. Jim laughed and did the same.

Rain is nothing new in Cascade and after a while Jim didn't mind the soggy clothes and the perceived inconvenience of the rain and it was Blair he had to thank.

He finally opened his eyes, and watched the water run down the glass. The streetlamps cast an eerie light in the moonless night and rain shadows played against the walls of the bedroom.

His mind then wandered over the coming weekend and the special plans that involved his partner of five years, five years today, as a matter of fact. Jim smiled, crinkling his eyes in a way that amused his partner. It was too bad that Blair was still asleep and missed the moment, this time, anyway. But there would be more. There were always more with the younger man around. As long as he was with Blair everything would be right with his world.

Jim moved slightly, adjusting his arm to a more comfortable position. Blair murmured something in his sleep, protesting the movement, no doubt.

Jim felt the slight shiver that emanated from the body lying next to him, or rather halfway on top of him, and he reached down to pull the blanket up to cover the sleeping man. He glanced at the alarm clock to check the time, not really caring, since this was Saturday morning and the start of a well deserved weekend off. All thoughts of work were officially banned from the loft this weekend.

Blair snuggled down into the covers without losing touch with his Sentinel. Jim wondered how he had managed before Blair came into his life. He rubbed his hand gently over the younger man's back a few times then held him just a bit tighter as he kissed the top of Blair's head, drawing in the scent of his shampoo. Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep again.

The next time he woke up he felt a warm mouth doing delicious things to his earlobe and that special, very sensitive area of skin on his neck. He let himself go with the sensations as Blair trailed wet kisses down his chest and over his taut abdomen. Suddenly it stopped and Jim opened his eyes to see what happened.

"It's about time you woke up, Big Guy. I was beginning to think I'd lost my touch."

"Never happen, Chief." Jim looked into sapphire blue eyes, dark with lust. Those eyes turned him on almost more than anything, especially first thing on a lazy Saturday morning. Of course, there were those lips. Jim lifted his head and pressed his lips to Blair's as he pulled him impossibly closer. Jim finally broke the kiss and said huskily, "Don't you have a job to finish?"

Blair laughed and kissed his way down Jim's body, again. He knew what his job was right then and he made sure it was completed satisfactorily for all concerned.


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