It's a Fucking Daisy!



Brian knocked on the door, quickly placing one hand behind his back. He stood tongue in cheek waiting for the door to open. He didn't have long to wait. It was thrown open and a beautiful blond flung himself at Brian. Brian staggered back slightly under the onslaught, before putting his free hand around the bundle in his arms. His lips found Justin's in a long, hot kiss with lots of tongue and plenty of body heat.

"Glad to see me, Sunshine?" Brian smiled when the kiss finally ended.

"What makes you think that?" Justin laughed. "Come on in." He proceeded to drag Brian into his tiny apartment.

Brian allowed himself to be pulled inside, still keeping his one hand behind his back. "I have something for you," Brian said sweetly.

"You do?" Justin asked his face lighting up in one of those blinding smiles. "What is it?"

"You still sound like you're twelve," Brian chuckled.

"I thought that sounded more like I was two, an excited toddler," Justin joked.

"Hmm, you could be right."

"So what did you bring me? What is it, huh? Huh, huh, huh?"

Brian laughed. "God, you're incorrigible."

"I'm just enthusiastic, and you like it when I'm enthusiastic." Justin's blue eyes twinkled with devilment.

Brian felt himself grow hard at the sight. He could hardly wait to make those blue eyes turn sapphire with passion. It was one of his guilty pleasures to watch Justin's eyes darken and become unfocussed when he fucked the shit out of his young lover. That's why so often he did it facing Justin. If he could get the lad to keep his eyes open, he would watch the transformation of those eyes from Caribbean blue to dusky midnight sapphires.

"Brian, what did you bring me? Tell me. Come on," Justin wheedled holding onto Brian's hand, and shaking it gently as his impatience got the better of him.

"If I must," Brian sighed dramatically. He slowly drew his other hand out from behind his back.

Justin stared at what was in Brian's hand. "It's, it's … very nice," Justin said carefully. He smiled weakly at Brian. He was very disappointed after the big build up that Brian had made about bringing him something.

"I thought you'd like it," Brian said with a frown.

"Oh, I do, but don't they usually come in bunches?" Justin asked.

"I thought one perfect stem would be more … romantic."

Justin stared at the single daisy that Brian was holding out to him. He accepted it and gave a sniff of the pretty much fragranceless flower. He tried to smile at Brian. "I'll get something to put it in." Justin went over to the small area that served as a kind of kitchen in his New York studio apartment. He opened some doors looking for something to place the sorry little flower in.

"There," he said having broken off the majority of the stem. He placed the daisy in an old mug from the cupboard. "I don't have a fine crystal vase for such a … radiant flower." Justin couldn't keep the sarcasm out of his voice. Brian had managed to take away all his excitement at them being together by offering such a pathetic gift. He wished Brian hadn't brought anything at all.

"You don't seem to like my flower very much," Brian observed. "You obviously don't get the significance."

"Significance? It's a fucking daisy!"

Brian sighed. He should know better than try to do romance. "Let's forget the fucking flower."

Justin wasn’t ready to let this pass. "What's the significance?" Justin asked intrigued that Brian would even mention romance, especially in relation to the wilted little flower.

"Nothing, never mind. It was a stupid idea." Brian fingered the box in his jacket pocket. Maybe that was a fucking stupid idea too.

"Tell me, Brian," Justin said with a frown.

"I said it doesn't matter. Let's fuck."

"There's the romance I'm so familiar with," Justin replied rather sarcastically. Brian was already shedding his clothes. Justin started to do the same thing, but his mind was still on the flower sitting in the old mug on the counter. What was it supposed to mean?

The next thing Justin knew the pullout couch was out and they were naked and he was lying underneath Brian.

"I brought you something else too," Brian whispered humping against Justin. His hard cock rubbed against Justin's and they both shuddered. A week between fucks was simply too long.

"You bring that every weekend," Justin giggled.

"Got that right. I hope you're going to like your gift."

"Wood is one of my favorite things, right after acrylic paints." Justin giggled some more.


"Hey, that's my nickname for you. Come up with one of your own," Justin griped trying to keep a straight face.


"Much better," Justin giggled.

"Enough talking," Brian said with a growl of need.

"My sentiments exactly," Justin agreed, as he let himself be swept away by the intensity of Brian's kiss.

Brian decided to use all his vast experience and creative ingenuity to make this a very special fuck for both of them. After all it was a special day, even if Justin didn't seem to realize it.

Brian began with an assault on Justin's senses. He wanted the boy to be so needy and so overwhelmed that he wouldn't be able to think straight. His goal was to turn Justin, and as a result, himself into twin pools of pure carnal sensation.

He started with Justin's mouth, ravishing the sweet lips and tasting every fraction of an inch inside the orifice. Justin had wonderful orifices. Brian couldn't help but chuckle to himself at the thought.

"What?" Justin asked as the strange little laugh escaped from Brian.

"Nothing," Brian said quickly.

"That's twice tonight you've told me it's nothing. That must mean it's something," Justin reasoned.

"Shut up," Brian said before capturing Justin's lips again. He made the kiss long and passionate and toe-curling until he was sure neither one of them could think.

"Tell me," Justin moaned as Brian continued to lick and kiss everywhere.

Brian looked at the slightly dazed expression on Justin's face. He wondered how Justin could have kept that coherent thought when he was being subjected to Brian's best sexual manipulations. Brian thought his lover should be a quivering mass of goo by now, but Justin was still able to focus.

"Open your eyes," Brian ordered as he worked across Justin's groin eliciting whimpers and moans from his willing victim. Justin was thrashing back and forth and pushing his hips up into Brian, wanting Brian to take his straining cock into his mouth.

Justin used every ounce of willpower that he could muster and opened his eyes. Brian had just licked through the slit of his aching cock. He so wanted to come but he could feel Brian willing him to wait. He drew in a deep breath and focused on Brian's eyes.

"I need to come," he whispered.

"Not yet," Brian replied. He stared into the dark blue eyes that weren't quite sapphire color yet. "I still have more to do."

Justin groaned but didn't protest further. He gave himself over to Brian's continued actions of sucking and licking and kissing. He prayed that Brian would fuck him soon because he was hanging on by the slimmest of threads. His body was screaming for release. His cock pulsed in Brian's hand as the mouth he loved so much worked up and down the shaft.

"Oh my fucking God! Brian! Please!" Justin cried in desperation.

"Open your eyes," Brian said again.

"I can't," Justin whimpered. "Please, finish me off."

"Not till you open your eyes," Brian stated.

Justin did his best to comply. His eyelids felt like they were weighted down with rocks but he struggled to open them. He knew Brian was waiting poised above his cock, ready to take him all the way over the edge, if he could just open his eyes. He struggled a little harder, opened his eyes a tiny little bit.

"Brian," he moaned as he forced his eyes to open wide enough to see the beautiful master of this delicious torture.

"Perfect," Brian said and swooped down on Justin's dick. Within seconds, Justin was coming so hard he was sure all his insides were going to explode out through the end of his cock.

He lay panting on the bed as Brian sucked him dry. His fingers were wrapped around a few strands of Brian's hair, holding onto the only thing that kept him in this place, in this world, in this universe.

It was a few minutes before Justin could open his eyes once again. He felt like everything had altered around him. He wasn't sure where he was or what was going to happen next. He opened one eye and then the other. Brian lay beside him, apparently studying his reaction.

"You enjoy doing that to me, don't you?" Justin asked when he could get his voice to work.

"Very much," Brian smirked.

"But you never got off."

"I will in a minute."

Justin smiled. "Have you been planning that attack on my senses for long?"

"A little visualization every night all week," Brian smirked.

"What are you up to, Kinney?"

"Nothing, now let's fuck."

"Yes, sire," Justin laughed throwing his arms around Brian's neck and dragging his lover down on top of him. "I love it here."


"Under you."

"That's what I like to hear." Brian quickly prepared Justin and soon had filled him with his long beautiful cock. He set a steady rhythm working them both into the proverbial lather. Justin had much greater staying power now that Brian had taken care of his needs first. Brian always knew how to pace himself and maximize his pleasure. This time he was intent on maximizing Justin's as well. He wanted to see those beautiful sapphire eyes one more time.

Justin's legs rested on Brian's shoulders just like that first time. Brian leaned in for a kiss as he drove fully into Justin's body. Justin writhed beneath him taking all that Brian had to offer and demanding more. Brian was happy to oblige.

"Look at me, Justin," Brian commanded as he felt the first tinglings of orgasm building in his own body. It wouldn't be long.


"Look at me."

Justin managed to open his eyes and looked into Brian's. "I love you."

"I know," Brian grunted just before he caught a glimpse of the sapphire eyes he was waiting for. That was the moment he pushed them both into oblivion. Lights exploded around them and the world spun out of control.

"That was fantastic!" Justin said a few minutes later. "You really brought your A game tonight.

Brian laughed. "When did you become such a jock?"

"I know some things about sports," Justin informed him.

"Yeah, right, bedroom sports," Brian snorted.



"What's with the 'look at me, Justin' that you've been doing all night."

"I wanted to see if your eyes would match."

"Match? Match what?"

"Each other, of course," Brian snapped. Sometimes Justin simply didn't get it. Brian thought Justin would have clued in by now.

"Asshole! What are you talking about?"

"You still haven't figured it out?" Brian asked.

"Figured what out?"

Brian sighed. "Daisy, wood, sapphire."

"Yeah, what about them?"

"Go google them."

"Would you just tell me already?" Justin said in exasperation.

"You're going to make me say it, aren't you?"

"Say what? Jeez, you are so cryptic tonight. What's going on?"

"I brought you one daisy. I thought it would be too obvious if I brought five. But I guess I should have."

"I don't understand why you brought a daisy at all. I always thought lovers brought a single perfect rose, not a rather dilapidated looking daisy."

"They bring a daisy when it's symbolic," Brian stated. "That little flower was the best of the lot. Nothing but the best for you, oh master artist," Brian chuckled. "I threw the rest of the bunch of flowers away. Do you know how many convenience stores I had to stop at on the way here to get that single daisy?"

Justin stared at Brian. He knew there was something he should be getting from all this, something that Brian was trying to tell him, but it just wouldn't come to him. Finally he got up and went to his computer. Brian watched him with a little smile. He reached down to retrieve his jacket from the floor.

It only took a moment until Justin rejoined him on the bed. "You are so sweet, Brian Kinney," he said with one of his sunshine smiles. "I love you."

"I think we've already established that."

Justin giggled. "You brought me a daisy for our fifth anniversary." Brian stuck his tongue in his cheek and looked very self-satisfied. "And you always bring me wood when you come to visit." He took hold of Brian's cock and gave it a little tug. He could feel it swell and stiffen in his hand.

"And?" Brian asked.

"I guess the sapphire part of our fifth anniversary gifts is my eyes."

Brian smiled. "They turn the color of sapphires when you really, really want me."

Justin giggled. "Trust you to make that connection."

"But wouldn't you rather have the real thing?" Brian asked. He pulled the jewelry case out of his jacket pocket. "Here."

Justin's eyes got huge as he took the velvet case. He flipped it open and gasped. "Is it real?"

"Yep. There are lots of cheap copies but I had this one made specially for you, Sunshine. It's white and yellow gold and the monsters' eyes are sapphires."

"It's so … beautiful," Justin whispered. He found it hard to speak.

"It's based on the Lindisfarne bracelet, an old Celtic, Viking design. Do you like it?"

"I love it," Justin gushed.

"Put it on."

"You put it on me," Justin requested. "I'm afraid to touch it."

"Why?" Brian asked with a frown. He eased the bracelet out of its box and slid it onto Justin's wrist.

"It … it might vanish," Justin said, like the bracelet was some mystical object that could appear or disappear at will.

"It's not going anywhere … unless you would rather have something else."

"Something else?" Justin asked in disbelief. "This is wonderful, magnificent, stupendous, magical and … you gave it to me. Why would I want anything else?"

Brian shrugged. "You really like it?"

"It's perfect, just like you."

Brian snorted. "I'm far from perfect. Only someone like you would put up with me."

"No they wouldn't. I'm the only one who's putting up with you. You're all mine." Justin leaned in and kissed Brian's lips softly and tenderly. "This is the best gift I ever got."

"Then I guess we're good to fuck again?" Brian asked with an evil smile.

Justin laughed. He knew Brian's sentimental limit had just been reached. That's why they were back to talk of fucking. "Can I just lie here for a few minutes and look at my bracelet?" Justin asked. He held his arm up in the air turning it every which way so that the light reflected off the gold and made the monsters' eyes sparkle. "It's incredible … just like you."

"Don't get too carried away," Brian warned.

"I won't," Justin promised. "But I just thought of something. If you give me this for our fifth anniversary, what are you going to give me on our fiftieth?" Justin snuggled up against Brian, keeping his arm wearing the bracelet in plain view. He laid his head on Brian's chest and played with a convenient nipple, watching the sparkle of his new ornament whenever he moved his hand.

"Your bracelet already has gold in it," Brian said solemnly, lifting Justin's wrist and admiring the white and yellow gold creation. The sapphire eyes of the monster heads winked in the light.

"But you'll get me something else, won't you?" Justin asked with an evil grin. "Something really, really good for our fiftieth."

"And what might that be?"

"I don't know … just something really good."

"Not some fucking daisy," Brian said making a face as he remembered Justin's reaction to his flower.

"My daisy is looking better all the time," Justin averred. He looked over at the pathetic little flower sitting in its mug on the counter. It looked quite perky now that it was in water ... and Justin knew its significance. Justin smiled. Brian could be so romantic when he chose to be. "Anything you get me for our fiftieth, I'm sure I'll love."

"I'll have to get my caregiver to take me to the jewelry store in my wheelchair. I'll be seventy-nine fucking years old," Brian said in horror as that realization had just dawned on him. "Fuck that! I'll be dead!"

"You will not!" Justin said adamantly. "You'll still be here and you'll still love me."

"Sunshine," Brian began, but he decided not to spout the doom and gloom that had been about to come out of his mouth. He didn't want to talk about their age difference and how he would be dead long before Justin, long before any fiftieth anniversary. Instead he swallowed hard and said very gently, "Why don't we aim for sixty years together? I hear diamonds are a girl's best friend." Brian stuck his tongue in his cheek and smirked to cover the wave of love he felt at Justin's declaration.

"Ooh, diamonds! I'm going to hold you to that, mister."

"I'll be long dea…" Brian stopped when he saw the look on Justin's face. Instead he said, "I promise you diamonds, Sunshine, for our sixtieth." The smile on Justin's face told him that was exactly the right thing to say.

Brian wondered what the flower for a sixtieth anniversary might be.


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