Hogwarts: A Future


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“I need Daisies.” Olivia Newborn, a sweet child of five, is convinced she is a witch. The well spoken child is not shy about telling anyone, and everyone she meets that when she’s “All grown, I’ll be a fabulous witch. Mm, cookies. May I have one, please?          


Well spoken indeed.

“And for what, my dear, would you require Daisies?” Olivia’s father, Homer, is convinced his daughter is the sun and stars of the Universe, never one to question his child’s enthusiasm, imagination or general joie de vive his affirmative answer to her response of-

“For magic potions of course!”

-was to be expected.




Olivia Newborn, a bright and friendly young lady of ten, was unsurprised when five years to the day of her first attempt at brewing a magical potion- a trial which ended… poorly – received a letter, correction, her parents received a letter, from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry informing them that their daughter was not only a witch, but also to be enrolled in one of the “… finest wizarding schools…”.

Three months later, on platform 9 and ¾ Homer and his loving wife of twelve years sent their only child off with a new pair of Sapphire earrings. Perhaps Linda, Olivia's mother, had a touch of magic herself. Just enough to give her the sight, for Olivia, sporting the lovely crescent moon shaped Sapphire earrings cradling a tiny silver star, was the fifth student to be sorted into the most prestigious House of Ravenclaw. 




On the second day of her fifteenth year on the planet Earth, Olivia Newborn received her first kiss. Coincidentally, this was also the day she learned that “wood” is a euphemism for “stiffy”, and subsequently “stiffy” is a euphemism for an erection.

After assuring Danielle Stone that no, in fact, kissing a boy does not automatically lead to pregnancy; Olivia went on her first actual date with her Slytherin beau, Albus Severus Potter. He’d never tell her, until their fifth wedding anniversary that is, that she was the only girl he’d ever taken to the infamous Room of Requirement. That night Olivia fell asleep cradling a crescent moon shaped royal blue crystal, transfigured for her, in a most unslytherin show of affection, by a relieved Albus. The tiny sparkling stars nestled in its curve twinkled at her and reminded her of the sparkling joy she’d seen in Albus’ eyes when she agreed to be his girlfriend.


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