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Justin had come to Kinnetik to wait for Brian so that they could go home together. Now he was sitting on the black leather sofa reading a magazine. After several minutes of aimlessly flipping through the magazine without reading a word, he looked up at the other man, who was engrossed in his work. It took several more minutes of deep, steadying breaths before he got up the nerve to interrupt that intense concentration. He wished he could focus like that.



"How long have we been partners?"

"Too long," Brian answered bluntly.

"Brian." Justin was proud of himself for keeping all traces of a whine from his voice. He knew how much Brian hated it when Michael whined at him.

"Five years. With your education, I would've thought you could count," Brian smirked.

"Just making sure."

Both men went back to their own doings.

After a little while, Brian heard Justin giggle. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing. I was just wondering how a sapphire necklace would look on you."

Brian looked at his partner and sighed. "I don't wanna know."

"Or I could paint some daisies on your car."

"What the fuck? Don't you dare touch my 'Vette!" Brian exclaimed with horror in his voice.

"Jeez, Brian. I'm not that stupid – I'd like to have a home to go to when the day ends."

Brian looked relieved. "What the fuck are you reading anyway? Don't tell me it's Cosmopolitan."

"No, it's not." Justin paused for a moment. "It's Today's Female."

"For fuck's sake, Justin! Can't you read something else? Something a little classier, maybe? And something that is meant for men?"

Justin just stuck his tongue out to Brian. "I got this from Cynthia – blame her."

"I guess I should choose my employees better."

Justin just smiled.

Brian shook his head in frustration and got back to work.

Brian was trying to concentrate on his presentation but he felt Justin's eyes on him. He lifted his head and his eyes met Justin's mischievous grin.


"Nothing," Justin said all innocent.

Brian rolled his eyes. "Nothing my ass."

"Will you be much longer?" Justin asked a moment later.

"Give me five minutes and then I'll be all yours," Brian said not looking up.


After four minutes and fifteen seconds – Justin timed it – Brian started putting his things into his briefcase. 'Mr. Punctuality,' Justin thought and walked over to Brian's chair.

"Okay, I'm rea…" Brian started but stopped when he realized Justin was standing in front of him. Justin looked at him intently and Brian just cocked his eyebrow.

Justin climbed slowly on Brian's lap and Brian's breathing became slightly faster. Justin noticed that and smiled to himself. 'Oh yeah, still got it,' he thought. Then Justin leaned forward and whispered seductively in Brian's ear, "Got wood?" The only answer Justin got was a low moan.


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