Individual Stories

The Next Step

After the fallout, all you can do is take the next step.

The Morning After

Brian and Justin come to terms with getting back together.

Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore's movie inspire Brian and Justin.

Real Life

Sequel to Superstar.


Justin is a famous musician and Brian is sent to sign him for an ad-campaign. Brian soon learns that pre-conceived stereotypes never hold up in real life.


After the election Brian disappears to face his demons.


Justin and Brian were never together again after Brian turned him away in the street. Justin went to California for college. Story take place seventeen years later.


Jennifer accepts Brian and Justin together.

Being Brian's Boyfriend

Justin's take on his relationship with Brian.

Why It's Different

Third times the charm.


Politics make strange bedfellows …

Working Together

Now that Brian and Justin are back together, will they be able to continue working together?

Feels Like Home

Brian realizes what he lost and recruits help to bring his baby home.

The Meaning of the Day

The anniversary of the Prom is approaching, and Brian wants to change. (sequel to Feels Like Home)



Justin is a witness to a murder ten years ago and is lured out of Witness Protection when another murder takes place.

New! July 21st

Lost Sister

Brian is One of a kind...or is he?


No Wonder

Brian never follows Justin to New York after he stole the credit card, after 10 years they meet.

Moving Forward

Sometimes the only way to go on is just to move forward.


After being fired from Vanguard, Justin starts over in a new town.


The Detective and the Prosecuter

Brian and Justin are assigned to work a case together, will the sparks fly?


Song Fic Stories


Justin can only take so much.

Sun and Moon

Brian and Justin's thoughts after making love.

I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving you

Why Brian won't let Justin leave.


Companion to "When You Think of Me" Brian's POV

When You Think of Me

Justin’s thoughts as he leaves Brian.

Concrete Angel

Justin and Daphne have a chance to heal a hazel eyed boy.

Me Too

Those three little words …

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