Justin felt Brian’s orgasm just seconds before his own.  The older man collapsed on top of him.  Justin was pressed into the pillow beneath him.  He felt Brian caress his back and run his fingers through his hair.  Brian was always like this after they made love.  The actual fucking was animalistic, but when it was done, Brian always made sure he caressed Justin.  He didn’t want to devalue the younger man.  Brian wanted Justin to know that their sexual activities were more than just fucking.  It was these moments that Justin cherished.  He knew if he was just a trick, Brian would roll away and kick the man out of his bed.  With Justin, he fucked the man into oblivion, but cherished him afterwards.  Justin knew they were a perfect match.


You are sunlight and I moon
Joined by the gods of fortune
Midnight and high noon
Sharing the sky
We have been blessed, you and I


            Brian had to catch his breath after he collapsed on top of Justin.  He always worried that his weight was too much for Justin.  The younger man never complained, but Brian still worried.  Once he controlled his ragged breathing, he began to cherish his lover.  He knew that Justin loved it when he would kiss his back and stroke his hair after they were done fucking.  Brian loved it too.  So much had changed since they got back together.  They were so in tune with each other it was scary.  Brian knew he should be feeling the need to bolt, but he didn’t.  He was right where he wanted to be.


You are here like a mystery
I'm from a world that's so different
From all that you are
How in the light of one night
Did we come
So far


            Brian rolled off Justin and slowly withdrew.  Justin groaned in protest.  He hated it when Brian’s cock left his body.  He felt like his heart was being ripped from his chest.  Once Brian released, he always gathered Justin into his arms and held him close.  Justin knew his withdrawl was out of consideration, but Justin hated losing the contact.  He always snuggled as close to Brian as he could.  Even though they weren’t connected anymore, they were still fused together by their searing hot flesh.


Outside day starts to dawn
Your moon still floats on high
The birds awake
The stars shine too
My hands still shake
I reach for you
And we meet in the sky!


            Brian knew that Justin hated the loss of contact.  One night, he had fallen asleep still buried in Justin’s ass and awoke the next morning feeling more connected to the blonde artist than he ever had before.  It scared him.  That was why he made a point to remove himself everytime since.  The morning after he fell asleep still embedded in Justin he told Brian how he believed they were connected on another level.  Their bodies would make love, but their souls would bond.  Brian made it a point to separate everytime after that.  His feelings for Justin still made him to vulnerable.  He would not allow the blonde to have that power over him.  Brian knew Justin wished for them to conclude their lovemaking on that note again, but Brian couldn’t do it.


You are sunlight and I moon
Joined here
Bright'ning the sky
With the flame
Of love

Made of


            Brian felt himself grow hard again as he held Justin in his arms.  Justin stirred at the hardening cock pressing against his back.  He wiggled his ass towards his lover.  He felt the head of Brian’s cock get trapped between his cheeks.  He pressed back to allow Brian further entrance.  For the first time, Brian’s cock slid into his ass raw.  Justin waited for Brian to protest and withdraw.  To his amazement, the withdraw never came.  Brian began to thrust into Justin’s ass … raw.  It was a feeling neither man had ever experienced.  Brian knew the lines were being drawn, but he didn’t care.  He exploded into Justin’s ass and felt his juices cover his cock and leak from his lover’s ass.  He didn’t withdraw, he just fell asleep, safely protected in his sunlight.

            Justin fell asleep with his moonlight lover inside him.


Sun and Moon: Music and Lyrics by: Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonnberg

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