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T is for Transgender

Written for Moonshadow's Alphabet Challenge.

The Color Red

Some Christmas memories aren't all they should be. Written for The Worst Holiday Ever Challenge at Moonshadow.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Brian and the gang discuss 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. Written for Moonshadow's War Is... Challenge.

Like Father, Like Son

Gus needs his father to explain how to deal with life problems.  Written for the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers Challenge.

Life Lesson

Gus has some lessons to learn when he gets into trouble. Written for the Life Lessons Challenge at Moonshadow.

To Angela

From O.G.'s Fantasy Season universe, Gus needs some help from his fathers.  Written for the One That Got Away Challenge

The Million Dollar Question

Justin unexpectedly runs into someone.  Written for the One in a Million Challenge.

The Hat

Gus makes a discovery. Written for the Hat Challenge.


Based on the Fantasy Seasons, Justin follows a family tradition. Written for the Christmas Traditions Challenge.

Things a Man Never Forgets

Some things in life are unforgettable. Written for the Prequel Challenge.

Magnificent Valor

Brian proves his courage. Written for the Balloon Challenge.

The Last Man Standing

Justin returns to Liberty Avenue after a long absence. Written for the Reunion Challenge.

The Gospel According to Brian Kinney

Written for the Tribe's Fifth Anniversary Challenge.

Writer's Block

Written for the Cat Blew Up Challenge.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Written for the Tribe's First Anniversary Fairy Tale Challenge.

One on the House

Written for the Kiss Challenge.

Die Hard

Written for the Christmas Challenge based on a Christmas movie.

The Sweetest Kiss

Written for the Vacation Challenge.

Rights of Passage

Written for the Marriage Challenge.


Written for the Tribe's 100,000 Challenge.

Silent Night

Written for the 2003 Christmas Song Challenge.

Kodak Moment

Where's a camera when you need one.

Peter Cottontail

Brian sees the Easter Bunny.


Written for the Bad Fic Challenge.



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