Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Fairy Tales with a Twist

(for Princess Sun)

It was starting out to be just another fucked up day. Brian’s underlings were in their uncreative glory, and the new swimsuit model for Zeena Athletic Gear just called to inform him that she was pregnant. After being selected from hundreds of photographs, Brian now had to begin the unholy process of finding another “face” for Zeena’s new thong bikini. Uhhh. Brian pulled up his online contacts. He was in the process of selecting yet another modeling agency when suddenly the screen, and Vanguard Advertising went dark. “Shit! Now what?” Brian pushed away from his desk. He could hear the gasps of surprise coming from the secretarial pool. “CYNTHIA!” he bellowed.

Brian’s ever faithful assistant peeked her head inside his door. “Yeah boss?”

What the fuck is going on?”

“It appears to be a power failure.”

“Well send someone to change the goddamn fuse!”

Cynthia left only to return a few moments later. “I’m afraid it’s a little more than just a blown fuse. It appears as if the power is out on the whole block.” she said.

Brian’s assistant was right, not only was the power out on the block. A massive power failure was being reported in various sections across the country. The blackout apparently stemmed from
New York, however threats of another terrorist attack were being denied. Brian locked up his briefcase, and joined the hundreds of other employees in the high rise office building as they walked down the ten flights of stairs, and ventured out into the sweltering afternoon. With the traffic lights out, and very few police as yet on the scene, the jeep’s air conditioning offered minimal relief for a hellish ride home. Hopefully the loft’s generators were working.

Justin sat perched on the loft’s windowsill. The breeze blowing through the open pane was doing little to cool off the brownstone that now acted as a brick oven in the ninety-two degree heat. As the building engineer worked frantically to get the generators going, the streets below were becoming bumper to bumper with angry commuters who had been sent home early from work. Justin watched as HIS angry commuter pulled into his parking space. Brian peeled his sweat soaked body from the jeep’s driver seat, and draped his suit jacket across his arm. “Hey!” Justin called, and waved from the window.

Brian shaded his eyes, and looked up toward the familiar voice. “Please tell me the generators are working!” he called back.

“The engineers are working on them!”

“Shit!” Brian grumbled.

“I brought ice from the diner. I’ve got a cooler full of water. Would you like me to throw one down to you?” Justin offered.

“No, meet me at the top of the stairs!” Brian ordered.

Justin pulled a bottle of water from the cooler, and headed for the loft door. From the top of the dark staircase he could hear the familiar swearing. “Shit, I pay extra to live in a building with A GODDAMN BACKUP GENERATOR!” Brian bellowed.

Shhhh! Brian.”

Don’t shush me!” Brian snapped. “WHY ISN’T THIS GODDAMN ELEVATOR WORKING?”

Justin could hear his bear growling in the darkness. “Where are you?” he asked.

“I’m on the second floor.”

“The second floor, is that all? See, I told you to stop smoking. Stay there, I’m coming down to bring you some ice water.”

“What the hell are you, a St. Bernard? I don’t need rescuing.” Brian barked, and continued his climb.

Justin listened as the footsteps resumed, then abruptly stopped again. “What’s the matter?” he called.

“I’m taking a break if you don’t mind.”

“Getting winded old man?”

“Fuck you.”

“Maybe, that is if you still have enough breath left in you.” The younger man teased. “Where are you now?”

“I’m sitting on the third floor steps, and I’m going to stay here until they fix the goddamn generator.” Brian decided.

Humm, perhaps it was time for a little incentive. Justin briefly went back inside the loft, then returned. “Look up!” He called to his exhausted lover. Brian tilted his head up toward the top of the dark staircase. He watched as Justin slowly panned a beaming flashlight over his body. Brian’s eyes followed the white tee across his baby’s chest, down his belly, stopping just below the prized package. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair so that I may climb the golden stair.” Justin said.

The older man swallowed hard, and his mouth unconsciously eased open when Justin lifted the clingy material for a delicious peek. Justin held the light in place, and began to stroke himself. Brian watched as the sleeping cock lengthened to a smooth golden shaft. “Come, and climb on this daddy.” The hott boy purred, and turned the flashlight off.

Justin could hear his lover’s footsteps as they began again to take the stairs. Fourth floor, fifth floor. The steamy stairway now sizzled as Brian tracked his prey in the dark. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair. Ooooh, hurry up daddy.” The young man moaned.

Brian quickened his pace. “Wait for me baby, don’t cum yet!” he called. Sixth floor, seventh floor, Brian finally rounded the top level only to find that his prize was missing. “Where...are you...Rapunzel?” he panted.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha!” Justin laughed in the background.

“Why you...little...shit.” Brian wheezed as he practically fell through the loft’s doorway.

“Jesus, Brian look at you!” Justin continued to laugh, and hurried over to his catch his exhausted lover.

Brian was happy for the assist to the sofa, and even happier for the assist with his clothes. He laid panting on his back as Justin removed the sweat drenched shirt that clung to his body. Brian closed his eyes, and continued to catch his breath while Justin removed his belt, and trousers. It wasn’t until he reached for Brian’s shorts that Justin realized something was wrong. Brian’s skin was paler than usual, his hair was matted with perspiration, and he still hadn’t quite caught his breath. “Brian are you alright?” Justin asked, but Brian didn’t answer. “Stop kidding around Brian.” Justin warned. The young man pulled his lover to a sitting position,
then watched as Brian’s limp body fell back onto the couch. “SHIT!”

Justin hurried over to the telephone. He picked up the receiver, and was about to dial 911 but was quickly reminded that the blackout had killed power to the telephones as well. “Don’t panic, think!” Justin told himself out loud, then dashed over to the cell phone in his book bag.

“I’m sorry. Due to heavy volume, we are unable to complete your call. Please try your number again later.” The automated operator said.

Justin put the cell phone down, and tallied up his situation. He was alone,  the man he loved was down. There was a four, to six minute gap between recovery, brain damage, or death. If ever there was a time to panic it was now.

The frantic young man fought to maintain his composure, as he tried to recall the basic life support class that he was forced to take last semester. “First check for a pulse.... No check for breathing!” He again instructed himself out loud when adrenalin began to take charge. Suddenly the CPR class came back to him. In textbook fashion, Justin walked over, and leaned down close to Brian’s face. He waited to feel the warmth from Brian’s breath on his cheek, as he watched to see if his chest would rise, and fall. There was nothing. Justin tilted Brian’s head back, and took a deep breath. He covered Brian’s mouth with his own to begin rescue breathing, only to be met by a probing tongue. Ummmmm.”


“I should die more often!” Brian laughed, and pulled his half naked baby on top of him. “Come here Rapunzel.”

ASSHOLE!” Justin struggled to get away.

“That’s what you get for teasing me.” Brian cackled as Justin scrambled to his feet.

“It’s not funny Brian.”

“You should see the look on your face.”  Brian pointed, and fell off of the sofa.

“I thought you were dead.” Justin said.

“I know you did!” Brian howled, and laid down on the floor holding his side.

“I thought I had lost you.”

Brian’s laughing began to subside when he noticed that Justin’s eyes were filling with tears. “Come on baby, it was just a joke. Look at me, I’m fine. See?” Brian stood up from the floor, and held out his arms.

“It wasn’t a joke to me, I thought you were gone.” The same adrenalin rush that earlier held the young man together suddenly dissipated. Justin began
to cry uncontrollably.

Brian hurried over and wrapped his arms around his crumbling baby. “Justin, I’m sorry.” he cooed.

“Son-of-a-bitch, don’t you ever do that to me again!” Justin wailed even louder.

“I won’t.” Brian promised, and held his baby tighter.

“How the hell could you do that?” Justin buried his face in his lover’s chest.

“I’m sorry.” Brian cooed again. He kissed the top of  Justin’s head, and gently rocked him from side to side. “I’m not leaving you. We’re going to be
together for a long, long time.” He whispered, and stroked his fingers through Justin’s hair. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair so that I may climb the golden stair.”

Justin looked up into his lover‘s eyes. “You still wanna climb me daddy?” he smiled.

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