Brian was a boy from the other side of the track, from one of those neighborhoods that better parents forbade their children to go into.  Craig Taylor was a well known, successful businessman who would sponsor wayward teens, and serve as their mentor. Brian Kinner was one such wayward teen, a street kid who needed guidance, and found it in more ways than one.

Craig, and Brian became close. The older man took pleasure in showing the underprivileged young man the other side of the tract, the private country clubs, restaurants, and other places that only the most privileged men, and women are able to enjoy. Brian was thrilled when he was invited to attend a barbeque at his mentor's home, and even more thrilled at the anticipation of spending time with his son Justin.

That night after the barbeque Brian snuck into Justin's room. The little blond was laying there jerking off when the door opened. "Shhhh!" Brian placed one finger to his lips. "Let me do that for you."

Justin said nothing, just aimed his dick in Brian's direction. The two had advanced to a sixty nine position when Craig entered his son's room. Justin, and Brian scrambled to cover themselves with the sheets, but Craig assured them that what they were doing was perfectly natural. He suggested that now would be a good time to instruct Brian on the art of man on man lovemaking, an art he had already taught his hott son.

By then Craig had a raging hard-on, and his thick man-balls looked as if they were about to burst. "Go on, touch it!" Justin encouraged his friend. Brian moved closer, and touched the oozing head of Craig's cock with the tip of his finger.

Craig placed his hand behind Brian's neck, and guided his head down toward his crouch. Craig's bulging cock was inches away from Brian's face. The young man could smell the heavy male scent emanating from the older man's sweaty balls. "That's it, get a good whiff of it boy." Craig said. How do you like it?"

"Let him taste it dad." Justin licked his lips, and watched as his dad slid his meaty cock into Brian's eager mouth.

That night was the beginning of a long, and lustful relationship.  Sex between Brian, Justin, and Craig was a continuous thing. Brian was invited over often, especially when his wife Jennifer went on business trips. Sometimes Brian would invite his friend Michael over to play.

The first time Michael came over to Craig's house the three boys, Justin, Michael, and Brian were sitting on the floor watching Star Trek on television. Craig noticed that the three boys had erections, and suggested that they might be more comfortable with their clothes off. Brian, and Justin knew what was coming, so they stripped Michael. His dick was only about five inches. Brian, and Justin began stroking their cocks. Michael smiled, and immediately began working on his own boner. Craig watched, and offered the boys instructions as they experimented with their tongues. Soon he began to take off his own clothes. Michael was really ready to go when he saw Craig's man meat. "I think I want to play too." Craig smiled.

Justin, sucked Michael's cock, as Brian licked his friend's balls. Meanwhile Craig played with his own dick, as he fingered the young newcomer's asshole.

Craig never actually penetrated his boys. He said he would save that for their boyfriends, but the nights, and days of head, and finger fucks continued to linger in the minds of the young boys who became men under the tutelage of Craig Taylor.

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