Individual Stories


So Hard to Say

What happens when a friend of Kevin's comes to Dante's Cove on vacation? (Not Derek) 

New! April 30th

Whispers From the Basement

 Kisses must be freely given. It's also rude to interrupt a blow job... so I fixed it. 

New! April 30th

Strawberry Passion

Sweet strawberry lovin' 

New! April 30th

Never Until Now

Kevin gives Toby one of the most precious gifts one can give. Ep 2x3 

New! April 30th

Taken away From Me

Toby is left without his lover when Ambrosius claims his prize. Continued after 2x5 

New! April 30th

Moon and Water

After finding Toby on the beach Kevin comes to the rescue to take care of his man. 2x1 gap filler

New! April 30th




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