Authors Note: After many viewings I realized there was no bandage on Kevin's wrist after he left the hospital. Since the cut was deep and very serious it would have still been bandaged, so I put the bandage back on. It's all in the little details.



Lying on the beach by the fire Kevin flinched in his sleep. His dream was more than just a mere dream. It felt like a portent of what might be; maybe it already had come to pass. Kevin gasped as he awoke. He relaxed slowly as he felt his lover's arm draped over his waist. He breathed a bit easier knowing Toby was beside him.


"Toby, I had a dream you drowned."


Kevin turned slightly to look at Toby; to his horror he found another man next to him.


"Where's Toby?" he asked, his voice filled with panic. He didn't want to know what was going on.


The other man was on top of him in an instant. One hand squeezed his throat slowly cutting off his air supply. The other hand fumbled at the button on his jeans. Kevin struggled for air and freedom. He didn't like where this was leading to at all. His hands dug into his captor's flesh.


"This is our destiny. Do not fight it," the man replied arrogantly.


"No! No, Get off!"


Kevin felt his button come undone. He could barely breathe as he struggled with the stranger. He needed to get away. He needed to find Toby, now.


"Get off of me," Kevin growled with his last breath.


"We will be together for all eternity. Do not resist me."


With the last of his strength Kevin shot his arm out and caught his captor with a lucky blow to the head, knocking the man off him. He jumped up and ran through the surf as he buttoned his jeans back up. His heart was beating wildly as he ran along the water's edge hoping whoever had attacked him wouldn't pursue him.


His heart nearly stopped when he saw Toby up ahead lying on the beach. He could hear Toby coughing. Had he really been in the water? Kevin rushed to his side and dropped to his knees. He pulled Toby into his arms.


"Oh my God, are you alright?" His eyes darted over Toby's body. "What happened?"


"I… the last thing I remember was falling asleep next to you. The rest just doesn't make any sense."


Kevin pulled him in for a kiss; he needed the contact to reassure himself that Toby was fine. It had scared the hell out of him when he saw him lying there on the beach. Toby's jeans were wet and covered in sand. Toby could have drowned.


He pressed his forehead against Toby's. "I think I need to get you home."


With his arm still around Toby, he pulled him to his feet. He took most of Toby's weight as he leaned heavily on him. It was quite a walk back to the hotel but they could make it. Kevin was more concerned about getting Toby home than worrying about the man who had attacked him.




Before they entered the Hotel Dante, they brushed as much sand as they could off their jeans. If they tracked in a bunch of sand surely there would be hell to pay. Kevin kept his arm firmly around Toby supporting him as they made their way slowly up the stairs. Kevin led Toby into the communal bathroom.


"Let's take a shower; I bet you'll feel better."


Toby leaned against the sink lightly massaging his temple.


Kevin looked at him with concern. "What's wrong?"


"My head is killing me."


"Did you hit your head?"


Toby groaned softly. "It certainly feels like it."


Kevin gently feathered his fingers through the brunette hair. As he moved a lock of hair aside he saw a rather sizable lump. There was a bit of blood but the small gash appeared to have stopped bleeding.


"Maybe we should get you to the hospital. You could have a concussion."


"No way, I've had enough of hospitals for a while. I saw the care you got there. No thanks, I'll pass."


Toby saw the concern in Kevin's eyes. He cupped his cheek and lightly brushed his thumb across Kevin's soft skin.


"Kevin, I'm fine really, I just have a bitch of a headache."


"I'll get you some aspirin after we shower."


Kevin reached in and turned the shower on so a warm spray would cascade down on them. Toby gently tugged on Kevin's left arm to get his attention.


"We need to wrap your bandage in plastic so it doesn't get wet."


Kevin looked down at the bandage circling his left wrist; it had slipped his mind. It was still a mystery as to how he cut his wrist so deeply.


Toby found a spare garbage bag and tore off a strip that would insure the bandage would stay dry. He rummaged around in a drawer till he found the white roll of medical tape. Toby first inspected the bandage to see if any sand had gotten on it, then he expertly wrapped it in plastic. When he looked up he caught Kevin looking at him.




"You're always taking care of me. I'm the one that should be taking care of you."


Toby smiled his eyes crinkling at the corners. "That's what partners do; we take care of each other."


He placed his hand behind Kevin's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. They smiled at each other then Kevin unbuttoned Toby's jeans, tugging them down his legs. Toby stepped out of them and kicked them off to the side. He smiled slyly at Kevin and did the same for him.


Kevin stepped under the heated spray pulling Toby along with him. Warm water cascaded down Kevin's body in rivulets. They stood there holding each other as the water washed over them. Kevin began to tremble in Toby's arms.


"Kevin what is it? What's wrong?" Toby asked gently as he slowly ran his hand down Kevin's back to comfort him.


"You could have drowned. I could have lost you," Kevin said near tears.


"But I didn't. I'm right here and I'm fine."


Toby pressed up against Kevin and kissed him. The kiss lasted several moments. When they parted Kevin reached up and grabbed the soap. He loved washing Toby, running his hands over his pecs and sculpted abs. His attention was fully on his lover. He gazed into Toby's hazel eyes with a bit of mischief as he soaped his cock. It sent tingles running along his spine when he heard Toby groan in pleasure. He turned him around and began to wash his back. When he worked his way down to Toby's ass he couldn't resist giving it a squeeze.


Toby laughed, "Hey now, are you starting something?"


"Me start something? Now why would you think that?"


"Because you usually do, not that I mind of course."


Kevin finished washing Toby then gently shampooed his hair mindful to keep away from the tender areas. He made quick work washing himself. Toby looked tired and probably needed to lie down. He turned off the rapidly cooling water and grabbed two towels from a shelf, tossing one to Toby. After drying off they slung the towels around their waists and headed for their room.


Kevin pulled back the sheet for Toby. Toby dropped his towel and gratefully crawled beneath the covers.


"I'll go get you some aspirin. Um, where would I find it?" He was unsure of where a lot of things could be found in the old hotel.


"There should be a bottle in the kitchen, second cabinet middle shelf."


Kevin leaned down and kissed Toby. "I'll be right back."


He padded down to the kitchen and found the aspirin right where Toby said it would be. Kevin removed the plastic covering on his bandage and threw it in the trash. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge then headed back to their room. Kevin handed over the aspirin and a bottle of water.


"Thanks, babe," Toby said gratefully.


Kevin dropped his towel and crawled in next to Toby. Toby had downed the aspirin and drank some of the water. When he set the rest of the water on the nightstand Kevin pulled him into his arms. They usually slept this way with Toby's head resting on Kevin's chest and their legs tangled together.


Kevin squeezed his shoulder. "Hey, maybe you shouldn't go to sleep yet, ya know just to be on the safe side."


"Mmm, well then you're going to have to keep me awake, I'm exhausted."


"How about you tell me when we first met, why me?"


"Someone wants his ego stroked." Toby smiled. Kevin could feel it against his chest.


"Nah just curious."


"Well," Toby paused. "I just got out of a bad relationship; I really wasn't looking for anyone. I didn't want to dive into another relationship right away. I always have the bad luck of choosing the wrong guy. I went out for a run on the beach and there you were all stretched out." Toby chuckled. "I saved you from getting crispy."


Kevin chuckled. "Uh huh, I remember. Still the lamest pick up line I ever heard."


Toby tweaked a nipple. "Hey, give a guy a break. I was nervous. At the time I wasn't entirely sure you were gay. I could have gotten my ass kicked."


"Nah, either way I was flattered that you were into me. I couldn't believe a hot guy like you would be interested."


"I was very interested, still am. Your turn, what was your impression of me?"


"I liked you; you instantly made me feel comfortable. Hell, you made me feel a lot of things I've never felt before. You know I've never done the boyfriend thing but being with you made me want to try, see what I was missing. The time we've had together has been so great. I'm glad you approached me because I wouldn't have had the nerve to approach you. You are so incredibly hot and I'm so lucky to have you in my life."


It was then that Kevin realized Toby had fallen asleep. Maybe it was just as well he had reveled a lot more than he had intended. He kissed the top of Toby's head then settled down to watch over his partner for the night.




Kevin woke the next morning with Toby half laying on him. He laid there for a moment just enjoying the comfortable pressure of Toby's body. With skilled practice he slowly began to untangle himself. He was able to slide out from under Toby without the other man waking. Kevin found a pair of boxer-briefs then tugged on well worn jeans. He slipped on a white t-shirt. With one last glance at Toby he left the room. He stopped off at the bathroom to relieve himself then headed for the kitchen.


Toby was always cooking meals for him, not that Kevin minded. Kevin really wanted to surprise him with breakfast in bed. Granted he wasn't much of a cook but there had to be something simple he could throw together to show how much he cared. Fresh fruit always seemed to be on hand. An inspection of the freezer turned up frozen waffles. Perfect.


Kevin decided to make a coffee run first. He knew there was a little café not far from the hotel that served the best coffee. He was back in the kitchen within ten minutes. Kevin found a tray and set the two cups of coffee on it. He popped the waffles in the toaster. While they were toasting he filled a small bowl full of fresh strawberries. When the waffles were done he arranged them on a plate. Kevin looked at the tray and smiled, breakfast for two.


On his way up the stairs he passed Van. She smiled knowingly at him.


"Toby's getting breakfast in bed. I'm so jealous."


Kevin smiled. "He's my baby; he deserves it."


"Give him a kiss for me," she called over her shoulder. Still smiling she shook her head and murmured to herself. "They are so fucking cute."


Kevin juggled the tray while he let himself into their room. With the scent of fresh coffee in the air it didn't take Toby long to wake up. Toby shifted and sat up in bed. He smiled at Kevin.


"Well this is a nice surprise, breakfast in bed with my man. I could get used to this," he said smiling.


Kevin set the tray down across Toby's lap. He leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.


"That's from Van, but this is from me." Kevin captured Toby's lips and gave him a long lingering kiss.


He crawled back into bed next to Toby. He grabbed one of the cups of coffee and took a sip. Kevin watched contentedly over the rim of his cup as Toby ate. He picked up the spare fork and began to eat as well, sharing the breakfast.


"How's your head?"


Toby smiled at Kevin's concern. "It's better; it's only a dull throb now."


Kevin speared a piece of waffle and ate it.


"I suppose you're still going to go into work today?"


Toby groaned at the thought. "I have to. There's going to be so much to do. The place is under new management. I haven't even met my new boss yet. There's a lot to do before the bar opens."


Kevin smiled as he teased a strawberry across Toby's bottom lip. "Are you sure I can't convince you to stay in bed?"


Toby's hazel eyes flashed with desire as he bit into the strawberry. "I'm sorry but I have to go to work."


Kevin sighed a little disappointed. Toby always had to work.


"Well then, let me give you something to take care of that headache."


He moved the tray over to the nightstand. Toby watched Kevin intently as he crawled under the sheet. He felt the bed shift and his eyebrows shot up as Kevin took him into his mouth. Toby let out a soft moan. Usually he was the one giving head. He twined his fingers into the back of Kevin's blonde hair. He wasn't complaining; this felt amazingly good. Toby spread his legs a little wider to make room for Kevin. His lips parted and a low moan escaped when he saw Kevin's wet lips wrapped around his shaft. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the headboard. Toby wanted to enjoy everything that Kevin was doing to him.


Kevin ran his left hand along Toby's rock hard abs. He could feel the muscles ripple under his touch. Toby had the most amazing body. His nimble fingers tweaked and rolled a taut nipple. The sounds Toby made only encouraged him. It gave him a rush to know that he could make him feel so good. His tongue lazily laved the head of Toby's cock. He dragged his tongue across Toby's slit, then he did it again as he got the desired reaction. He liked the way Toby tasted, salty with just a hint of sweetness. His right hand idly played with Toby's balls.


Toby gasped and arched his back, pushing his cock a little farther down Kevin's throat. Toby's heart rate kicked up another notch as he felt Kevin play with his balls. It was the hand with the silver metal ring encircling his middle finger. Kevin never took the ring off, at least not that Toby had ever noticed. It must be special to him. He could feel the metal of the ring pressing against his balls. Toby moaned louder and squeezed Kevin's shoulder. If he kept that up, he was going to cum soon. Kevin began to bob up and down Toby's shaft. With every downward stroke he quickened the pace. He tugged, rolled and squeezed Toby's balls. Then Kevin could taste the first splash of spunk as it washed over his tongue and filled his mouth. He pulled back and sucked on the head, milking Toby's cock of all that it had. Kevin smiled up at Toby while the other man tried to get his breathing back.


"Mmm, that was amazing. I'm not even going to ask where you learned that."


Kevin reached for the last strawberry and popped it into his mouth. He loved the flavor of strawberries and his lover. He leaned forward and kissed Toby thoroughly sharing the flavor with him.


"I really need to get to work now. It wouldn't look good if I showed up late."


Toby got up and got dressed while Kevin watched him from the bed. He liked to watch Toby dress and undress; he was a very sexy man. Toby wore a black wife beater and black low-cut jeans which he wore with a belt that highlighted his slim waist.


Toby smiled at Kevin. "Thanks for breakfast, babe."


"You're welcome."


"So what are your plans for today?"


Kevin shrugged. "I might go exploring, I'm sure I'll find something to do."


Toby leaned down and kissed Kevin one more time. "I'll see you later."


"Yeah later," Kevin said with lust and love in his eyes.



2/ 7/ 07


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