Picture Credit: The one of Kevin trimming the shrubs was borrowed from Gregory Michael's picture section on Myspace. The rest are screen caps made by me.


Authors note: Slight spoiler from 2x5 loosely based on a scene.


Toby was the first to awaken. He looked over and smiled, Kevin was still sound asleep on his stomach. Toby inched over and ran his hand lightly down Kevin's tan back. He leaned in and placed a kiss on his shoulder. Kevin moaned and turned his head, now fully awake. Toby pecked him on the lips and then again, longer this time. Toby ran his hand down Kevin's back. When he got to the base of his spine his fingers slipped under the sheet. He palmed Kevin's ass and gave it a squeeze.


Kevin chuckled and said, "Is there something you want?"


Toby smiled and licked his lips. "Maybe."


Toby looked into Kevin's warm brown eyes seeking permission. It wasn't very often that Toby got to top. He never wanted to push for something Kevin wasn't comfortable with. Kevin nodded his head slightly and Toby caught a hint of a smile. He rolled on top of Kevin and stretched out his arm to reach the night stand drawer. His hand scrabbled around to find a condom and a packet of lube. He tossed the items aside on the bed. Toby placed a kiss at the back of Kevin's neck; his beard scratched along his shoulder blades and sent prickles down Kevin's spine. Toby lovingly ran his hands up and down Kevin's arms. Toby placed his lips next to Kevin's ear and playfully kissed the lobe. Kevin let out a shuddery breath.


Toby felt like taking his time. He didn't have to go to work till afternoon. Kevin didn't have to worry too much about being late since he worked here at the hotel. Toby grabbed the small bottle of mango lotion that was sitting on top of the night stand. He'd borrowed it from Van, not that she knew exactly. She wouldn't mind and if she did he'd get her another bottle.


Toby pushed himself up and sat on the backs of Kevin's thighs. His hardening length rested along the cleft of Kevin's ass. When Toby uncapped the bottle the scent of mangos mixed with the warm air of the room. He squeezed out a dollop and warmed the lotion with his hands. Toby started at Kevin's shoulders. First his touch was light and gentle; he increased the pressure as he began to massage Kevin's shoulders. Toby leaned forward and placed a kiss between tan shoulder blades. Kevin moaned in pleasure and shifted a little.


"You're really good at this."


"I aim to please" Toby said with a smile.


He slid his hands down Kevin's arms, caressing his biceps. Next he worked on Kevin's back, massaging all the tension out of his muscles. Kevin groaned low in his throat when Toby worked on his lower back. As he worked Toby rained light kisses along Kevin's back. Kevin felt Toby's body cover his, could feel his heat, it made him hard. He wished he could rub himself on the bed but he was thoroughly pinned. Toby's hands slipped down to cup Kevin's ass. He squeezed and kneaded the twin globes. Toby slid down farther so he could place a kiss on each rounded cheek. His beard stubble scratched the sensitive skin of Kevin's ass. Kevin gasped and jumped a little at the sensation. Sometimes he liked to feel the prickly roughness of Toby's scruffy beard. Toby slowly parted Kevin's cheeks and gazed upon Kevin's twitching hole. He let his warm breath caress the small rosebud. Kevin moaned and writhed under Toby; he needed more. He wanted it so much he could practically taste it.


It was so warm in the room. The air conditioning in the old hotel currently didn't work. They were already covered in a sheen of sweat that glistened in the morning light. Toby reached for the packet of lube, ripped it open and squeezed out a sizeable dollop on his fingers. He didn't bother to warm the slick gel first. He thought Kevin would enjoy the feel of the cool gel since it was so hot. As soon as the gel touched Kevin's puckered entrance he gasped but it quickly turned into a sigh.


Toby rubbed his finger over the soft folds, barely using any pressure at all. Kevin pushed back causing Toby's finger to slip part way inside him. A gasp of pleasure escaped his parted lips. Toby pressed the rest of his finger inside Kevin and began to finger fuck him. When Kevin started pushing back against him urgently he knew he was ready. The purple tinge to Toby's eight inch dick was an indication that he was more than ready.


The crinkle of the condom wrapper created even more anticipation. Toby rolled the latex down his tumescent cock. He lifted up and placed a hand on Kevin's hip, pushing him slightly to roll over. He wanted to look at Kevin while he made love to him. When their eyes met, Toby smiled down upon his lover, partner and friend. He placed one of Kevin's legs around his hip, the other he draped over his shoulder. Toby slowly pressed his hard length into Kevin's open and twitching hole. Kevin let out a series of long moans that went straight to Toby's cock. Kevin arched his back as Toby filled him completely.


Toby ground his hips in a slow tight circle then began to withdraw slowly. His hips swiveled in a spiral motion. He could tell it gave Kevin immense pleasure. Kevin's eyes had drifted shut and he was panting through his mouth. Toby pushed in slightly faster and a little harder than before. He cradled Kevin's leg to his chest and gripped his hip firmly as he began to fuck him. His firm ass clenched as he pumped in and out of Kevin's tight hole. Kevin's inner muscles instinctively clenched Toby's cock, massaging his length. Sweat rolled off Toby in glistening rivulets. A lock of damp brunette hair curled against his brow.


Kevin let his leg slip down Toby's side and locked his ankles behind his partner's back. He reached for Toby and pulled him down for a breathtaking kiss. Kevin let out a groan of pleasure as Toby's dick grazed against his prostate. He reached down grasping his leaking cock and began to jerk himself off in time to Toby's thrusts. His abs were already streaked with pre cum. His body tensed, his toes curled and then his orgasm was upon him. Kevin cried out as he shot his load across his stomach. Toby's orgasm was a heart beat behind Kevin's. He clutched Kevin to him as the intensity washed over him. Toby gasped as he came inside his lover. Toby's arms gave out and he collapsed on top of Kevin completely spent. Kevin wrapped his arms around Toby's back, holding him close. He buried his head against Toby's neck, kissing him there. When Toby caught his breath, he slowly withdrew and stripped off the condom, tossing it in the direction of the trash.


Kevin smiled and ran a hand through Toby's thick dark hair. He wrapped his hand around the back of Toby's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Toby brushed his nose against Kevin's.


"We should probably get a shower."


Kevin pouted; he was perfectly content to stay here in bed with Toby all day. He shifted on the damp sheets. On second thought a shower was sounding better to him by the minute.




Freshly showered and dressed Kevin and Toby made their way down to the kitchen for breakfast. Kevin had to make it a quick one; he needed to get started trimming the shrubbery. He really didn't want to piss Kai off or make him think he was slacking on the job. He needed this job. Kevin popped a couple slices of bread in the toaster while Toby made the coffee. A couple minutes later the toast popped up. Kevin snagged one for himself, immediately biting off a corner. He would have put some jam on it, but this morning he was all about saving time. When Toby got out two coffee cups Kevin shook his head.


"Don't bother. I'll just have a couple sips of yours then I gotta make tracks."


Toby quirked an eyebrow as he filled the royal blue mug to the brim with steaming coffee. Kevin came over; his first sip was tentative. The hot brew burned his lips. He gazed at Toby over the rim as he took another sip, then another. Kevin set the mug down on the counter. He palmed Toby's neck and pulled him in for a coffee flavored kiss. When he broke away he bent down to pick up his tool belt that was leaning against the island. Toby watched as Kevin slung the belt around his slim waist. Toby's eyes raked over Kevin's body. The tool belt framed Kevin's package quite nicely. Kevin's low riding khaki pants were pulled down lower by the weight of the belt. His tanned hips were now exposed. Toby bit his lip as he felt his dick start to harden. The tool belt did it to him every time.


Toby cleared his throat. "Will I see you before my shift at the bar?"


"Yeah, I'll come back here or you could always come find me."


A smile played on Toby's lips while he watched Kevin's retreating form as he left the hotel. He adjusted himself then took a sip of his coffee. Life was pretty good at the cove.




The day was already shaping up to be another hot one. Kevin had stripped off his white t that now hung on his tool belt. Every time he moved it swayed like a white flag. Kevin wiped his sweat dappled brow with the back of his hand. The hotel was situated on a good chunk of land, which meant there was lots of shrubbery for him to prune. It was a long daunting task but at least he had a job. He hated when people thought that he was just Toby's boy, living off his boyfriend's generosity.


Kevin just so happened to be facing the path that led up to the hotel. To say the least he was shocked when he saw one of his long time best friends. He couldn't believe Scott was here. A million thoughts raced through his head. He was happy to see his friend except for one little thing. He wasn't out, at least not to the few people in his life that mattered. After he grudgingly came out to his parents he didn't stick around for the fall out. He knew how they felt about gays. Here at the cove he could be himself, nearly all of Toby's friends were gay or at the very least bi. Now Scott was here and he could practically feel his stomach drop.


Scott shielded his eyes from the bright sun with his hand.


"Hey, Kevin, dude, what's up man? Are you working here now?"


Kevin walked over to join his friend. He put one arm around his shoulders and patted his back, very manly, very straight.


"Hey Scott, yeah, I got a job working here at the hotel. What are you doing here, on vacation?"


"Yeah I thought I'd take some time off, come see you. See what this place has to offer, work on my tan, score with the chicks."


Kevin let out a nervous laugh and wished his friend good luck with that. Most of the ladies on the island were lesbians, not all but most.


Kevin gestured with his hand. "Well come on, we'll get you set up with a room and you can meet some of my friends."


They made small talk on their way up to the hotel. Kevin led Scott through the front entrance. He explained that he could pretty much pick any unoccupied room that he wanted. Also that most of the hotel tenants lived and worked on the island. When they cut through to the kitchen they met up with Toby and Van.


Toby smiled at Kevin. "Hey, I was just coming to find you. I thought you could use some water."


Kevin smiled but it didn't quite reach his eyes. He took the bottle of water from Toby avoiding any contact.


"Uh, this is Scott, a friend from back home. He's going to be staying here on vacation. Scott these are my friends Toby and Van."


Kevin couldn't meet Toby's eyes when he introduced him as his friend. Just then Adam came sauntering in with his shirt undone and his jeans riding low. He smirked at Kevin letting him know he had heard the introductions. Adam would jump on any opportunity to create a rift between him and Toby.


"This is Adam," Kevin said flatly.


"I gotta go to work. It was nice meeting you, Scott." Toby stalked out of the room. Anyone that knew him could tell he was clearly upset.


"Yeah, nice meeting you." Van shot Kevin a murderous glare behind Scott's back then hurried out the door to catch up with Toby.


Kevin turned to Scott. "You're probably tired from your trip; I know I was when I first arrived. Just go up the stairs over there and pick a room. I gotta get back to work, but we'll hang out later and catch up."


"Sounds like a plan."


After Scott left, Kevin went to brush past Adam.


Adam grabbed his shoulder and squeezed. "Way to go man, real smooth."


"Shut up," Kevin said through clenched teeth.


Kevin stepped outside; he still had the unopened bottle of water in his hand. He uncapped it and took a few swallows of the cool water. He didn't know what to do. Van was pissed, Toby was pissed, all because he couldn't/wouldn't come out to one of his friends. He sighed heavily. Why did this have to be so hard?




Van ran after Toby. She called out to him. "Hey Toby, wait up."


When she caught up with him, she lightly touched him on the shoulder.


"Not now, Van," he said quietly.


Her hand fell to her side. She watched him walk away. She didn't like to see him hurt. With a little sigh she walked back up to the hotel.


Toby didn't have to be at work for another couple hours. Lost in thought, he walked down to the beach and plopped down on the sand. He hugged his knees to his chest and brooded. He tried to be patient with Kevin, he really did. When he had come out long ago he swore he would never hide who he was or go back into the closet for anyone. He really didn't like being introduced as the 'friend'. Toby stared out at the ocean and let handfuls of sand sift slowly through his fingers.


He understood that Kevin wasn't comfortable with his friends knowing he was gay. To come out meant the risk of possibly losing a friend. It came with the territory. All he wanted was to have an open and honest relationship with Kevin. Now most likely for the duration of his friend's visit, he wouldn't be able to kiss Kevin or hold him or any number of other affectionate things they did together. Toby watched the rolling waves lap at the shore and sighed. His heart ached; he hated feeling like this.




Van rounded the corner and stalked over to Kevin to give him a piece of her mind.


"I know, all right, you don't have to say it." Kevin tried to defend himself and his actions.


Van clenched her fist in frustration. "What is the big deal? Why didn't you just tell him that Toby is your boyfriend?"


"You wouldn't understand. You've never even had to come out to anyone."


Van flung her hands up in frustration. "That may be true, but at least I'm honest. I also understand that Toby should matter more to you than what any of your friends think. He loves you so much. How do you think it makes him feel when you act like you're ashamed of your relationship, ashamed of him?"


Kevin gave her an incredulous look. "I'm not ashamed of him."


"Right, and he's just a 'friend'. It would mean the world to him if you introduced him as your boyfriend. Do what you want, but you can't hide forever. Would you risk losing Toby over what your friend might think?"


"He's just here for a short vacation, why do I have to say anything? He doesn't need to know."


"You missed the point where you hurt Toby. If you don't think you'll ever be in this situation again you're deluding yourself. What happens when you run into someone else you know? Are you going to keep denying who you are, what Toby means to you? You're only out when it's convenient for you. Maybe you should think about Toby and his feelings."


Van stalked off. She was considering taking some of her frustrations out on a canvas.




Kevin had dinner with Scott. They caught up a little; Scott talked about the happenings in Laguna since Kevin had left. Kevin's mind was only half on the conversation. His eyes kept wandering over to the door, waiting for Toby to come home. Scott even called him on it once. He just laughed and shrugged it off. Kevin knew that Toby wouldn't come back till late. He always had to work but when something was bothering him or he was upset he also worked just to take his mind off the problem. It was a good bet that Toby volunteered to work a double shift.


That night Kevin picked an empty room next to Toby's to crash for a while. He'd wait for Toby to come home then slip into his room. Hopefully Toby wouldn't toss his ass back out. He needed to talk to Toby. He wasn't sure what to say but when he was near him everything was ok.


Kevin lounged on the bed with his arms behind his head. He listened to the island night noises. It was so peaceful and relaxing. His eyes drifted shut. Kevin could feel himself falling asleep. He wasn't worried though; his body would let him know when Toby came home.


Sometime later Kevin jerked awake. He rubbed at his eyes as he listened to the footsteps go down the hall. Kevin knew Toby had finally come home. He heard the door next to his open and softly shut. Kevin held his breath and waited. As the moments ticked by, the more nervous he got. Slowly he got up off the bed and went to the door. He opened the door an inch and looked out into the hall; no one was around. Kevin eased out into the hallway and slowly made his way to Toby's room. He grasped the metal knob tightly in his hand. He eased the door open and quietly slipped inside.


Toby was lying in bed facing him. Their eyes met in the darkened room. Kevin stood with his back against the door unsure what to do next. He took a few steps forward then stopped, not sure if he was welcome. Like the heat of the day, the room was thick and heavy with tension. The moments seemed to stretch on unbearably long. Kevin was looking at Toby with pleading puppy dog eyes. Toby patted the empty side of the bed next to him. With a grateful sigh Kevin joined him on the bed.


"What are you doing here, Kevin?"


"I… I needed to talk to you."


"I'm right here. What do you want to say?"


Kevin's voice wavered a little. "I'm sorry. I… it's just so hard."


"I know," Toby said quietly.


Kevin looked at him skeptically.


"I know you think I had it easy coming out. I guess in some ways I did, but it was still hard. The first person I came out to was my older sister Galen. She suspected but she let me come out when I was ready. It didn't matter to her. I was still her baby brother and she loves me unconditionally. She was there when I came out to my parents. It wasn't easy, Kevin. I'm the first born son in a large Greek family. Getting married and having lots of kids is expected. Toby shrugged a tan shoulder. I got lucky. My parents were fairly accepting. Galen helped pave the way a lot; she stuck by me. It took some time but eventually the whole family accepted that I'm gay and is ok with it. I guess I was lulled into a false sense of security. My family accepted me, so I came out to my friends at school as well. I lost a few friends, not all but some. It was hard and it did hurt," Toby admitted. "They couldn't accept me for who I really am, so I do understand. I've learned a friend isn't really worth having if they can't accept the real you. It's your decision what you want to do."


Kevin reached out and lightly touched Toby's hip. "I'm sorry I hurt you. I don't want to do that and I'm not ashamed of you. I love you so much." Kevin's voice wavered.


Toby's lips curled into a smile. "Van gave you a tongue lashing, didn't she?"


Kevin laughed softly. "Oh yeah." Kevin looked conflicted. "I don't know if I can do it, tell Scott."


"It's up to you, Kevin. I understand. I won't lie and say it doesn't bother me, it does." Toby locked eyes with Kevin and reached out to run his fingers through Kevin's short blonde hair. He caressed Kevin's cheek softly. "I'll still be here when Scott leaves," Toby reassured him.


"Can I stay here with you tonight?" Kevin pleaded with his eyes.


Toby smiled. "Yeah, you can stay."


Kevin quickly shucked off his clothes, letting them fall to the floor. He slid under the sheet next to Toby. After a moment's hesitation he moved closer and wrapped his arms around Toby. They fell asleep in each others arms, both sharing the same pillow.




Early the next morning Toby woke early. He slipped out of Kevin's grasp and silently got dressed. He watched Kevin for a moment; he looked so cute when he was asleep. Toby leaned down and brushed a feather light kiss to Kevin's forehead before he left.


When Kevin awoke the next morning, Toby was already gone. Kevin changed into tan board shorts and a baby blue t. He had promised Scott he'd hang out this afternoon. He peeked out into the hallway first to make sure it was all clear before he slipped out. Kevin went down to the kitchen and made himself a quick breakfast. Scott wanted to hang out at the beach bar and lounge by the pool to babe watch. Of course that's where Toby worked and he would be going on shift right about now. Kevin inwardly groaned at the unfairness of it. H 2 Eau was a stone's throw away from the hotel, so they walked to the bar.


Kevin and Scott snagged two lounge chairs that were situated by the pool. They both stripped off their t shirts to work on their tans.


"So, Kev, you never told me why you just left for Dante's Cove."


"I couldn't take living with my parents anymore. I really like it here. The rent is cheep and the people are cool."


"Well the view is nice." Scott leered at a couple of ladies in bright bikinis. "I have noticed that there's a lot of girl on girl action going on. Dude! What's up with that? How's a guy supposed to get laid?"


Kevin laughed at his friend's plight. "A lot of this," he made a jacking off gesture.


"Aw shit, man, if I knew I wasn't going to get lucky with the ladies I would have picked another island."


"They're not all lesbians, just most of them, sorry man."


Scott shrugged. "Well I don't mind if I can watch."


Kevin laughed. "You're such a pig."


"Oh come on, don't tell me you don't watch them, living on this island. Dude, you're so not the celibate type."


Kevin laughed somewhat nervously. "Oh don't worry about me; I get my needs met just fine."


"I knew it," Scott crowed. "You stayed for some pretty little island girl. I'm right, aren't I?"


"Kind of," Kevin supplied.


"So how come I haven't met this spectacular babe that won your heart? It isn't that Van chick, is it? Naw, can't be. She is hot though."


Kevin laughed. "No, it's not Van. She's just a good friend. Ya know what, I think I'm going to go grab a beer."


Kevin was getting uncomfortable with the line of questioning. So many times he just wanted to say the words that he was gay and deeply in love with Toby. Yet here he was, playing it straight because it was just so hard to say. Every time he tried to muster up some courage the words got stuck in his throat. Toby was in the back of his mind, so strong and confident. Toby was right. If Scott couldn't deal with him being gay, that was his problem and his friendship wasn't worth having. He had friends here, granted they were Toby's first.


Kevin and Scott walked into the open air bar. Kevin bit his lip. Toby looked so sexy serving drinks, his shirt opened well past his chest, revealing some of his washboard abs.


"Can we get a couple of beers?" Kevin called out to Toby.


"Sure," Toby said. His expression was blank, not giving anything away.


When Toby handed over the beer, Kevin let his hand brush against Toby's. He let it linger just for a second. It was a small token and all he could offer at the moment. Toby looked into Kevin's eyes briefly. They shared one moment then Toby turned to wait on another customer. Kevin and Scott enjoyed their cool beer. It was another hot day on the island of Dante's Cove.




Kevin and Scott headed back to the hotel. Their shirts were slung over tanned shoulders. Kevin led Scott around back so they could sit in the shade under the patio structure. The white gauze material billowed gently on the warm tropical breeze.


Scott noticed how quiet Kevin had gotten.


"What's up, man? It looks like you got the weight of the world on your shoulders. How could you possibly be bummed out in paradise?"


"I need to tell you something," Kevin murmured then fell silent.


Scott waited for Kevin to say more.


"Dude, what am I supposed to do, like guess?"


Kevin chuckled and ran his hand through his hair causing it to spike up even more.


"I'm… I'm gay." Kevin tensed waiting for Scott's reaction.




"Ok? What do you mean ok?" Kevin was more than a little on edge now that he'd said the words.


"Just what I meant. Ok. Was that it? Cuz, dude, I thought you were going to tell me you were sick or something."


"You don't care that I'm gay?" Kevin asked for clarification.


"No man, well unless you try to fuck me or grab my package."


Kevin laughed out of relief. "Not gonna happen, man. I have a boyfriend. He's the real reason I left Laguna, besides not wanting to live with my parents anymore. He has a job here."


Scott smiled. "So, do I get to meet this hot stud of yours?"


Kevin blushed. "You sorta already did."


"Well, are you going to keep me in suspense forever?"


"It's Toby." Kevin smiled genuinely.


Scott searched his memory trying to put a face to the name. "The bartender?"


"Yep, that's him. There's going to be a party tonight. You can meet him again. He wasn't exactly happy staying away and keeping it under wraps."


"I'll bet," Scott snorted. "He seems like a good guy though."


Kevin smiled softly. "He is. He's the best."


Scott practically giggled. "Dude, you're like totally smitten."


Kevin playfully shoved his shoulder. "Shut up."




Later that night Kevin changed into low slung button fly jeans with a white t. He met up with Scott at the party. Toby was working late as usual but Kevin expected him to show up sooner or later. He couldn't wait to surprise Toby by introducing him as his boyfriend to his good friend. He still could hardly believe that Scott didn't care whether he was gay or not. It felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. They sat together just shooting the breeze, drinking beer and listening to the music the DJ played.


Kevin spotted Toby as soon as he came around back where the party was being held. Kevin's eyes lit up and a smile played across his lips. He absently said something to Scott then he was making a beeline to Toby.


"Hey," Kevin smiled. He slipped his arm around Toby.


"Hey, what's up?"


"Come on. I want you to meet someone." Kevin led Toby back to where he had been sitting with Scott. "Scott, this is my boyfriend Toby."


Toby glanced at Kevin, surprise written all over his face. After the shock wore off, he smiled with pride. He knew it had been a real struggle for Kevin. He shook hands with Scott.


"It's nice to meet you again," Scott said.


"Yeah, same here." Toby nodded.


They chatted for a bit, getting to know one another. When the soft strains of a sweet melody filled the air Toby looked over at Kevin.


"Come on; let's dance." A big smile curved his lips.


Kevin smiled but then glanced at Scott. Coming out had been one thing. He knew Scott said he was ok with it, but would he be ok seeing public displays of affection?


"Dude, what are you looking at me for? I didn't ask you to dance and you don't need my permission. Go on, dance with your man."


With that settled, Kevin let Toby drag him out onto the dance floor. Toby pulled him close in his arms and they swayed gently to the music. Kevin wrapped his arms around Toby's slim waist. Toby gave Kevin one of his radiant smiles that had a way of lighting up his face. It made Kevin's heart flutter in his chest.


"I'm proud of you, Kevin."


Kevin ran his hand up and down Toby's side, caressing him through his shirt.


"I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. I'm relieved Scott's ok with me being gay. It really wasn't worth seeing you hurt. I don't want to do that to you."


Toby held him close; their bodies flush against the other. Their lips met in a sweet passionate kiss that spoke of love.


Van paused next to Scott. "They're so fucking cute, aren't they?"


Scott saluted with his beer. "That they are."


Van headed off to dance with a fiery red head that had captured her attention.


Suddenly a cute Barbie sized blonde with soft ringlets framing her face stood in front of Scott.


"Do you wanna dance with me, stud?"


Scott smiled and set his beer down. He held out his hand to her. "Lead the way, pretty lady."


Her soft laugh made his dick twitch with interest. Maybe this island had something to offer after all.


As Toby and Kevin danced, they ran their hands along each others bodies as if discovering each other all over again. Kevin let his cheek brush against Toby's while he caressed Toby's muscled bicep. Toby stroked a hand slowly down Kevin's back. They smiled at each other and laughed for the pure joy of it. Toby leaned in and kissed Kevin with such affection. His nose brushed along the side of Kevin's. They rubbed up against each other; the need to be together was like a slow burn.


Scott moved up beside them with his own blonde.


"Hey man, get a room already," Scott joked.


Kevin turned his head and looked at Scott. He laughed and kissed Toby exuberantly on the lips.


"Don't worry; we will."


Kevin took Toby by the hand and led him off the dance floor. They entered the hotel and went up to their room. Beneath the sheets they created a magic all their own.



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