Never Until Now

Authors Note: I thought this scene was really great, very romantic. But there's always a "but" specifically Kevin's "butt". Strictly in my opinion, for a first time I think the position that was used was not the best choice. So this is my revised version of the scene with added extras thrown in.


Kevin lay awake in his bed staring into the darkness. He knew what was keeping him awake. He needed to make things right with Toby. Kevin felt like an ass for hurting Toby. He knew he wouldn't get any sleep unless he was beside Toby. He'd grown accustomed to sleeping with him. He secretly loved it when Toby would cuddle up to him and their legs would tangle together.

Finally Kevin got up and slipped on his light blue cotton robe. He padded down the hall to Toby's room and quietly slipped inside. For a moment he stood there mesmerized by the sheer beauty laid out before him. Toby lay asleep on his stomach. The moonlight from the window highlighted his beautiful body. The sheet had slipped down and Kevin could see the top of Toby's upturned ass.

"Toby, are you awake?" he whispered tentatively.

Not getting a response he slipped off his robe, letting it drop silently to the floor. He lifted the sheet and slid in next to Toby. Hopefully he wouldn't be banished from the bed when Toby awoke.

"Toby," Kevin whispered and lightly touched Toby's shoulder.

Toby awakened and began to turn over but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Please don't, there's some stuff I need to tell you and it's easier this way."

Wide awake now Toby lay facing away from him.

"You can tell me anything, Kevin." He reached for Kevin's hand that was absently rubbing his shoulder. He kissed the back of his hand and twined their fingers together and gave them a squeeze.

"I used to do a lot of stuff, a lot of guys. I even took money for it sometimes. I'm not proud of that." Kevin's voice was thick with emotion.

Toby had known about the guys but apparently there were still things he didn't know. "You don't have to tell me this."

"No, I do. I need to tell you, to explain. I never let anybody fuck me cuz I'd have to love them to, you know let them do that."

Toby rolled over and put his arm around Kevin to comfort him. "I understand."

Suddenly it was clear why he always bottomed for Kevin. Not that he hadn't ever tried to top him; Kevin had a way of distracting him. It explained how Kevin flinched away from him when he did try to top him.

"I want you to know because I'd never let anybody do that, ever. I'd never let anybody have that part of me, till now." Kevin kissed him deeply. "I want you to be the one, the only one that gets that part of me. I want you to be my first."

"Babe, are you sure? We don't have to if you're not ready."

Kevin nuzzled his face against Toby's cheek, feeling the sting from his beard stubble. He kissed Toby, needing to be connected with him. "I've never been more sure."

Toby searched Kevin's eyes and found vulnerability and love. Toby was awed and humbled that Kevin was giving him this amazing gift. He loved Kevin so much his heart hurt. He would take his time making love to Kevin; he'd make sure it was special for him.

Toby held Kevin in his arms and kissed him deeply. Their lips and tongues brushed together. The kiss seemed to last for eternity. When they broke apart, Toby leaned over and got a condom and lube from the nightstand drawer. For now he set the items aside. Toby rolled on top of Kevin and began kissing his neck. He placed several open mouth kisses along the pulse point. Working his way down, his lips latched onto one of Kevin's hardened nipples. He kissed and laved the tight little bud. Kevin gasped and arched up against Toby. Their hard cocks rubbed together. To add to the sensation Toby rolled his hips. The wonderful friction made them both gasp.

Toby continued with hungry kisses along Kevin's washboard abs. He nibbled along his favorite ridge next to Kevin's hip. He soothed the bites with a soft kiss. Next he couldn't help but place a row of kisses along Kevin's groin. Toby spread Kevin's legs slightly farther apart and began to rain kisses along his inner thighs. His beard stubble scratched the sensitive skin. Kevin gasped and panted at Toby's attention. Toby looked up at Kevin lovingly with a smile on his lips. Toby couldn't help taking one little taste of Kevin's leaking cock. To him it was like the finest liquor. He could get drunk off Kevin's flavor. Toby sat up and knelt between Kevin's spread legs.

"Kevin, are you absolutely sure you want to do this?"

"I want you, Toby."

Toby nodded. "Do you trust me?"

"More than anyone," and it was true he did. He trusted Toby completely even though it scared him a little.

Toby ran his hands along Kevin's thighs on either side of him to have contact with his lover. "I won't hurt you." It was a solemn heartfelt promise. He'd be as gentle as he could.

Toby squirted a generous dollop of lube on the pads of his fingers. He rubbed the gel between his fingers to warm it; no one could say he wasn't a considerate lover. Kevin's body visibly jerked when he felt light pressure against his hole. He'd never let anyone touch him there before. Beads of cold sweat formed on his skin even though it was a warm night. Toby rubbed this thigh.

"Easy, just relax. It's better if you stay relaxed.

"Ok." Kevin took a deep shuddering breath and let it out.

Toby kept his touch light, gently rubbing small circles against his hole. He leaned forward over Kevin, supporting some of his weight on one arm. He captured Kevin's lips in a sweet kiss. He felt Kevin sigh against his lips. Slowly Toby slid one finger inside him. Kevin's eyes widened a little and gasped at the new sensation.

"Ok?" Toby asked.

Kevin nodded, for the moment unable to form words. Toby smiled down at him and playfully brushed his nose along Kevin's. They kissed each other hungrily while Toby continued to finger him. When he felt Kevin was ready for the next step he sat up and ripped open a condom. Toby rolled the latex down his turgid length. He locked eyes with his partner as he slowly began to enter him. As the head of Toby's cock breached his tight hole, Kevin closed his eyes tight against the pain. Toby stopped all movement. He squeezed Kevin's hip to comfort and ground him.

"Open your eyes look at me, Kevin. I love you."

Toby smiled down at Kevin when his eyes fluttered open. He laced his right hand with Kevin's and gave it a squeeze. Slowly he began to enter Kevin inch by inch. To ease the pain he caressed Kevin's stomach and rubbed along his thigh. He brushed a tear off Kevin's cheek with his thumb. Toby knew the moment the pain had left when Kevin smiled at him.

"I love you, I love you so much." Kevin's voice was filled with emotion.

Toby leaned down and captured Kevin's lips in a tender kiss. With Kevin's legs wrapped around his hips he slowly began to rock against him. Kevin twined his arms around Toby's back pulling him closer, and ran his hand down his back. When Toby swiveled his hips he moaned and buried his face against Toby's neck. He clung to Toby out of need for contact. He'd never felt more open and vulnerable. A part of him was glad that he was sharing this with Toby. That essentially he saved himself for him. Their sweat slicked bodies writhed under the soft glow of the moonlight. Kevin bit his bottom lip and moaned when he felt Toby brush against a certain spot within him.

Kevin pulled Toby in for a hungry kiss as he pushed back against each thrust. When the kiss ended, they stayed close just sharing each other's breath. He ran his hand through Toby's dark hair. Kevin's dick was getting a work out, rubbing up against Toby's washboard abs. The duel sensations were pushing him closer to the edge.

Toby rarely topped. It had been awhile since the last time. Being inside Kevin took his breath away. He knew he wasn't likely to last much longer. He snaked his hand between their bodies and began to jack Kevin off in time to his thrusts. Kevin writhed against him in sheer pleasure. Suddenly Kevin's body stiffened then began to tremble as he soaked them both with hot streams of cum. Kevin's inner muscles milked the orgasm right out of Toby. Toby came deep within Kevin, filling the condom.

Spent and tired Toby lay against Kevin's chest. They both were wet and sticky but neither seemed to care at the moment. Kevin let out a soft moan as Toby pulled out. Toby stripped off the condom and tossed it in the direction of the trash. He took a corner of the sheet and cleaned Kevin and himself a bit. As soon as he lay back down Kevin was in his arms, his head resting on his chest. Tonight was a night of role reversals. His arm slipped around Kevin, pulling him closer.

"So how was it?" Toby asked.

"It was amazing; you were amazing."

Kevin dropped off to sleep almost immediately, safe within Toby's arms. Toby drifted off minutes after holding his partner with a small smile on his lips.


The next morning Toby was the first to awaken. He took silent pleasure in just watching Kevin sleep. Sometimes he could hardly believe Kevin came to Dante's Cove to be with him. Toby gently caressed Kevin's back, up and down. Some time later Kevin woke up and smiled at Toby.

"Hey, how long have you been up?"

"Not long, how do you feel?"

"Fine," Kevin shifted a little and groaned. "Sore."

Toby pulled him in for a kiss. "It'll pass. Come on we need a shower and then I'll make you breakfast."

Toby and Kevin slung towels around their slim waists and headed down the hall to the bathroom. They showered together making it a long hot one. They did nothing more than wash while tempting and teasing one another. Back in their room Kevin changed into a white t and khaki pants. Toby slipped on tight black jeans with the shirt he was required to wear at the bar, since he had the afternoon shift. He didn't know why he bothered with a shirt at all. Marco would only let him snap the very last two snaps of the shirt, claiming it was better for business.

In the kitchen Toby set about gathering everything he would need to make his famous omelets. With his arms full he used his hip to close the fridge. He arranged everything on the large island. Before he forgot he started the coffee brewing. Kevin was glad there weren't any stools around the island. He really didn't feel like trying to sit right now, so he leaned casually against the island. He loved to watch Toby cook; he found it oddly sexy.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

Toby looked up from what he was doing with a smile on his face. "You want to help me cook?"


Toby was silently pleased. Cooking was one of his greatest passions and he wanted to share that with his boyfriend.

"You can chop the peppers and tomatoes."

He placed the cutting board in front of Kevin. He snaked his arm around him with his hand on his neck and pulled Kevin in for a kiss, then went back to whisking the eggs. When he was finished with his task Kevin left Toby to prepare the omelets while he poured them both a cup of coffee.

Van walked into the kitchen noting Kevin and Toby's presence. She went over to pour herself some coffee. She needed coffee first, preferably made by someone else. Toby was probably still pissed at her. It wasn't her fault. She just wanted to protect Kevin from Ambrosius' amorous ways. The repel spell worked, she knew it. It wasn't her fault that Kevin couldn't keep it in his pants. With several sips of coffee in her she began to take in little things about her surroundings. Toby and Kevin appeared to be back to their cute and cuddly selves. In fact they were practically glowing. Ha! Make up sex, she would bet serious money on it. She watched as Toby expertly dished up the omelets. Mmm food, she loved Toby's cooking he was the best cook ever in her opinion. She gazed longingly at the food unaware that Toby was watching her.

"Come on, Van, join us for breakfast."

She looked up to see Toby smiling at her.

"I'll even share part of my omelet."

She smiled back. That was the best news she had heard all day.

"A girl's gotta eat."

Carrying dishes and cups of coffee they headed to the dining table. Toby and Kevin sat next to each other in close proximity. It didn't escape her attention that Kevin was sitting carefully. Silently in her head she cheered, 'yay Toby you stud.' Toby cut his omelet in half and transferred the other half onto another plate.

"So does this mean you're not mad at me anymore?"

"You know I can't stay mad at you, Van. Let's just put it behind us."

"I told you; make up sex is always the best."

Toby actually blushed. She had told him the same thing once before when he and Kevin nearly broke up. She took a big bite of her omelet and instantly regretted it. Van frantically waived a hand in front of her mouth. Toby passed her a glass of cold orange juice.


Toby had put hot pepper sauce and peppers in the omelet. His also contained too many tomatoes for her taste.

"Too hot?" Toby asked.

She shook her head. "Perfect," she coughed. "I like it with a kick."

"This is the best omelet I ever had," Kevin said.

Toby smiled. "Thanks, Babe." They both leaned in and met each other with a kiss.

"I gotta go to work" Kevin said next to his ear then playfully nipped the lobe. "I'll see you tonight."

Toby watched Kevin deposit his dish in the sink. He picked up his tool belt and slung it over his shoulder as he left the hotel. Toby was currently picturing Kevin in his tool belt and nothing else. The image he conjured left him painfully hard.

Van smirked. "Your mind take a dive in the gutter?"

Toby cleared his throat as the heat rose in his cheeks.

"So are you cleaning houses today?" He decided to change the subject.

"Nope. Some rich tourist wants her portrait painted. I won't have to worry about cash for a while." She grabbed a green apple out of the wooden bowl and took a big bite. "I'm glad you two worked it out. I hate to see you fight. You love him."

Toby smiled. "Yeah, I really do."


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