Whispers From the Basement

Authors Notes: Purely written tongue in cheek, except for the sex scenes then I'm sure the tongue was elsewhere.



Kevin had made the decision to leave for Dante's Cove. He should have left when Toby did, save himself a lot of grief. He loved Toby, why not move in together. With his backpack slung over his shoulder and two hundred bucks in his pocket he started out on his journey. It was a damn exhausting trip to make. It would take a plane, boat and bus just to get to the remote island. Dante's Cove was situated off by itself; it was the tenth Hawaiian island.


Kevin had started out in the morning. His flight was uneventful. The boat ride had been cool. Now he was stuck on a somewhat empty bus. At least he had his tunes to keep him company. Out of sheer boredom he pulled out the book he was currently reading. Dante's Inferno seemed like a good idea at the time. After awhile it just put him to sleep. His dream was freaky. Some guy was whispering in his ear, kids were burning to death and a basement with a horrible secret plagued him.


Kevin woke up startled, what the hell had he eaten? Oh yeah, plane food. He looked out the window. Exactly how big was this island again? He got the distinct impression that they were driving around in circles. Kevin noticed a big rock and palm tree. He swore they had passed them before, possibly several times. Great they were probably lost. When twilight came, the bus finally reached its final destination. The bus didn't drop him off anywhere near the hotel so he'd have to walk. Kevin hoped with Toby's directions and impending darkness he could find the hotel. Toby was of course working and couldn't meet him. When he had called Toby, he had said that there would be someone waiting up for him.


It was full on night when he reached the hotel. The place looked not that bad, maybe a little creepy. A scantily dressed guy, who he later found out was named Corey, came out to meet him. He seemed like an ok guy even if he kept checking out his package and even tried to grab it. Even though he was exhausted from the trip Kevin made the effort to meet some of the tenants and Toby's friends.


Cory led him around the hotel introducing him. Adam was a first class prick in Kevin's opinion. Cory showed him where the basement was. That's where they kept all the beer, which was good to know. Apparently they also had a lot of wild parties at the hotel quite frequently, even better to know. He met Van and liked her instantly, she seemed really cool. Toby had mentioned her a few times. He knew she was a really good friend of his.


Finally he made it to Toby's room. He set his backpack down in a corner. Kevin looked around the room and smiled. He could see little touches that were uniquely Toby. All he wanted to do was take a shower and wait for his baby to come home. This late at night he had the communal bathroom all to himself. Kevin stripped off his clothes and started the shower. He stepped under the hot spray; it instantly soothed his tired muscles. Kevin began to soap himself up. He was completely unaware that Toby had come up behind him. When he turned around, he gasped and had to choke back a less than manly shriek.


"Toby, shit, man, don't sneak up on me like that."




Kevin kissed him, a warm greeting for his man.


"Let's get these fucking clothes off."


He helped Toby pull off his shirt and pants. It didn't escape his attention that Toby was going commando.


"Mmm, nice."


Kevin squeezed Toby's ass. Toby kicked aside his pants and stepped under the shower spray with Kevin as they kissed. Toby leaned his head back to get his hair wet. Kevin ran his mouth along his neck. Toby fondled Kevin's hardening cock. Suddenly he wasn't so tired anymore. Looking into each other's eyes they couldn't help but smile and laugh. They were here, together and that's all that really mattered.


Kevin moaned as Toby took control. Toby pressed Kevin's hands up over his head and held them against the cold shower tiles. Toby kissed him then went for his neck leaving a trail of hungry kisses. They took turns attacking each other's nipples. They kissed and made out under the water, rubbing up against each other's slick body. They took the time to wash each other. Passionate kisses were exchanged under the spray of warm water.


Toby sank to his knees raining kisses along Kevin's body as he went. He caressed Kevin's hips, sliding his hands over his slippery body. With a passion filled gaze he took Kevin's length into his mouth. Kevin's head tilted back to rest on the tiles. His moans bounced around the small enclosure. Kevin's hands scrabbled over the wet tile trying to find something to hang on to while Toby gave him an amazing blow job. He gasped and moaned as Toby's tongue flicked against his slit. Kevin grabbed Toby's broad shoulders to steady himself. He wanted to thrust into Toby's mouth but he was afraid he'd choke him.


Toby cupped Kevin's balls with his hand, rolling them around and giving them gentle tugs. The water rained down on them, the steam from the shower created a magical world of its own, one of untold pleasures to be had. In that moment Kevin shuddered and cried out as he came forcefully down Toby's throat. Kevin pulled Toby up to his feet and kissed him deeply, passionately and thoroughly. Kevin turned off the shower and got towels for them both. They dried off a little, quickly gathered up their clothes that had been tossed haphazardly across the floor and hurried back to Toby's room.


Kevin had to smile as he watched Toby light candles throughout the room. Toby was ever the romantic. It was sweet. A tropical storm started brewing up. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled outside their window. Kevin went over to the window to gaze out at the darkness. Toby came up behind him pressing up against him. Kevin could feel his hard dick pressing into the cleft of his ass. Toby raised Kevin's arms putting them behind his head. He couldn't help but moan his pleasure. Toby rubbed his shoulders. Kevin reached out to grab the pale blue curtain and fist it in his grip. He leaned his head back against Toby's shoulder while Toby ran his hands over his chest, across his stomach and down to his hardening dick. Toby jacked him off to get him hard again. Kevin ran his hands back along Toby's ass. Round two was about to commence.


Kevin turned around in Toby's arms and pulled him into a kiss. They moved across the room till they were in front of the rattan chair. Catching Toby off guard he bent down a little and picked him up. In one smooth move he sat down in the chair with Toby on his lap legs spread wide. Toby laughed and squirmed into a slightly more comfortable position, each leg was draped over an arm of the chair. The wood bit into the backs of his knees and thighs. Prepared as always Toby produced a condom and lube, that had been stashed there, from down the side of the chair. Kevin didn't waste any time ripping open the foil packet and rolling it down his hard dick. While Kevin was busy with that Toby was preparing himself. It turned Kevin on watching him do that, riding his own two fingers wantonly.


When Toby was ready he scooted forward a bit. He used the back of the chair to lift himself up while Kevin positioned his cock underneath him. He held the chair with one hand and Kevin's shoulder with the other. Slowly he lowered himself down onto Kevin's shaft. He closed his eyes as he was breached. Their faces were a hair's breath away from each other. They shared each other's breath. Toby kissed him as he sank further along his shaft and groaned into the kiss. Toby's hazel eyes flashed open as he sat down on Kevin's lap filled completely.


Toby had one hand on the back of the chair and the other on the arm as he began to ride Kevin. Kevin ran his hands down Toby's sides. Toby looked so fucking beautiful. His muscles glistened in the candlelight. Kevin cradled Toby's neck as he threw his head back and rode his cock at a torturously slow pace. He ground his ass against Kevin's pelvis in tight circles. Kevin ran his hand down Toby's back cupping his ass, helping to lift him. He let his fingers delve into Toby's crack. Toby kept his head thrown back as he rode Kevin's cock. His breath hitched when Kevin leaned in and laved his nipple. Toby palmed Kevin's neck and kissed him. The wood underneath his thighs crackled with every movement.


Gripping the chair tighter Toby picked up the pace. His taut muscles strained to support himself. When he lifted up he swiveled his hips on the way down. His dick was painting wet streaks along Kevin's abs. Kevin cupped Toby's ass as he began to ride his dick with wild abandon. With one more graze across his prostate, Toby came against Kevin's abs splashing him with hot ribbons of pearly cum. His inner muscles gripped Kevin. It wasn't long before Kevin groaned and Toby felt the warm heat of the condom filling within his ass.


Spent for now, Toby leaned against Kevin's chest, his head resting against Kevin's shoulder. His eyes were blissfully closed. The only thing that could be heard in the room was their heavy breathing and the rolling thunder outside.


Kevin caressed Toby's cheek and ran his hand gently down his side. They had to move soon. He needed to get rid of the condom and if Toby didn't move he'd have a leg cramp soon.


"Can you lift up for a minute?" Kevin murmured close to his ear.


Toby's muscles quivered as he pressed himself up using the chair. Kevin was able to pull out. He helped Toby get his legs underneath him and get out of the chair. He kept his arm around him for support. Kevin tossed the condom in the trash. They both staggered over to the bed. They laid on the bed twined together trying to get their second wind.


Kevin ran his hand down Toby's chest, feeling the silky hard muscles. He leaned in for a kiss. The love and passion they had for each other shone in their eyes. Locked in a lover's embrace they continued to kiss. Kevin brushed his cheek along Toby's neck as he kissed his shoulder. He ran his hand down Toby's back, cupping his well fucked ass and gave it a squeeze. Kevin looked into Toby's eyes. He loved his eyes; not only did they change color the shape was perfect. Toby had gorgeous eyes; Kevin could stare into them for an eternity.


"Are you up for another round?"


Toby reached behind Kevin's neck and drew him in for a kiss.


"Make love to me," Toby commanded.


Toby rolled onto his side facing away from Kevin. Kevin scrabbled around to find another condom and find one he did. He rolled it down his hard shaft. Kevin entered Toby, sinking into his tight velvety heat. Toby was so tight; he squeezed Toby's hip while he entered him. Toby arched his neck back and gasped through parted lips. His long strands of dark hair splayed across the bed. Toby twisted his body in what looked like a painful contortion just so he could kiss Kevin and see his lover. Kevin slowly rocked within the depths of Toby's heat. He ran his hand over Toby's smooth silky chest. His hand traveled down his abs, across his hip then down Toby's leg. They made love like this for nearly an hour, until exhaustion was overtaking them. Kevin jerked Toby off. They both came within moments of each other.


They hastily cleaned up a little then rolled onto their stomachs. Kevin wondered briefly why it was that they were at the foot of the bed instead of the other way around. He shrugged it off; it didn't matter.


Kevin noticed the sheepish expression on Toby's face.


"You ok?"




"What's up? What's wrong?" Kevin propped his head up on his hand.


"I neglected to tell you this place is haunted."


"Great, now you tell me."


"I didn't believe it at first but I'm kinda starting to. I'm so sorry I wasn't here when you first arrived."


"Oh no, it's ok. Cory gave me the whole tour. I met all your friends. They're really cool and Van wants us to go to the beach tomorrow."


"I can't. I gotta work," Toby said with regret in his voice.


"It's ok, no worries."


Toby touched Kevin's cheek in a gentle caress. "I've been dreaming about this moment, finally you and me together. I couldn't wait for you to get here."


Kevin smiled. "Me too."


They kissed each other softly.


"Even if it is haunted?" Toby teased.


Kevin laughed and pulled him into his arms.


"Shut up and go to sleep. If Casper haunts my ass, I'm so going to be pissed."


Toby cuddled up to Kevin resting his head on Kevin's shoulder. "Just promise me something, stay away from the sub basement. Supposedly Ambrosius Vallin is still imprisoned down there. Ask Van about it; she knows more than I do."


Kevin kissed Toby; they were both tired and needed some sleep. "I promise I'll be careful." Kevin wrapped his arms around Toby.


They were asleep, twined together. It felt as if Kevin had only just drifted off when he heard a voice call his name. Kevin gasped and jerked awake.




Kevin looked up and around the room.


"Come to me Kevin, now!"


Kevin gently laid Toby's head down on the bed and got up. He slung a towel around his waist and looked out the window.


"Help me. Help me."


Kevin opened the door to the bedroom and peeked out into the hallway, nothing there.


"Kevin, come to me, come to me now!"


"Fuck this shit, man. Shut the fuck up and stay out of my head. I'm going back to sleep with my boyfriend," Kevin said to the empty hall.


He closed the door quietly and slid back in bed, twining himself with Toby once again. He still heard the cries from what sounded like the basement. He groaned and buried his face in Toby's neck trying to block out the annoying voice.




Kevin awoke somewhat groggy and alone. He barely got any sleep at all because some phantom of his imagination wouldn't shut up. Kevin threw on a pair of low slung jeans; he decided to forego a shirt. He went to the bathroom and splashed some cool water on his face. He relieved himself then wandered down to see where his boyfriend was. Kevin found him outside sitting at the patio table. He ran his hand tiredly through his hair.


"Hey." he leaned down and kissed Toby good morning.


"Hey, babe."


"Good morning."


Toby looked at his black leather watch. "It's almost afternoon; did you have a rough night?" He playfully ran his hand through Kevin's hair.


"Yeah, just a little bit." He didn't want to admit that he'd heard voices all night long, make that one annoying voice in particular. Maybe he was just suffering from severe jet lag.


"Yeah you were tossing and turning the whole night." Toby looked at him with concern written on his face.


"Coffee," Van called out.


Van came out with a tray of coffee she had made herself.


"So what are you guys up to today? I want to show Kev around."


"Guess who has to work again." Kevin nodded towards Toby. "Loser."


"Call in sick."


"Yeah, I wish," Toby sighed.


"Well, I really want to show you around. Maybe we can talk."


"Ok," Kevin smiled.


Van smiled at Toby. "He's easy."


"I know; that's why I keep him around," Toby laughed.


Toby leaned over and kissed Kevin.


"How's the coffee?" Toby asked.


"Awful," Kevin stated.


Toby took a sip.


"What are you talking about? My coffee's the shit."


"Yeah that's what it taste's like," Toby confirmed. "This is nasty. I gotta brush my teeth after this." Toby hated to be harsh, but Van couldn't make coffee worth a shit.




Van eagerly showed Kevin the sights of Dante's Cove. She had been excited to see him and had wondered what he would be like. Every time Toby had called her he practically gushed about Kevin. Kevin was easy on the eyes, definitely not her type though. Even if she was a lesbian, she still looked. Kevin sure did it for Toby though, and she was happy for him, for both of them.


They ended up down by the beach. Kevin sat on the sand while she frolicked and splashed in the water a bit. She had on her white bikini bottoms and a loose peach silky shirt. When she came back, she caught Kevin in a pensive moment. Van dropped down on the sand next to him.


"So what do you think?" She asked smiling.


"I think I'm really gonna love it here," he said seriously. "So what's up with this Ambrosius dude? Does he like haunt the hotel or what?"


"No, not that I know of, why?"


"Toby warned me about the sub basement and he said to ask you about Ambrosius, jeez, what a name."


"Well Ambrosius Vallin lived here on this island back in the eighteen hundreds. Legend has it he was supposed to marry a witch but on the eve of their wedding he got caught getting fucked by the butler."


Kevin chuckled. "Ouch."


"Yeah, I bet she was pretty pissed. He mysteriously disappeared; no one ever found his body. Some say he's been imprisoned in the sub basement waiting for someone to set him free."


"He can't actually still be alive. He'd be like… really old."


Van did the math in her head. " Roughly 198. Toby's right though, you should stay away from there. The basement used to be a torture chamber for the voodoo cults back in the day. There's some serious bad mojo down there."


Van pulled Kevin to his feet. "Come on, let's go visit Toby." She smiled brightly at him.


They walked to the bar from the beach. It wasn't all that far. The bar had an ocean view.


"Hey sexy, lookin' good," Kevin flirted with Toby.


Toby chuckled. "Hey, Kevin, having fun with Van?"


"Of course he is. We're best buds now." She threw her arm around Kevin's shoulders.


"Some woman was just here flirting with me. You'll never believe what she ordered, 'sex on the beach' followed by a 'screaming orgasm' as a chaser. The shit I have to put up with."


Kevin smiled slyly. "I could go for sex on the beach with a screaming orgasm."


"Oh, you'll get one later," Toby promised.


Toby put his palms on the bar and leaned forward. He lifted up slightly on his toes to meet Kevin's lips in a hot kiss.


"Jesus, do you two never quit?" Van asked watching the interaction.


"No," they both said together and laughed.


"So wait; you mean there's actually straight people on this island?"


"Contrary to popular belief, this isn't an all gay island. There are a few occasional straight tourists."


Toby wiped down the bar and served them both sparkling water with a twist of lime.


"You always know exactly what I like," Kevin smiled.


Toby leaned in and kissed the moisture off Kevin's lips. "Be sure to tip your bartender."


The look in Kevin's eyes told Toby he'd be getting more than just a gratuity. Suddenly he was glad he was standing behind the bar. He casually shifted trying to adjust himself in his already too tight jeans.


Van just shook her head at the whole exchange. Boys!




Conveniently that night the hotel was having a party; lots of people were outside dancing. They even had a DJ playing cool music. Kevin was clad in jeans and a white t. He wished Toby were there with him, but he didn't get off till later. He had only just met these people. Kevin wandered around with his beer in hand. He saw Cory and Van dancing together with another woman, interesting. Later he saw Cory with some other people he'd met briefly.


"Cory, cheers to that outfit man, nice." Kevin took his index finger and moved the strands of chain mail aside exposing a hardened nipple.


"Thanks," Cory smiled.


"Hey, we're out of beer," Adam called.


"No worries, I'll get them. Um, where are they?"


"In the basement but be careful it's dark down there," Van said.


As soon as Kevin came down the basement steps it started to thunder and lightning. That was odd. Just a minute ago he was outside and it was a clear, beautiful night. He went back up the stairs and checked, yep no sign of a storm. When he walked back down the stairs it was storming in the basement. Well, if that wasn't a portent of doom he didn't know what was. He noticed the trap door that led to the sub basement.


"Come to me. Come to me, Kevin. Now!"


Kevin stomped on the trap door. "Shut the fuck up, would ya."


"Kevin, get your ass down here now and free me!"


The voice sounded pissed but so was Kevin. He was more than a little fed up with the voice from the basement.


"Come to me and free me. You can't resist my voice."


Kevin rolled his eyes. "Ok, that's it, I'm comin' down."


He looked around and found a pry bar. He used it to pry open the trap door. When the door sprung open he was bowled over by the smell. Jesus, fuck, it smelled like, well, he couldn't really describe it but there was a 150 + years worth of whatever in God's name was that smell. He walked down the stairs and saw the torches lit to light his way. That just wasn't right. He saw the old man hanging in chains. To be on the safe side he gave him a wide berth, circling around him till he faced him. He crossed his arms over his chest.


"What the fuck do you want?"


"Free me," the old man whimpered.


"Oh, now you're all contrite. Free you? I'm thinking no."


"I'm dying," Ambrosius tried.


"Yeah, um, see, I may not be the brightest crayon in the box but you've been down here for over 150 years. If you're not dead by now, I don't see you dying anytime soon."


Ambrosius slumped in his chains. He'd give anything for one kiss. Finally he decided to go with honesty.


"Kisses set me free."


"Dude, if you think I'm going to kiss you, you're out of your fucking mind. I have a boyfriend whom I love very much and he'll be here soon. I'm not going to kiss you now or ever. I'm only going to say this once. Stay out of my head. If you don't, I'll find Buffy to slay your ass, got it?"


"Kisses set me free," Ambrosius whimpered. How long must he hang here in these chains?


"You're pathetic."


Kevin walked around him and back up the stairs. When he dropped the trap door in place it magically sealed back up. He heard a quiet, "Oh fuck."


"Kevin?" Toby called from the top of the stairs.


Kevin smiled. Toby was here. He grabbed two cases of beer. "I'll be right up."


"How's my babe?" Toby kissed Kevin as he took one of the cases.


"Better now that you're here." He threw an arm around Toby. They kissed again.


"Let's get out of here."


Kevin followed Toby back out to the party. He stopped him once for a kiss. Toby whispered something dirty in his ear that made him laugh. They passed off the beer to the girls.


"All right, come on, let's go dance."


Toby had his arms around Kevin leading him to the makeshift dance floor. The girls watched them go with big smiles on their faces.


"Those two are so damn cute together."


A slow song played filling the tropical air with its wonderful beat. Toby led Kevin by the hand and pulled him flush up against him, their joy shown in their smiles. They swayed to the music, brushing noses. Van smiled at the deliriously happy couple. Toby kissed Kevin as they swayed slowly to the music. Kevin kissed Toby's neck.


"See, it's all good, now that you're here."


"You we're right." They kissed tenderly. "Thank you so much."


Toby smiled with lust and love in his eyes. He licked his lips. "Come on; I want to take you somewhere."


Toby led him through the crowded party. On the way out Kevin grabbed two beers. They left by the gate. Van watched it all unfold. She smiled and nodded to herself. Those two were so in love. Toby led Kevin down to the beach. Conveniently there was a small bonfire burning. They both looked out onto the water with its gently rolling surf. Kevin propped the beer up in the sand.


"I've been waiting to bring you here." He smiled and reached into his pocket and handed Kevin a penny. "Make a wish."


Kevin closed his eyes and tossed the coin into the water.


Toby put his arm around Kevin. "What did you wish for?"


Kevin laughed. "I can't tell you."


Toby frowned, pretending to be hurt.


"It wouldn't come true."


Toby smiled. "Let me take a wild guess."


He leaned in and kissed Kevin. He cupped Kevin's neck with his hand as he deepened the kiss. Their hands skimmed down each other's sides. Kevin placed his hands on Toby's hips caressing him through the denim; they were still locked in a kiss. Toby ran his hand up Kevin's leg. He used the flat of his palm to rub his hardening cock through his jeans. He gave the jeans a firm tug and all the buttons popped open at once. Toby slipped his hand down the front of Kevin's underwear. He placed small kisses against his lips, cheek and neck. Kevin moaned at the sensations he was feeling.


Toby sank to his knees in the sand. He looked up at Kevin lovingly before he took him in his mouth. Kevin's head was thrown back as Toby sucked him off. The warm breeze combined with Toby's warm mouth was a heady sensation. He used Toby's shoulders to support himself. He nearly came when Toby deep throated him; he squeezed his shoulder. Toby bobbed up and down his shaft, knowing just what Kevin liked. Kevin watched the waves crash against the rocks. He felt the beginning of his orgasm in the base of his spine. He cried out as he shot down his boyfriend's throat. Kevin tucked himself back in and buttoned his jeans. Toby got to his feet. When Kevin reached for him he shook his head.


"That was just for you."


Kevin pulled him in for a kiss. He bent down and grabbed the beer. He handed one over to Toby. They sat down by the crackling fire. Kevin sat behind Toby so he'd be between his legs and could lean back against his chest. Toby leaned back and rested his head on Kevin's shoulder. Toby took a long drink from his beer as he watched the flames flicker. Kevin had one arm around his chest caressing him softly and holding him close. Toby turned his head and smiled up at Kevin. Kevin lowered his head and kissed Toby softly. Kevin wished that it would always be this good between him and Toby.



Note: I was going to have Kevin pelt Ambrosius with Hershey Kisses but that's a bit over the top even for me. Just know I was thinking it.


3/ 4/ 07

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