Strawberry Passion

Authors Note: This is one of my favorite scenes. I so love strawberries. I thought I'd add a bit more spice to the scene.




Kevin stormed out of his parent's house. He was so mad he was literally shaking with suppressed rage. His heart pounded inside his chest as he gasped for breath. He didn't know why his stepfather had to be such a prick to him all the time. Maybe it was because he could and enjoyed making life hell for him because it gave him a perverse sense of pleasure to do so.


Kevin went around the house to the garage and grabbed his red metallic ten speed bike and just took off. He needed to be away, far away. He needed to find some peace within himself. Lord knows he'd never find it at his house. He stopped for a moment, straddling his bike; he pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number of the person he really needed to see.


"Toby, hey man, um are you busy?"


"Hey Kevin, no I'm not busy. What's up?"


"Do you want to come running with me? There's this place I go, Crystal Cove State Park."


"I know where that's at."


"I just… I needed to get out of there. I needed to get out of the house." Kevin's breath hitched. "And I'd really like to see you."


Toby heard the emotion in Kevin's voice. His heart ached for him. He knew that Kevin had been having a rough time at home for awhile now. Toby licked his lips before he spoke.


"I'll be there."


"Ok, great," Kevin said with genuine relief in his voice. "I'll probably make it there first. You know the path I usually take, come find me."


"I'll find you," Toby said with a teasing playfulness in his voice.


After Toby had hung up he headed for the kitchen to get some things. The best thing for Kevin right now was to forget, even for a little while. A smile touched Toby's lips as he thought of a plan to surprise Kevin. Ever since they met on the beach they had started seeing each other fairly frequently. He was in love with Kevin. All he wanted to do was take care of him and make him feel loved, that was the plan.




When Kevin got to the park he found a place to park his bike. He chose his favorite running path and did what he did best … run. He enjoyed the small winding path that led through the forest. It was nice and peaceful here. He could forget about all the crap at home. Kevin liked to push his body to the limit, always running to the point of exhaustion. He loved to feel the burn of his muscles.


As he came to a curve in the path he slowed down to a walk. He wiped the sweat from his brow. Something didn't feel right. He got the distinct impression he was being watched. Kevin looked around wondering if his mind was just playing tricks on him. He wondered where Toby was. They should have met up by now. Suddenly Toby jumped out next to him with a wicked grin on his face.


Kevin's heart lurched; he couldn't help but laugh though. Toby nearly scared the crap out of him. Toby moved in close as if to kiss him. Their lips nearly touched then Toby jerked back and ran, veering off the path and into the sunny park where he had his surprise waiting. Kevin gave chase. Toby flopped down on the blankets for their spontaneous picnic. Kevin joined him.


"What's all this?"


"A surprise." Toby smiled and laughed.


"Oh, well I like your surprises."


Toby ran his hand down Kevin's back, he pulled him close and they kissed hungrily. Kevin's hand twined into the locks of Toby's dark hair. As they laid there on the blanket Toby picked up a big ripe strawberry from the fruit plate he had set out. He teased it against Kevin's full bottom lip. He leaned in and pretended to nip at the berry himself. Kevin ate the berry then selected another. With one hand on the back of Toby's neck Kevin fed him a bite of berry then ate the other half. Toby moaned in pleasure.


They rolled on the blanket so Kevin was on top, and kissed. Both tasted of berries and their own special flavor. Toby had picked a fairly secluded spot in the park. Kevin knelt between Toby's legs and skimmed up his grey wifebeater. He ran kisses along Toby's stomach. Toby squirmed in pleasure, arching up to meet Kevin's warm mouth. Kevin snatched another berry lowering it to Toby's mouth then playfully yanking it back at the last second. He leaned down and kissed him. He couldn't get enough of kissing Toby. Kevin placed the berry in his mouth and leaned down to feed part of it to his boyfriend. They bit into the sweet berry and kissed. Strawberry juice filled their mouths. They rolled over so Toby was on top, still locked in a passionate kiss.


Toby knelt between Kevin's legs. Kevin lifted up his wifebeater placing kisses along his stomach. Smiling up at Toby he stripped the shirt off him completely. Toby leaned down for a kiss. While Kevin kissed his ribs he ran his hand through the blonde short hair. He placed one kiss on Toby's hip. Kevin grabbed another berry and rubbed it against Toby's taut nipple. Kevin moaned as he laved Toby's nipple with his mouth and tongue. He bit into the berry then fed the other half to Toby. Toby ran his hands through Kevin's hair then leaned down for a strawberry flavored kiss. Toby leaned forward kissing Kevin. When they broke apart, he playfully brushed his nose along Kevin's.


Kevin rubbed the palm of his hand against Toby's crotch. Toby threw his head back and moaned softly. A prominent bulge started to tent his shorts. Kevin rolled him down onto the blanket. He smiled slyly at Toby as his nimble fingers popped the button and slid down the zipper. Kevin smiled even wider when he saw that Toby had gone commando. He took Toby's dick in the palm of his hand and began to lightly stroke it. He made himself comfortable between Toby's legs. Kevin plucked a big berry from the plate. He gazed at Toby as he bit the end off.


He smiled devilishly as he lowered the berry to Toby's hard cock and started painting it with berry juice. Toby silently gasped. Kevin rubbed the berry back and forth across the head of Toby's dick. He brought the berry up and fed it to Toby. Pushing himself up, he leaned down and captured Toby's lips in a hungry kiss. Catching Toby off guard, he slid down and began sucking and licking the berry juice off Toby's straining cock.


Toby's eyes fluttered shut and his hands found Kevin's head, long fingers combed through blonde hair. Kevin sucked lazily on the head and then dove down the length, filling his mouth. He'd pull back and circle his tongue around the head in quick passes before diving back down the shaft again. He loved to make Toby moan. Kevin was so hard himself, he wanted to take out his dick and jack off. Kevin pushed the urge aside. This was for Toby. He placed a wet kiss on the head of Toby's dick. His slit was leaking precum. He placed more kisses along and around the spit slicked head. Kevin lapped at the slit tasting the salty sweetness that was uniquely Toby. He rolled and gently tugged on Toby's balls while he took him deep in his mouth and down his throat. Kevin rubbed himself against the blanket trying to find a little relief.


When he felt Toby fist his hair, he backed off and slid his mouth towards the head. Suddenly his mouth was flooded with hot cum. Toby trembled through the waves of his orgasm. Kevin swallowed around his cock, his lips milking him of everything he had to offer. Kevin leaned up and kissed Toby long and deep, letting him taste the flavor of the berries and his own cum. Kevin tucked Toby's dick back in his shorts. He absently looked around and couldn't believe that no one had walked in on their little spot of paradise.


When Toby caught his breath he rolled up onto his knees and pulled Kevin with him. He smiled as he pushed Kevin's shorts down just enough to free his cock. The dime sized wet patch on the front of Kevin's shorts didn't escape his notice. He pulled Kevin into a heated kiss while he jerked him off. Kevin's hips pumped against his fist. Toby's mouth captured the little gasp that left Kevin's mouth as he began to come. Kevin had his arms around Toby's shoulders in a hug as he let his orgasm overtake him.


Toby wiped his hand off on the lush green grass and pulled Kevin's shorts up for him. They lay back down on the blankets close together. Kevin's eyes slid shut. Toby caressed his soft cheek.


"Hey. Don't fall asleep."


Kevin sighed blissfully. "I won't. This was perfect, thank you."


They inched closer together and looped their arms around each other's waist. Toby noticed the frown begin on Kevin's face.


"What's wrong?" Toby asked.


"I just really don't want to go back there."


Toby thought it was awful that Kevin didn't feel welcomed or accepted in his own home.


"Then don't, come back to my place tonight. We can watch a movie, order a pizza and you can fuck me all night."


Toby's offer was more than appealing. Lately he'd been spending a lot of time over at Toby's place and that drove his parent's crazy, which was the icing on the cake for him.


Kevin smiled at Toby. "Alright, deal."


"You didn't have to think about that too long," Toby joked.


Reluctantly they got up. Toby stored the rest of the fruit away while Kevin grabbed up the blankets. They walked close together with their hands occasionally brushing one another as they walked back to Kevin's bike.


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