The White Party

A round robin by SUN, O.G. Walton, Thyme, Trishwish, Sabina, Arwensong and Ela

Be Careful What You Wish For

By Thyme and Meredeth

Brian gets a letter from an uncle he doesn't remember and flies to Denver to meet him. What he finds there is not only surprising, but it leads Brian to rethink his plans for the future.

All You Have to do is Whistle

By Cyprian Gadigan and Arwensong

Every leading man needs a lady. This is part of Cyprian Gadigan's Humphrey series.

Sun Shines Brightly

By Kris and Dollparts

The boys in a different place and time.

Second Best

By Thyme and Meredeth

Justin is 26 and is dealing with his shaky family relationships. Brian was once his brother's boyfriend.

Week of Fluff

By Sabina and Gina

A fluffy Monday through Friday

Just Because

By Maikah

Brian and Justin have an anniversary.

Let's Get Political

By Thyme and Chris

Here's a little collaboration about the Democratic National Convention and our boys.

Let's Get Political - Again

By Thyme and Chris

Here's the sequel to Let's Get Political.  


By Gina and Moonshadow Woman

An Irish faerie tale of true love.


Southern Sunshine

By Thyme and Gina

Justin moves to Pittsburg from Georgia.

Northern Sunshine

By Thyme and Gina

Sequel to Southern Sunshine.


The Grand Hotel

By Kris and Dollparts

Justin and Daphne are on a road trip when they stop at the Grand Hotel. Little does Justin know that his past is about to come back to haunt him.


A Round Robin by Gina, Cheryl, CJ, Gayle, & Twinflower

Brian and Justin make a break for it.

Round Robin Party

by Simon, Thyme, Sabina, Twinflower, Phoenix, CuJo, Jude, O.G. Walton, & Gina

The boys take a winter vacation.


By Simon, Astra Plain and Cindy

Various people reflect about the boy's reunification.

Alien Abduction

By The Tribe

A fun unexpected round robin.  The boys are abducted.

Love Will Light the Way

By Thyme and Moonshadow Woman

Love can change you – even through the folds of time.

Christmas Magic and Miracles

By Moonshadow Woman and O.G. Walton

Justin sees some Christmas Magic while Brian sees Miracles.


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