Round Robin Party

Round Robin Party

Contributions by: Simon, Thyme, Sabina, Twinflower, Phoenix, CuJo, Jude, O.G. Walton, & Gina

Note: Igloo Hotels really exist, though I've no idea what they're really named. Hotell Stockholm-yes, that's the right spelling-is a real five star hotel in the city.


"Jesus H. Fucking Christ, Brian, I swear to God, my nuts are frozen solid. Who the fuck goes to Sweden in fucking January?"

"Work, job, money-you recall the concepts? You know, that stuff that keeps you in sable brushes and oil paint?"

"It's Goddamned freezing in here. Can't we call down to the desk and see what the problem is?" Justin started to sit on the too hard bed, but jumped up before his slightly too large butt hit the so-called mattress.

"Not to split hairs here, but this is an Igloo Hotel. And do I have to remind you that you're the one who seemed to think that it was such a keen idea to come here in the first place?"

"Brian, don't start with that."

"I believe I was the one who said, 'Stockholm to meet with the Saab Board of Trustees for the presentation-why don't we stay in the Hotell Stockholm? It has five stars, restaurants, conference rooms, all the amenities. It's perfect'. That strike a bell with you?" He was pulling another sweater on over the long sleeved thermal Henley, the thermal undershirt and was about to add a down vest.

"'Oh, but Brian, that's boring, said you.' Let's stay in this great place I've heard about'."

Their accommodations were in a seasonal hotel carved out of solid blocks of ice. The walls, floors, ceilings, furniture-everything was made out of ice. The damn place would melt come spring-which was probably about August in this latitude-and until then it was 'adventure' camping. Thank God they had down everything and plenty of liquor.

"I think I heard that there's a singer in the bar, you want to go check it out?"

"Did the ice skates I ordered from Room Service arrive?"

"Jesus, Brian, you could at least try to put a good spin on this. It's just one night and it's not like it's something you've ever done before. It's an adventure-someday we'll look back and…"

"And say, 'Remember that night in Sweden when we froze our balls off?'"

"C'mon, Brian, let's just make the best of it, all right?"

With a none-too pleasant sigh, Brian grudgingly agreed to try the bar and later the restaurant. With any luck the food would be hot and they could crawl into a vat of hot soup. They had the face to face in the morning and after that a short tour of the facilities that would hopefully be done with in time for them to make their flight to the Caribbean.


Brian and Justin walked into the bar. A singer sat at a piano crooning a song in some unrecognizable language.

"What do you think he's singing?" Justin asked.

"Fly me to the moon," Brian replied.


"How the fuck should I know?"


"I need a drink," Brian said striding over to the bar. He nodded toward the bartender, a blond Nordic god. Brian felt his cock twitch at the sight.

"Down boy," Justin said noting the lust in Brian's eyes.

"Absolut," Brian said ignoring Justin.

"Of course," the blond god replied. He quickly poured a shot.

"I'll have a Cosmo," Justin said.

"Oh, excuse me," the bartender replied. "I didn't see you there." His eyes never left Brian.

Methodically the bartender began grabbing the items needed to make a Cosmo, his gaze never leaving Brian. Justin wondered how he had suddenly become invisible.

"I get off in fifteen minutes," the bartender said to Brian.

"What's your name?" Brian asked.


"So, Sven, I've heard that all blond Swedes named Sven are gay. I guess that must be true."

"That's just a nasty rumor started by the Finns." He grinned lasciviously at Brian.

"So, you're not gay?"

"I didn't say that. All Swedes named Sven are gay, but they're not all blond."

Brian almost choked on his vodka. "I'll have to get my facts straight," Brian chuckled with his tongue in his cheek.

"Brian," Justin said trying to get someone to pay attention to him. "What about me?"

"Get your own ... Sven," Brian replied abruptly.

"And where am I supposed to find another Sven on such short notice?" Justin asked.

"I have a twin brother," Sven said. "His name is Thor, but he's gay too." He handed Justin his Cosmo.

"Would he like to be part of a foursome?" Brian asked.

"He usually doesn't prefer blonds," Sven said looking Justin up and down, but I might be able to convince him."

"Half an hour, Room 12," Brian said. Sven nodded.

This could be an interesting evening after all.


"Harder, HARDER!"

"Pull on it; grab hold of my waist and pull!

"Oh, yeah, yeah. It's coming, coming!"


"Phew, we did it."

"Thanks, guys."

"Yeah, thanks. I thought we'd be stuck in here for hours."

"How did the door get stuck?"

"Not just stuck, frozen shut. The ice princess here slid across the floor with a glass of water in his hand. He splashed the hinges before he landed."


"Stop whining. We're lucky these guys are punctual. I like that in a man, uh, twins. Okay, now which one of you is Sven?"

"I am."

"Do you know of a decent hotel close by? I've had it with this iceberg."

"There's a Hyatt down the street."

"Call them and see if you can get us a room for the next few nights. You, Sunshine, start packing. We're taking this orgy down the road."

"What about me?"

"Thor, right? Help my little blond pack. I don't want anything missed. I never want to set foot in this frozen wasteland again."

"What are you going to do, Bri?"

"I'll use the second line to call the front desk, get us checked out and arrange for a cab to haul our frozen butts down the road. Okay, everyone, battle stations."

With that order, the four men got to work, each which their own task. Sven called the Hyatt, the night manager, Olaf, the twins' older brother, who booked a very special room for Brian and Justin.

Justin and his Nordic blond were getting acquainted while packing Brian's underwear, as the owner of said underwear was busy checking them out and arranging transportation.

Within 15 minutes, the boys were packed and heading out of the lobby to an awaiting cab. As the cab approached the Hyatt, the doorman was at his post waiting to assist the new arrivals. Bags removed and on a cart, the bellman maneuvered the cart to the front desk. Our lovers strode past an intimate café, complete with piano bar, all day/night diner and well stocked gift shop. Needless to say, Brian breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the accommodations. He and Justin stole a look, smiling, and mouthed the words, 'climate control.'

At the front desk, a tall, slightly older darker blond than the twins turned to greet his new guests.


When Olaf saw Brian and Justin enter the hotel, he immediately knew who they were. The tall brunet and a bit shorter blond made a stunning couple. `I could definitely have some fun with the blond,' he thought. `If only Johan wasn't waiting for me at home...'

"Welcome to Hyatt gentlemen!"

"Thanks. It's so nice and warm in here; I'm sure we're gonna enjoy our stay," Justin said smiling.

`Damn he's cute,' Olaf thought.

"So I heard that you didn't like the igloo hotel?"

"'Didn't like' would be an understatement; it was fucking freezing in there!" Brian exclaimed.

"But they do give you a nice warm sleeping bag for the night. It's very warm, I've tried it myself," Olaf said.

"Yeah but it would be a bit difficult to do anything else than actually sleep in a sleeping bag - if you know what I mean," Brian said cocking a brow.

"I have a solution for that too," Olaf said.

Justin gave him a questioning look.

"You can join two sleeping bags together, then there'll be enough room for different kinds of activities," Olaf smirked.

"Really?" Justin asked.

"Absolutely, I've tried that too."

Justin looked thoughtful and Brian noticed it. "Okay, now you've gotta stop that," he said looking at Olaf, "you're giving him ideas. And that isn't usually a good thing."

Justin slapped Brian on his arm. "Watch it."

Brian just gave Justin his tongue-in-cheek smirk.


Sven and Thor had been talking to some friends but now they joined the group too.

"Tjäna!" Olaf said. (Hey!)

"Tjäna!" said the twins in chorus. (Hey!)

"Nå, vad tycker du?" Sven asked raising his brow. (Well, what do you think?)

"Inte så illa. Jag gillar särskilt denna blond." (Not bad. I especially like the blond.)

The twins rolled their eyes. "Du alltid blir förtjust i blondar." (You always fall for the blonds.)

"Jag kan inte hjälpa det; det är i mina gener." (I can't help it; it's in my genes.)

"Denna gamla sång igen," Thor sighed. (The same old song again.)

"Jag fattar inte hur ni kan hitta de snyggaste man; ni är inte så speciella." (I can't understand how you find the most gorgeous men; you're not so special.)

"Kära brorsa, vi är blondar och tvillingar; det räcker. (Dear brother, we are blonds and twins; that's enough.)

Olaf looked at Sven. "Ska du vara Sven hela natten?" (Are you gonna be Sven the whole night?)

"Vem vet?" Sven said smirking. (Who knows?)

"Ni är hopplösa." (You're hopeless you two.)

"Jag tror att vi borde återvända till våra utländska gäster innan de sticker", Thor said. (I think we should get back to our foreign guests before they leave.)

"Du har rätt; vi har en massa att göra i natt," Sven said. (You're right; we have a lot of work to do tonight.)

"Och vilket hårt jobb det är," Olaf said grinning. (And what a hard work it is.)


"What the fuck are they talking about?" Justin asked Brian.

"I don't know; I didn't take Swedish 101."

"Do you think they're planning to kill us?"

"Christ Justin, I thought you were the positive one in this relationship."

Justin smiled.

"What?" Brian asked.

"I just looove when you talk about us and use the word `relationship'."

Brian rolled his eyes. "Brat."


The brothers turned their attention back to Brian and Justin.

"Is something wrong?" Justin asked.

"No no, just family business," Thor said.

`Family my ass,' Brian thought.

"So, are you ready to get to your room?" Sven asked.

"Yeah, let's go," Brian said.


Sven and Thor helped Brian and Justin carry their bags to their room. They were hoping for a very generous *tip*. As soon as the group entered the room, Justin's eye lit up. Brian had reserved the penthouse suite. The suite was huge and luxurious. Justin dropped his carry-on bag and immediately went exploring. Brian watched him with an amused smirk on his face. He knew reserving a suite like this would get Justin very excited and he knew he'd be rewarded later on.

Sven and Thor looked quite impressed with the suite as well. They realized in addition to being gorgeous, Brian must also be quite wealthy. The Penthouse at the Stockholm Hyatt was not cheap.

Sven and Thor were about to ask for their *tip* when they heard a "holy shit!" coming from the direction of the bathroom.

Brian rushed to the bathroom, and as soon as he opened the door he also exclaimed, "Holy shit!" for right in front of him was a huge sunken Jacuzzi, big enough to hold four or five people, it seemed like. Brian knew they were going to have fun with that.

"Damn, Justin. I guess I know where we'll be spending most of our time."

"The problem with fancy hotel suites is that no one ever wants to leave them. Maybe we should have stayed longer in the ice hotel. At least we'd have incentive to leave it and explore the city. Now all I'm going to want to do is stay inside and fuck."

There was laughter and Brian and Justin turned towards the door to see Sven and Thor standing in the entranceway.

"I've got to get me one of those", said Thor.

"A sunken Jacuzzi? I don't think you can afford one" admonished his brother.

"No, stupid. Not a sunken Jacuzzi. A horny blond."

"I don't think you can afford one of those either" said Brian. "Believe me, they don't come cheap." Brian got a smack in the chest from that one.

"Justin, you realize that there is more to this suite than just the bathroom, right? Did you even notice the marble fireplace?"

"Um, we can't have sex in the fireplace, Brian, so what good does that do me?"

Shaking his head and raising his eyes to silently plea for help from above, "No, but we can have sex on the chaise in front of the fireplace."

"Do you guys ever do anything but talk about fucking?" asked Sven.

"Yes, we also fuck." And with that, Brian dragged his horny blond out of the bathroom to demonstrate to Thor and Sven that they did do a whole lot more than talk.


Sven crawled across the bed to where his brother lay sprawled and collapsed with a groan. Thor opened one eye and gave his twin a tired smile. "Did they finally have enough?" He asked.

A particularly loud moan floated in from the main room. "I don't think they know the meaning of the word `enough'." Sven replied dryly. "At least they're wearing each other out now."

Thor rolled onto his side and moaned a little as his muscles protested the movement. "No more horny blonds for me."

"The horny brunet was just as bad." Sven reminded his brother. "I've never known anyone to cum and just keep going like nothing happened."

Thor laughed a little. "At least the little blond stopped and talked to me while I recovered."

"Maybe they're on those drugs the Americans like so much. You know, Viagra?" Sven said.

Thor nodded in agreement, relieved that they could blame their inability to keep up with the two Americans on something else. "I think they're finally finished." He remarked, noting the silence that had fallen over the room.


Startled, Sven awoke with a jerk, waking his brother as well. "What?" Thor asked as his twin sat up, looking around the room.

"They're at it again." Sven remarked with a nod towards the outer room.

Thor stood up and stumbled to the doorway, not believing that they could possible be fucking again so soon. He stopped in the entrance for a moment and then motioned his brother over. "You've got to see this." He hissed.

Sven walked over, puzzled at what his brother could find so interesting after everything else they'd done that evening. He, too, stopped in surprise at the sight. "He's letting the little blond top him!" Sven murmured, shocked.

Thor patted his brother on the shoulder. "I think it's time for us to go." He said softly, knowing they'd been forgotten by the two Americans.

Sven nodded, then gave his bother a sly grin. "We don't have to leave right this moment though." He stated.

Raising an eyebrow, Thor glanced over at his twin who had started to stroke himself. Grinning in return, he copied his brother's motions and replied. "Yes, we wouldn't want to disturb them, would we?"

The brothers returned their gaze to where the `little blond' was laying across his partner's back, slowly rocking his hips as he kissed the man's shoulders.


Justin looked over and gave his partner a smug grin as they rode in the cab to their morning meeting.

"And what are you looking so self-satisfied about this morning?"

Brian asked with a slight smile in return, fairly sure what the answer would be.

"We need to get a fireplace at the loft." Justin responded, licking his lips slightly at the memory of the previous night. "So what did you think of Sven and Thor? Did they meet with your expectations?"

"Well, Sven - or was that Thor? - gave a great blowjob the first time, but gave a rather lackluster performance the second time around. He must have been getting tired." Brian said. "You'll have to tell me how the other one was."

Justin cocked his head to one side and gave the brunet a sly grin. "That was Sven the first time; Thor the second. Thor had a nice, tight ass though."

Brian gave Justin sideways glance. "And how would you know which was which?"

Justin's grin got bigger, if that was possible. "Thor had a small scar on his left hip bone from a bicycle accident when he was a kid. Don't tell me you didn't notice?" The blond couldn't believe someone as normally observant as Brian would fail to have seen something like that; especially considering the area concerned.

"How do you know how he got the scar?" Brian asked, ignoring the question. To be honest, he had been looking at the top of the man's head or back most of the time.

Justin started laughing. "Unlike some people, I actually talk to my tricks," he replied.

"Hmmm, talking during sex is highly overrated, Sunshine," Brian retorted.

"Admit it; you didn't realize they pulled a switch on us, did you?" Justin pressed.

Brian looked thoughtful for a minute. "That does explain why he was tighter the second time I fucked him." He gave his partner a mild glare as the blond was practically rolling on the floor at that admission. Not an easy feat in a cab.

"You know, little blond boys who mock their partners don't get to join the mile high club," Brian threatened.

Justin pouted. "Ahh, Brian, you promised," the blond wheedled.

"Hmph, you shouldn't have slept all the way here. Your window of opportunity may have just passed you by," Brian replied.

"Pleeeaaasssse," Justin begged. Then his voice took on a seductive tone and he leaned in and breathed softly in Brian's ear. "You know I give a better blowjob than either of those Swedish blonds. Plus, I have a better ass."

Brian took a deep breath as Justin pulled away from a rather enticing kiss. He wasn't about to admit his partner was right. "You know we have a meeting in less than half an hour," he reminded the blond.

"Just whetting your appetite for later," the blond replied, a smug look on his face.

Pulling the younger man close, Brian caught those red, pouty lips with his, caressing the blond's tongue with his own. Pulling back as they reached their stop, Brian smirked at the glazed-over look on his partner's face.

"Later, Sunshine."


The meeting was a huge success. Brian signed a very lucrative three-year contract with all sorts of perks including free airfare to, and hotel stays in, all the cities where Saab had subsidiaries and operations. The list of locations was impressive and included Hong Kong, Sydney, Buenos Aires and Berlin, to name a few.

In the elevator, on their way to the celebratory lunch, Brian surreptitiously squeezed Justin's ass and whispered in his ear, "Watch out world, here we come!" Justin smiled up at him, already imagining all the exotic locales to which they'd be traveling. He couldn't *wait* to tell Daphne. She already thought he had the best fucking life on the planet; this was going to confirm it big time.

Lunch, unfortunately, turned out to be less than stellar. At least, as far as Justin was concerned. It was a buffet and consisted of several regional specialties including whale blubber patties, smoked seal sweetmeats, cold pickled turkey and jellied reindeer brains.

Usually Justin would eat just about anything, but today, even he balked at the strange spread. When their hosts questioned his lack of appetite, he explained that he was essentially a non-meat eater. This comment elicited a quiet snort from Brian to which Justin promptly responded by pressing the toe of his boot into the other man's crotch. Brian shot him a warning glare across the table, but Justin had already dropped his foot and was busily cutting thick slices of moose milk cheese to go with his rye flatbread. He had the nerve to look innocent.

Brian, on the other hand, sampled some of everything and declared the sweetmeats to be exceptional. Ever the consummate businessman, he knew the importance of ego-stroking and protocol. No matter that the blubber patties' fat content was through the roof, business was business.

It was close to two pm before they said good-bye to the Saab team and left for the airport. Their hosts had provided a limo, and as soon as the car pulled away from the curb, Justin threw himself onto the rich, dark leather and closed his eyes.

"Is that an invitation Sunshine?"

"Hell no. I'm exhausted." It had finally all caught up to him, and his previous morning high had faded to black. He'd barely slept the night before what with the twins and Brian and their combined 27 inches of demanding dick. Yes, the twins had nine-inch cocks too.


Justin ignored him, and Brian shut up. Forty-five minutes later, they were at the airport.

"C'mon Mr. Taylor, it's time for your close up."

Justin sat up and looked around blearily, "Do we have time to eat? I'm fucking starving."

"Yeah, we have two hours before departure."

An hour and fifteen minutes later, they were sitting at the gate. Justin, much revived, was busily sketching a pair of nuns while sucking down a mango smoothie. A rather loud series of slurps caused Brian to look up from his London Times; Justin had obviously finished the smoothie and was intent on getting every drop.

"Are you full yet?" Justin had eaten two roast beef sandwiches, a fruit salad and a chocolate sundae as soon as they'd cleared security.

"Huh?" Justin barely registered the question. Brian shook his head and went back to the financial section - he knew better than to talk to Justin when he was in his zone.

Ten minutes later, First Class started boarding. Brian glanced up, folded the paper and tugged on Justin's ear. "I'm going to piss before we board."


Brian took off for the bathroom, very aware of the appreciative looks being cast his way. After the meeting, he'd changed into a pair of wool slacks and a silk sweater the color of his eyes. He planned to shed these clothes as well, prior to touch down, as they had packed island wear in their carry-on bags.

He was drying his hands under the blower when a bunch of guys burst into the bathroom in a cacophony of loud voices and laughter. They were all young and good looking, but one in particular stood out as the center of the group's orbit. He was about Justin's height, was dressed in black leather and had great cheekbones. The man caught Brian looking and flashed a quick smile that set off Brian's radar. Definitely gay. Too bad they were boarding so soon.

When he got back to the gate area, Justin was busy making last minute adjustments to various straps and zippers. Brian watched his precise and familiar movements and nodded in satisfaction at the trim body clothed in old Levis and cream-colored cashmere.


"I'm ready for a drink. I want a double Margarita with extra salt. And when we land, first thing I want to do is get one of those tall fruity drinks with pineapples and flamingoes."

"Just remember that when you get fat, I'm throwing your ass out."

"As if."

"Keep eating."

"Shallow doesn't become you."

Their conversation was abruptly interrupted by the flight attendant requesting to see their picture ID's and boarding passes.

As they made their way down the jetway, Justin asked in a low voice, "Since I'm not fat yet, are we gonna fuck on the plane?"

"As soon as the seat belt signs go off."

"What if we get caught?"

Brian gave him a disbelieving look, "Are you kidding? The flight attendants live for this shit. Besides, that's what makes it so hot."

Less than fifteen minutes later, Justin was blissfully sipping his Margarita while Brian recounted the hilarious and erotic adventure that was his first airplane fuck, all this while enjoying the luxury of International First Class. Daphne might have a point after all, Justin thought. His life *was* pretty fucking cool.

Brian had just gotten to the part about the effects of unexpected turbulence on the mechanics of thrusting, when they heard a flurry of excited voices from the cockpit area. Justin, who was sitting by the window, half-rose out of his seat in an attempt to scope out the source of the commotion.

Brian had a clear view of the aisle and saw that the commotion was being caused by the arrival of the guy from the bathroom. He had lost his entourage, but had gained a whole new group of admirers. The flight attendants were in a perfect dither.

As he made his way into First Class, the flight attendants fawned, giggled and cooed. Like fucking school girls for fuck's sake. The guy took his leather jacket off and gave it to one of the women who acted like she had just been handed the keys to the kingdom. He took his seat amidst a tangle of arms all vying to buckle his seatbelt. Brian lost sight of him as his head dropped below the level of the seat back. He was across the aisle and two rows down.

"Oh. My. God."

"What?" Brian turned, concerned that something might be wrong.

"Do you know who that is?"

"No, but from the looks of it, he's some kind of Swedish celebrity."

That's Antti! I cannot believe this."

Who the fuck is Antti?"

"He was a contestant on the original Finnish version of American Idol, and he's become like this huge pop star."

Brian regarded him as if he had just grown a third head.

"And you know all this because?"

"Daphne. She met this Finnish girl at school who is totally in love with him. There's all kinds of rumors that he's gay, but her friend swears they're not true."

"Well, make sure you break it to her gently. When I was in the bathroom-"

"You did not! You did *not* fuck Antti!"

"Christ Justin! I was only gone for five minutes. I'm not a fucking rabbit. As I was saying, I was in the bathroom, and we made eye contact."

Justin stared at him. "So, it's true." If Brian said someone was gay; they were gay. His gaydar was infallible.

"It would appear so."

Brian took a long pull from his beer, turned to Justin and said, "You want to fuck him?"


"I said -" Brian leaned close, "- do you want to fuck him?"

"Brian, what the fuck are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about your induction into the Mile High Club. He's a total bottom. Trust me."

"You think?"

Brian didn't reply, just looked at Justin and raised an eyebrow.

Justin finished his Margarita in two quick gulps.

"I think I need another drink."

"I have the utmost faith in you Sonny Boy."

And Brian did. He took a great amount of pride in Justin's seduction prowess; after all, he'd taught him everything he knew. Justin had taken the knowledge and made it his own - weaving his own brand of magic. He was flirty and sweet, and the guys never saw it coming. Justin was like a stealth weapon, and Brian got off on watching him every time.

Half an hour later, they hit cruising altitude.

"You're up."

Justin grinned, got to his feet, and prepared to take down his prey. He only made it a few steps before turning back. He looked into Brian's eyes.

"Are you sure? I kinda wanted it to be us."

"Here's a news flash for you, tonight, dear ole Antti's gonna be the opening act to my main attraction. Before this trip is over, I'm gonna fuck you in every bathroom on this plane."

"How many are there?"

"Enough that when I'm done, you're gonna need a wheelchair when we land. Now go and make nice with the Finn."

The seduction was a piece of cake. Justin feigned difficulty with a piece of overhead luggage, making sure to struggle just enough so that his sweater rode up to reveal a lick of creamy tummy. And of course, he kept his half-hard dick front and center as he struggled with the suitcase. Antti took the bait almost immediately and jumped up to help. Justin pretended confusion upon seeing that the bag wasn't his after all, but by then, Antti was hooked and willingly followed Justin all the way to the First Class johns.

Right before he locked the door, Justin stuck his head out and winked at Brian who was watching him like a hawk.

"You ever done it on a plane before?" Justin smiled happily as he unzipped the singer's pants.

"Once or twice."

"Well, as they say in the USA, third time's a charm. Turn around"

And it was just like Brian said - Antti was a total bottom, and a good one at that.

Justin watched him in the mirror as they fucked. He could not believe he was actually fucking *the* Antti. And on a fucking plane no less. Daphne and her friend were gonna shit bricks.

Twenty minutes later, Justin climbed over Brian's knees and sank into his seat; smug smile firmly in place. Brian had ordered him another Margarita which he drank down greedily. Fucking was thirsty work.

"So, how was he?"

"Very . . . enthusiastic."

"I bet."

"He started talking in Finnish right before he came, and he got so loud, I had to cover his mouth. It was totally hot."

"Hmm. Kinda like the twins last night. They didn't shut up either."

"That was hot too."

"You think everything's hot."

"Maybe, but you wanna know what I really think is hot?"

"Do tell."


"That, Sunshine, goes without saying."

Justin moved closer and spoke softly. "I want you to fuck me."

"You just shot your load up Antti's ass."

"I know, but . . ." Justin closed his eyes and rested his forehead against Brian's shoulder. "I want you to fuck me."

"Get your pillow."


"Get your pillow."

And before Justin could respond, Brian was up and moving down the aisle.

Brian led him out of First Class and into Coach. He deliberately walked at a slower than normal pace, knowing that Justin was watching his every move. Foreplay - Kinney style. By the time they reached the rear of the plane, Justin was painfully hard.

After they'd locked themselves in, Brian took Justin's pants off without a word and helped him to sit on the sink. It was a good height, and Justin wrapped his legs around Brian's hips and closed his eyes. He could fuck a thousand Antti's until the day he died, but nothing could compare to this.

They took their time, and their mutual silence was broken only when Brian asked Justin if he was happy that he had brought his pillow.

He got no reply - at least not a coherent one.

When they emerged from the bathroom the cabin lights were dimmed, and most of the passengers were sleeping. As they made their way through the dark, Brian reached for one of Justin's hands and held it all the way back to their seats.

"Wake me up when we get to Barbados."

"Sweet dreams, sonny boy."

Four hours later, they woke to the Captain's cheerful voice.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have begun our initial descent into Barbados. The current temperature is 86 degrees with a variable southwest wind. We hope you enjoy your stay in paradise, and don't forget that the island is currently celebrating its 100th Bacchanal. It's guaranteed to be a good time. On behalf of my co-pilot, Theresa, and our flight crew, we thank you for flying Jet Through, and hope to see you again in the very near future."

"A Bacchanal? Why didn't you tell me?"

"It's called a surprise, Sunshine."


Justin happily chattered all the way to the hotel. Brian had booked them a room at the Glitter Bay hotel. Usually the island of Barbados wasn't too gay friendly, but since it was the 100th anniversary celebration they wouldn't have to worry about being discreet.

"So Brian have you ever attended a bacchanal before?"

Brian arched a brow and gave him his `what do you think' smirk. They checked into the hotel and went up to their room only to drop off their bags. Justin was confused when they headed back down to the front desk.

"Brian, what are we doing?"

"We have to give the password at the front desk, then we'll receive the location of the hottest bacchanal on the island. Only the elite are invited Sunshine. Keeps the trolls like Ted away."

Brian pulled out a sheet that had the password on it. In all their traveling thus far he hadn't had time to look at it.

"Fucking hell!" Brian grumbled.

He passed the paper over to Justin. "Here, why don't you say the password?"

"What? Why?" Justin took the paper and glanced at it. He burst into girlish giggles.

By the time they got to the front desk Justin could barely breathe and was holding his sides. His face was flushed red with his laughter.

Brian gritted his teeth and spoke the password. "Hephastion - I bottom frequently."

That sent Justin off into more gales of laughter.

"Keep it up and you won't get fucked" Brian growled.

Justin choked back the rest of his giggles sobering almost instantly. Brian received a square black card that looked like a fancy invitation. It was adorned with a gold tassel. He also received a white plastic bag.

"What's in the bag?"

"You'll see," Brian leered.

They stepped outside to hail a taxi. Just as a taxi pulled up, Brian slapped at his neck.

"You ok, Brian?"

"Yeah, just a mosquito."

They got into the taxi and Brian gave the driver their destination. As the car pulled up Justin gaped at his surroundings. Before them was a palace fit for two kings.

"Holy fuck, would you look at this place?"

Justin nearly spun around in circles trying to take it all in. Brian took Justin's hand as they entered the elaborate palace. An attendant was quick to show them where they could change. Brian and Justin stripped and put on their togas. Justin looked breathtaking in his. It barely covered his bountiful bottom. Brian looked like a God that Justin first thought of him as when he was young … well younger. Brian reached over and adjusted Justin's gold rope belt giving it a little tug. His hand drifted down and cupped Justin's tenting toga.

"Come on. The bacchanal awaits."

When they stepped into the room it already looked like it was in full swing. A serving boy was immediately at their side with wine goblets. Brian nudged Justin's side and nodded to a corner of the room, taking a hearty drink from his goblet.

"Antti looks like he's enjoying himself."

The singer was on all fours taking it up the ass like a pro. One of the servants fanned him with a long palm fond. Brian and Justin surveyed the room with a critical eye.

"Who do you like?"

Justin looked around the room of sweaty men. An angelic but wicked smile curved his lips.

"Him, he looks like that porn star I like. Wait it isn't really him is it?" A moment later he answered his own question. "No, he doesn't have that big scar on his thigh. Who do you like?"

"Him." Brian gave the eye to a tall built brunette with piercing ice blue eyes.

Their prey came to them willingly as if in an hypnotic trance. Justin finished off his wine and caressed his tricks chest. Brian on the other hand pushed his trick down for some service. He leaned back against a column, eyes fluttering shut as his dick was surrounded in warm liquid heat. Justin couldn't look away from Brian. Brian was the epitome of Bacchus himself.

The serving boys anticipated all of the guests' needs. A fair haired serving boy stroked Brian's length then rolled on a condom for him. Justin bent his trick over. They sank down onto their knees amongst the jewel-tone pillows. Justin entered the trick in one long thrust. He kept his pace even. If he kept staring at Brian he was sure to cum way too soon and he didn't want that.

Brian pulled his trick off him and led him to where Justin was fucking his trick expertly. Brian settled into a rhythm matching Justin's. Justin's senses were on overload. He could smell, touch and taste Brian. He was so close. Never letting his rhythm falter Brian looped an arm around Justin pulling him in for a deep soul searing kiss that curled Justin's toes and made his hole twitch with need. The men they fucked kept up steady streams of moans, gasps and whimpers. Justin rocked and swiveled his hips.

The hem of his toga caressed his ass with the swaying motion of his thrusts. Brian reached over slipping a hand under the toga and gave Justin's ass a firm squeeze. As an afterthought he slapped one creamy cheek. That spurred Justin into a faster pace. He rammed into his trick faster and faster. Suddenly his trick came, drenching the pillows in front of him. Their orgasms set off Brian's trick who came with a deep grunt. Brian gritted his teeth and rode it out.

As the trick was wracked with orgasmic waves of bliss Brian continued to thrust into him relentlessly. Justin had seen and also been on the receiving end of one of Brian's marathon fucks. The man had tremendous staying power. Justin leaned in to kiss Brian. Justin took up a position on the pillows nearby. Justin's eyes locked with Brian's; his hand went to his hardening member and began to stroke himself. He spread his legs further apart and leaned forward thrusting out his ass.

He murmured to his current fuck in a husky voice, "Rim me."

The trick was ready and able to satisfy. Justin pushed back on the tongue that was lapping at his hole. He made sure Brian had a good view. When Justin came for the second time Brian was right there with him pumping his magnum load up his trick's hot tight ass. Brian was covered in a light sheen of sweat.

The wine and booze flowed like water. Justin's stomach made its needs known. One of the serving boys presented a tray of finger foods. Brian took the tray and waived the boy away with a flick of his wrist. He fed Justin cheese and bits of fruit and little sandwiches. They spent the whole day fucking. They became the main attraction when Brian fucked Justin while plowing another trick with a dildo.

Everyone worshipped at Brian and Justin's feet. Brian was crowned king of the bacchanal. He took to the throne with Justin firmly impaled on his lap. Justin squatted on Brian's dick riding him for all he was worth. He kept his hands firmly planted on the throne's armrests while Brian leisurely caressed his chest. Justin came without having touched himself. His cum rained down on their admirers christening them. They rubbed it into their skin feeling blessed that they had been anointed by the royal couple.

Later that evening Justin helped a wobbly Brian up to their room. Justin suspected Brian had had too much to drink and just needed to rest. Brian had complained of a headache and wasn't feeling all that well. Justin noticed Brian was a bit paler than usual. All Brian wanted to do was curl up on the king size four poster bed to sleep it off. His stomach had other sinister plans though. Brian whimpered then lunged for the bathroom. He vomited up everything he had in his stomach. Justin rubbed Brian's sweaty back in soothing circles murmuring soft words to Brian. He got a cloth and ran it under cool water. Justin pressed it to Brian's forehead and cheeks. Brian leaned into Justin's touch.

"Are you ok, Brian?"

"Sure, just peachy."

"Come on. Let's get you to bed."

Justin helped Brian to the bedroom. Their togas lay crumpled on the floor. Justin curled up against Brian's body and fell asleep. In the early morning hours Justin awoke. He sensed something was wrong. Brian was sweating profusely. He was going in and out of consciousness, moaning softly and that scared Justin. Brian trembled as if he were freezing. Justin could hear his teeth chatter. He reached out with a shaky hand pressing it to Brian's forehead. Brian was burning up with fever.

"Brian, oh God," he whispered terrified. He had to call someone before Brian went into a seizure or something worse.

"Well young man, I have good news, and I have bad news." The hotel's physician said in his broken English. "The bad news is that your friend has malaria."

"MALARIA?" Justin immediately panicked.

"Not to worry, my young friend. The good news is that we detected the parasite early. We won't have to put your friend in the hospital. We can treat him right here with oral medications. I'm going to give you a regimen of pills to give Brian for the next seven days."

Justin listened as the doctor explained the four pill regimen. "The large white pills are quinine pills to keep his fever down. The yellow pills are antibiotics to kill the parasites. These large yellow ones are to control nausea, and vomiting, and these small white ones are for pain. Make sure you give each pill at least one hour apart. Give the large white pills with food, but remember not to give the large yellow ones with alcohol. If he throws up the large white ones, give him two of the large yellow ones, but make sure not to mix the large yellow ones with the small white ones. Do you understand?" The good doctor smiled.

"I think so," Justin said.

The doctor gave Brian a loading dose of the prescribed medications before leaving Justin to continue the round the clock, every eight hour regimen. Justin looked at his watch. It was time to give Brian another dose. "Brian." Justin stroked his fingers through his lover's sweat soaked hair.


"It's time for your pill."

"I just took a pill," Brian weakly protested.

"It's time for another one," Justin insisted.

Brian opened his mouth, and took the large yellow pill. Uh-oh, was it time for the large white one? Justin attempted to read the label on the medicine bottle. Shit, it wasn't in English. Oh well, what could it hurt? More medication is always better than less, the young man rationalized. "Brian."


"It's time for your pill," Justin said again.

"I just took my pill baby," Brian yawned.

"That was the yellow one; it's time for the white one," Justin said.

Again Brian opened his mouth, and accepted his medicine. With the sun setting over the clear blue ocean, the exhausted young man laid down behind his sleeping lover. It would be another two hours before his patient needed more medication.

Justin opened his eyes to a pitch black room. What time was it? Oh shit he had overslept. It was way past the time for Brian's next dose. "Brian." Justin reached over to the other side of the bed only to find the damp vacant sheets where his lover had been.

"Brian? BRIAN!"

"Stop shouting, I'm right here."

"Shit, Brian, you scared me. I thought you wandered off."

"Haven't I told you that thinking is hazardous to your health? Afraid you'd find me dead on the beach?"

"Something like that. With all these pills I had to give you, I could've sworn I was going to overdose you."

"Well, you didn't. You make a very good nurse. I took the whole lot down to the hotel nurse and she explained it again to me and wrote the directions down so even I can understand them. She did recommend I take it easy for the remainder of our vacation and no alcohol. Which is perfectly fine by me. The thought of drinking something remotely alcoholic turns my stomach. I think I'll stick with tea and toast."

"I bet if we call Debbie she'd FedEx some of her soup."

"I'll keep that in mind. Now I really stink and I'm sure the bed is smelling ripe too. Can you call housekeeping and see if they can send someone to strip the bed while you help me in the shower. I still feel kind of weak."

"Brian, you know I'd join you in a shower anytime."

"Even when there's no sex?"

"Even when there's no sex. I'll make sure you don't fall down."

"Thanks, I think. Come on, I smell so bad that I'm offending myself. Jus, I'm sorry I ruined our trip."

"You didn't ruin it. We had a hell of a time at the Bacchanal."

"We did? I barely remember any of it."

"Don't worry; I had someone take a video. I figured no one would believe Antti on all fours."

"You little devil, you."

"Someone had to keep a clear head."

"We can watch it when I'm feeling better, maybe reenact some of the highlights. I do recall you looking exceptionally hot that night."

"You looked hot too."

"I always look hot."

"Now I know you're feeling better."

"Humph. The shower helped."

"Good. Why don't you sit while I dry you off? I'll get you a robe. I think I hear housekeeping. Stay put, I wouldn't want you flashing the help."

"Why not? Everyone needs a cheap thrill now and then."

"You ain't that cheap, Brian. I'll be right back."


"Housekeeping's done. Here's a nice fluffy robe and I got us some extra towels for the beach, when you're up to it."

"Thanks, Sunshine. What time is it anyway?"

"Time for more pills."

"Oh joy. Lay it on me and let's order something to eat. I promise, Justin, when I feel better we'll have our own private bacchanal. Just you, me and our bed."

"Minus the alcohol?"

"Yeah, I think I'll stay dry for a while. Besides with you around, I have no need for any chemical stimulation. You are all the stimulation I need!"

"In that case, I think I'll join you while you rest. I have to conserve my energy for our bacchanal."

"Good thinking, Sunshine."