Alien Abduction

So begins our story: I'm seeing Brian, Justin, and space aliens.....

Abducted and sent to an intergalactic lab to be studied. The creatures are all very similar in appearance, and fascinated by the  different coloring of Justin's, and Brian's hair. Surely one must be male, and the other female. But which? Thus begins an examination to make that determination. Lulled into a comatose state the aliens begin their studies by probing into the minds of our heroes.

The mind probing proves to be inconclusive so they pull out the big guns. The anal probes. The aliens are confused because each hole looks the same. How can this be? Where did they go wrong? Interesting... They conclude that humans must be one of the galaxy's rare hermaphrodite species. After some debate, they decide that this is a valuable opportunity to study the breeding process of such a species. With this in mind, they determine that they should encourage their specimens to couple.

Using mind control, the aliens awaken the sleeping lovers and control their actions. They stand in awe as the tall dark human kisses the smaller blonde one. Brian's mind is aware of the fact that something is different but his body responds only to Justin's touch. As the men slowly begin to mate, the aliens watch in stunned admiration at how these strange creatures touch, kiss and seem to draw love and strength from one another.

After many long hours of study they are truly amazed that the two can continue, seemingly never losing their desire for each other. Was there any wonder that the earth population continued to flourish? Yes, there was something truly wondrous about this method of copulation. The beings conclude that the tremendous amount of sexual energy seems to radiate from either the small bracelet made from the homes of small mollusks worn by the larger subject, or the small gold ring through the non-functional mammary gland of the smaller, paler subject. Driven by curiosity, the aliens adorned themselves with similar aphrodisiacs, and attempt this strange method of mating for themselves. Suddenly, as if awakened from a dream, Brian and Justin looked around to find themselves surrounded by odd looking creatures, all in compromising positions. Their first impulse is fear, and Brian quickly pulls Justin into his arms to protect him. The busy creatures appear to mean them no harm. Seeing the action Brian, and Justin become aroused themselves. They look at each other, shrug, and decide to join in the fun.

After a much satisfying round of sex, Brian and Justin laid watching the strange creatures that had abducted them. They observed the strange movements, and listened as they finished mating then begin to fall asleep in groups. Brian quietly stood, and helped Justin to his feet. This was their chance to escape.

Justin clung to Brian's side as they maneuvered their way through the sea of exhausted creatures. One false move could cause the beings to awaken. "Shhh, watch your step." Brian whispered.

At that moment Justin felt a tug on his ankle. The grasp continued up his leg like a clinging vine until it finally had a firm grip around his knee. "Brian, it's got me!" Justin panicked.


"Brian, don't let me go! It's got me!" Justin wrapped his arms around Brian's neck, and held on for dear life. He could hear Brian coughing, and gasping for air under his grip, as the creature continued to pull at his leg. "Hold on to me Brian!" He called out again.

"Baby, let me go!"

"BRIAN, BRIAN......!"


Justin opened his eyes to find himself snaked around his struggling lover in a vice-like grip straight out of a World Wrestling Federation championship match. "Jesus Christ, what the hell are you dreaming about?" Brian asked, as he peeled his baby's arms from around his neck.

"I dreamed we were abducted buy aliens." Justin said, and released his hold.

Brian turned over to face his frightened boy. "From which country?" he asked.

"Not human aliens, beings from another planet." Justin said.

Brian began to laugh.

"It's not funny, I'm serious. They took us to their spacecraft, and put us to sleep...."

"I told you not to eat that three day old Mongolian beef." Brian continued to chuckle.

"Don't make fun of me Brian." Justin frowned. "It seemed so real."

"Hurry, and get to the part about the anal probes."

"You know about the anal probes?" Justin's eyes widened.

"That's the best part." Brian teased.

Justin smacked Brian on his chest, and turned his back to his mocking lover. "I'm not going to tell you anything else, if you're going to make fun of
me." he pouted.

Brian snuggled close to Justin's back. "I'll bet those aliens have never seen an ass like this one." He patted Justin on his butt. "Did that probe feel anything like this?" Brian purred, and slipped a finger into Justin's taut little opening.

"Ummmm, kind of. Maybe a little bigger." Justin sighed.

Brian slipped a second digit deep inside. "More like this?" He whispered, and ran his tongue along the back of Justin's neck.

"Ahhh, yes."

Justin leaned back into his lover's arms, as Brian slowly worked his fingers in, and out of the silky, smooth tunnel. "Tell daddy what you want baby." Brian moaned.

"Take me to your leader." Justin said.

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