Christmas Magic and Miracles


Written by: Elsa Rose and OG Walton

Note: We each took a part but who wrote what?? It’s a Mystery?



After a two hour delay at LaGuardia Brian was finally able to board his plane. He cursed the last minute business trip, and the asshole client who was forcing him to travel on Christmas Eve. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was also flying coach, and of course the only seats left were the isles ones. Brian placed his briefcase in the overhead storage, and took his seat. He attempted to adjust his chair, but the cramped area offered little room for his long legs. Brian sifted in his seat as he attempted to wedge himself into a tolerable position that he would be able to maintain for the next three hours.

"There will be a slight delay while we clear the ice off of the runway." The pilot announced over the intercom.

"Shit!" Brian banged his knee on the seat in front of him.

"I know what you mean. These seats are way too cramped. Would you let me get
over by the window please?"

Brian looked up to find a very pregnant woman pointing at the window seat next
to him. "Of course." He said. Brian unwedged himself, and stood up.

The woman slid past him inadvertently gliding her large belly across his. "I'm
sorry. This thing just keeps getting in the way." she smiled.

"That's alright." Brian blushed.

"Whew, that wasn't easy." She said as she plopped down into her seat. "My name
is Catherine, but everyone calls me Cathy."

"I'm Brian."

Cathy settled into her seat, and stretched her legs as best as she could. "I shouldn't be traveling, but my husband is stuck in
Pittsburgh on business. We didn't want to spend Christmas away from each other." she said.

Brian smiled politely. “I know what you mean." he said. "I'm trying to get home myself."

"When are you due honey?" A woman across the isle called to Brian's seat-mate.

"Next month." Cathy called back.

"My name is Irene, and this is my husband Frank." She motioned toward the man sitting in the window seat next to her.

"Hi Irene, I'm Cathy, and this is Brian."

Again Brian smiled politely.  

"Ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking. Our runway has been cleared. We'll be landing at snowy
Pittsburgh International in approximately three hours, and thirty minutes, in time for all of you procrastinators to do your last minute Christmas shopping."

Brian fastened his seat belt, and relaxed in his chair as the plane took off. He looked out of Cathy's window at the drizzling
New York sky. With any luck he would be home before sundown. It had been a fruitful trip. Not only had he snared a lucrative account with Mead Jewelers, he had picked up Justin's gift there as well. Brian felt the breast pocket of his jacket to make sure that the gold bracelet was still there. He couldn't wait to see the look on his baby's face when he opened the red velvet box. Brian closed his eyes, and rested his head on the back of his chair, as Irene, and Cathy chatted across him. After listening to the two women compare notes on morning sickness, birthing options, and breastfeeding, he graciously offered to exchange seats with Irene, and mercifully she agreed.

"Thank god. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to listen to baby talk all the way back to
Pittsburgh." Frank said. "I owe you one Brian."

"Don't mention it." Brian said.

"Can I get you gentlemen something to drink?" The flight attendant asked.

"I'll have a Southern Comfort." Brian said.

"I'll have the same." Frank ordered. "So why are you flying on Christmas eve Brian?"

"Business." Brian said.

"Irene and I are on our way home. We just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in
New York."

"Congratulations." Brian smiled.
The flight attendant returned, and handed them their drinks, then turned to pass Irene and Cathy their refreshments. Frank smiled, and nudged Brian's arm. Brian looked at Frank, and then followed the direction of his eyes, inadvertently catching the bending woman's backside at eye level. "Nice." Frank uttered. "When was the last time you saw an ass like that?"

Brian took a sip of his drink. "It's been a while." he said.

"Are you married Brian?" Frank grinned.


"I didn't think so. Only a married man could appreciate an ass like that." Frank snickered, and took a sip of his drink.

The flight attendant heard the muffled laugh. She straightened up, and flashed Brian a menacing look. "Can I get you anything else sir?" she asked dryly.

"No thank you." Brian said.

Frank smiled innocently at the obviously insulted woman, and waited for her to leave. "I think she likes you." he said.

"Yeah." Brian frowned. "Would you like to change seats so you can get a better look down the isle?"

Frank looked over at his wife who was still chatting with Cathy. "No, no." he whispered. "Are you trying to get me killed?"

Brian knew what was coming next, and he had no intention of talking pussy with Frank for the next three hours. He reached for his headphones, and placed them on his ears, then closed his eyes, and rested his head on the back of his seat.


"I really don't know why you're bothering Justin. He's out of town and why would he travel on Christmas Eve just to come back here?" Michael pretending disinterest in what Justin was doing continued to sort through the comic books on the counter. The kids and parents who had come into the store for last minute Christmas gifts had blatantly disregarded his many signs about not keeping them in order.

Justin shook his head "Why even try?" he thought. "I'm not going to discuss my relationship with Brian" he paused "Especially with you" He packed up the last of his notes loading them into his back pack. "Have a good one" he called to Michael as he strode through the door. Letting the satisfying crash as the door slammed shut, pulled by the December wind, ring in his ear. He knew Michael hated when the door slammed.

He had a few last minute things to pick up and he wanted to be back at the loft well before
four o'clock. Brian had been gone two days now. When they had talked last night he said he was going to do his best to be back in the Pitts tonight. The biting cold wind howled around him sending particles of icy snow in his face and down the back of his neck. He walked down the almost deserted street noticing none of the winter fury, instead he was back at the loft in his mind, fresh from a hot shower and laying on the bed when the phone rang and it was Brian.

He remembered the way his breath quickened and his heart had begun to beat rapidly the moment the phone rang. He'd known at once it was his man on the other end. When he picked it up and heard the deep sounds of Brian's voice resonating in his ear, his cock began to stiffen.

"Hey Baby" Brian spoke in that husky voice that said he was horny and missing Justin. "You miss me yet?"

"I've been pretty busy today Brian" Justin teased "All of Gay Pittsburgh has heard you were out of town and wanted to come over to make me feel better." He loved to flirt with his man, "They just kept cuming and cuming" He began to stroke his cock, letting his fingers wrap themselves around it. Keeping his eyes shut imagining that Brian was in the bed with him.

A fresh gust of the chill wind blew him backwards into the person standing behind him on the corner. His feet slipped as he approached the corner to wait for the light to change. The abrupt departure from hot fantasy to cold reality brought Justin up short and he looked around. Shit, now where in hell was he? The sky had darkened prematurely; the snow had begun to come down even harder. Lights were glowing up and down the unfamiliar downtown street; the deepening snow muffled the traffic sounds. That surreal glow that happens at dusk in a snowstorm blanketed the landscape and even the twinkling multicolored lights in the windows didn't improve the feeling of impending gloom.

Justin turned to ask the stranger where the nearest bus stop was and found himself alone, the snow filled sidewalks empty of pedestrians. He looked back and even his own footsteps had become obliterated by the snow. Now he could feel the icy wetness creeping down the back of his neck and the cold dampness seeping into his very bones. The scar on his forehead began to throb. He could feel the beginning of a headache start. Panic was quickly setting in and he began to run back in the direction he'd walked from. Unfamiliar stores flashing past his eyes. His breath billowed out in a frosty fog swirling up and over his eyes caused halos to form around the streetlights.



The dull elevator renditions of classic Christmas carols that hummed through Brian's headphones served as an adequate background for what was really going on inside his mind. Brian could still hear Justin's teasing over the phone about gay
Pittsburgh cuming, and cuming over to keep him company. Brian smiled in anticipation of the familiar arms that would greet his homecoming. He couldn't wait to whisk his baby off to bed, and lay him underneath the neon blue lights. God, how he loved Justin in blue. Brian's cock began to span the length of his pants inseam as he momentarily forgot where he was.

"I take it that's not Christmas music you're listening to."

Brian opened his eyes, and looked over at his seat-mate. Frank was grinning from ear to ear. Brian felt a flash of color veil his face. He removed his headphones. "No, I was just ...ah, I was thinking about...."

"Blonde or brunette?"

Blonde." Brian admitted.

"It's always the blondes." Frank chuckled.

"You should know about blondes." Irene snapped from across the isle.

"Are you going to start with me again Irene? I told you I didn't know who she was." Frank tried to keep his voice down.

"Like hell you didn't, just like you didn't know the waitress at the cocktail bar last night. I saw how you were looking at her."

"I was only looking." Frank turned to Brian. "Do you see that? We've been married for ten years, you would think that she would trust me by now." he said.

"Oh I trust you alright. I trust you to stick your dick into every gaping whore from here to
California." Irene hissed.

"You're not going to let me live it down are you Irene?" Again Frank turned to Brian. "One time, I slipped up one time in ten years, and she won't let me live it down. Can you believe that?"

"I...I really don't think I should...." Brian stammered.

"One time is one time too many, and no I won't let you live it down!"

"Shhh." Cathy attempted to calm her new seat-mate down.

"Maybe we should change seats again." Brian suggested to Irene.

Irene began to cry. "No, I don't want to sit next to that bastard."

Cathy handed Irene a tissue, and attempted to comfort her. "Shhh, that's alright sweetheart. Do you want to talk about it?"

Frank listened as Irene began to tell Cathy about his affair with a blonde office assistant earlier that year. Brian attempted to retreat by putting on his headphones again, but Frank caught his arm. "Do you hear that? She's telling a total stranger all about our personal life." The older man hissed.

"Frank, this really isn't any of my business." Brian said.

"I told her that I was sorry. What else can I do?"

"I don't know."

"This second honeymoon was all for her, to let her know how sorry I was for what happened."

Brian signaled the attendant for another drink.



Finally in the distance Justin could see two people approaching. He pushed the feeling of panic down; there still was no one else on the street. Snow was beginning to drift. The two young men were walking close together. They looked about sixteen and oddly familiar. Justin wasn't sure; maybe they were brothers of one of his schoolmates. The dark haired one could be heard half a block away, his hands gesturing with his excitement of the story he was telling to the taller boy. The tall one had his hands in his pockets and Justin could tell that he was only half listening.

They had almost reached him "Hey guys, can you tell me where I am?" Justin asked. The two boys didn't even glance in his direction.


"Hey, guys" Justin shouted, still no reaction. He moved up and stood right in their path, they didn't hesitate but walked right though him. "What the fuck?" Now he was panicking Justin looked down at his hands and back at the two boys.

He could hear the small one whine. "But Brian, I'm your best friend." Now that
whine was definitely familiar.

Justin turned around and ran to catch up to the boys. It had to be. It had to be Brian and Michael. "Mikey, it's none of your business." He heard Brian say.

"Ok, I'll drop the subject, but I don't see why you won't talk about it." Michael stopped abruptly and Justin passed through him again.

"Shit" he thought, "I have to stop doing that"

"Let's go in here, maybe we can find Mom a present in this store Brian."

"It's a comic book store; Deb doesn't want a damn comic book. That's your thing."

"You're supposed to give something that you really want yourself. That's called being unselfish"

"Giving Deb a comic book is called being a fuck up as usual."

"I don't tell you what to buy for Christmas Brian."

"I don't do Christmas."

"The fuck you do Kinney, I got you something."

"Well take it back, Christmas is just hype from corporate
America to make a million or two."

The two of them continued to walk down the sidewalk, Justin close behind. He had forgotten the dilemma he was in, fascinated by seeing Brian at sixteen.

"We can get Mom something at the Big Q later, they're open until nine tonight."

"Right, the Big Q, Pittsburgh's designer emporium, I'm sure we'll find some lovely jewels."

"Mom likes stuff from there. I get her stuff there all the time." Michael paused. "I'd get my boyfriend a present from somewhere else though." He glanced at Brian to see his reaction.

"You don't have a boyfriend Mikey, they'd shit at school if you started walking down the halls holding hands with your booooyfriend." Brian raised his voice in a falsetto as he completed his sentence.

"Yeah, well, I do like someone, maybe even love him."

"Fags don't do love Mikey, that's for straights and maybe lezzies."

"That's not true. Uncle Vic has a boyfriend."

"He lives in
New York. You don't know if Rob is a boyfriend or just a convenient fuck buddy."

"Uncle Vic loves him, I heard him telling Mom."

"Well, don't get your panties in a twist. It's probably just a convenience for him. He can stay home nights, not have to go looking for someone to suck his cock."

"Well, just say, for instance, that fags do fall in love like straights. What would your ideal guy look like?" Michael paused for effect. "My guy that I am in love with is tall dark and handsome."

"Rides a white horse too I suppose." Brian sneered.

"Asshole, no serious, what kind of guy would you fall in love with?"

"I don't know, I'm never going to fall in love, but if I did show some interest in someone he'd probably have blue eyes. That kind of blue that's real deep, like the ocean.


Brian's eyes were looking off into the distance, looking far into his mind, "Sometime when I'm alone in my room, real late at night, I can almost see him. Not that I'm ever going to fall in love. I'll only fuck tall dark guys; I'm staying away from blondes."

"I'm not blonde; we don't even know any guys who are blonde."

"And that's the way I'm keeping it. I have these weird dreams about a blonde. He has the bluest eyes and the most amazing smile. Kind of like the smile Patrick Swazey has. He is madly, passionately, deeply in love with me." Brian looked at Michael. "It's like a fucking nightmare."

Justin couldn't believe what he'd heard. "A nightmare, that's what he was --- then

"Doesn't sound like any nightmare to me? I could use a dream like that once in awhile." Michael said.

"Yeah, well, the nightmare part is - I love him too. And there is no fucking way that's going to work Look at my parents and they're straight. What kind of a chance would I have in a 'love' relationship? Won't happen. Won't work. I'm staying away from blondes. I'm going to fuck every hot gay guy from here to
New York, fuck and suck that's going to be my motto. I don't do love and I don't do relationships."

"He does love, he's loved me forever." Justin was walking on air, he was so happy.

"What about us?"

"We're friends Mikey, we'll always be friends."

"We could fool around, you know, kind of a tension reliever until we're older and can start dating guys."

"I don't date, I won't date, and I'll never date. That shit is for Barbie and Ken." He turned and looked deep in Michael's eyes, "We are best friends and friends don't fuck friends."



Brian downed his third drink, or was it his fourth? By now he prayed for the plane to crash, anything to get him away from the feuding couple who was now wearing on his last nerve.

"I never meant for it to happen, but she was so wrapped up in motherhood, and the taking care of the house. She never had time for me." Frank defended his affair.

"It's always about you, isn't it? There are other people in my life who need me Frank, not just you." Irene said.

"Why am I always the one who has to come last? She never wants to make love anymore. Is it so wrong for me to want to make love to my wife?" Frank looked at Brian.

Once again Brian attempted to disengage himself from the argument. "I really don't think I should...."

"Is that what you call it, making love?" Irene said sarcastically.

"You never complained before!"

Brian placed his elbow on the arm rest, then lowered his head, and covered his eyes with his hand. This was not how he planned on spending Christmas Eve.

"Frank, please exchange seats with me. You should be sitting next to your wife." Cathy insisted.

"To hell with her!" Frank threw up his hands in frustration.

"To hell with you!" Irene fired back.

"To hell with both of you, shut the fuck up!" Brian blurted out.

"Excuse me?" Irene said.

"I said shut the fuck up!" Brian said again.

"Wait a minute pal, who the hell do you think you're talking to?" Frank said.

"What's going on here?" The flight attendant came over to ask.

"This man insulted my wife!" Frank pointed to Brian.

"Fuck you, and your wife!"

"I'm going to have to call down to airport security if you don't calm down sir." The attendant warned Brian.

Cathy came to Brian's defense. "It's not Brian's fault." she said.

Brian stood up. "Give me my seat back!" he said to Irene.

"Do you hear how he's talking to my wife?"

"Your wife started it!" Cathy pointed out.

"You shut up; no one's talking to you!" Frank yelled at Cathy.

"Don't you tell her to shut up? Tell that loud mouth nag of yours to shut up." Brian growled.


Yes nag!"

"All of you, take your correct seats, and be quiet. If I hear anything from either of you for the rest of this flight, I'm going to have you arrested when we land." The flight attendant gave her final warning. As she walked away she looked over her shoulder at Brian, remembering that he had been the one that she caught looking at her ass.

Brian returned to his seat next to Cathy. He looked at his watch. This couldn't be happening. All he wanted to do was get back home to spend Christmas in Justin's arms. Could it get any worst than this?

"Ladies, and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. We're coming into some bad weather. There's a snow advisory warning in effect over the
Pittsburgh area. There will be delay in landing."



Justin continued to follow the two boys. The conversation between them was interesting. He had always wanted to know what Brian had been like as a boy. Michael hadn't really changed but Brian had. He looked closely, not only had Michael not even changed, he was wearing the same damn scarf that trailed in his over easy eggs every morning in the diner. How gross, no wonder the damn thing looked a hundred years old. It was.

Justin looked around him again. He still was alone on the street with teenage Brian and Michael. The stores looked almost familiar but not quite, of course it was fifteen years in the past, things change even if Michael didn't. "I wonder if I'm dead?" he thought. "That's it I'm dead and now instead of going to heaven I'm forced to follow Michael around listening to his brainless chatter for the next thousand years. Talk about purgatory. Oh well, if sex with Brian had kept him out of heaven at least it was fun and he wouldn't change it even if he could.

Oh, oh, the boys were getting away from him. He ran to catch up. He couldn't resist letting his lips caress Brian's cheek as the Brian of the past stood in front of a window with Michael looking at the leather briefcases and satchels inside. Brian's hand went up to his cheek and he looked around, his hazel eyes wide. He was sure that warm lips had touched his cheek in a kiss, but no one was there except Mikey and he wouldn't dare; besides he was standing on his other side.

Justin giggled to himself. Brian looked puzzled, now he heard someone giggling. He shook his head and continued to look at the finely crafted pieces in the store window. "You can get this stuff at the Big Q" Michael stated.


"Not like this Mikey, this is Gucci, someday I'm going to have nothing but designer things. See that?" he pointed at a briefcase/satchel a wide shoulder strap puddle around it. "I'm going to have one of those with my initials in gold just under that flap."

"That's just a school bag purse kind of thing. Everybody will know you're queer."

"I am queer Mikey and that isn't just a school bag. It's a satchel like none other."

"Maybe your folks will get it for you for Christmas or even graduation."

"You do know that these things cost money. Big money." Brian smirked at Michael and looked back at the satchel. "I'll buy it myself someday or my true love will buy it for me." He began to laugh "My blue eyed blonde of my dreams" he punched Michael in the shoulder. "we will live in the top of our castle, the king of gay Pittsburgh and his consort" his voice was in a high falsetto

Michael joined in "the king's faithful best friend always at his side" the two of the dissolved in giggles Brian poking Michael and Michael poking him back in the way of teenage boys everywhere.

Justin shook his head at their foolishness. He couldn't stand Michael, but he was envious of the camaraderie that Brian and he shared. He continued to follow the two of them as the walked side by side down the cold
Pittsburgh street. All of a sudden, the street began to phase in and out, busy with traffic and noise then back to the quiet twilight of the past. What ever was happening to him was about to end. Brian and Michael had stopped once again to look in a window. Brian was getting fainter you could almost see through him. Justin ran up and kissed him hard on the lips. He whispered "I love you Brian" when he began to feel the cold wet of the sidewalk beneath him. He looked up into the eyes of a stranger.

"Geeze man, I'm sorry" the stranger began. "I didn't mean to knock you over. Are you OK; you looked like you'd passed out there for a minute."

Justin let his one hand move to the back of his head. He could feel a lump where his head had hit the sidewalk. The pain was terrific but not as bad as what he'd felt when he was recovering from the bashing. "I'm alright." He struggled to his feet. The stranger bent over and handed him his portfolio and straightened his back pack for him.

The light changed and the stranger walked across the street, never looking back. It was just another winter incident on the
Pittsburgh streets. Justin stood still for a moment and looked around. He was about to cross the street when he noticed the leather goods store two stores down. It looked like the one Brian and Michael had been looking in. The outside had been painted and of course the display was different but it had the same feeling of elegance about it that Brian had been impressed with.

Justin walked over and peered in the window. A display of fine luggage complete
with red velvet holiday bows were displayed. On a whim he opened the door
and walked in.



"Ladies, and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. We've come into some stormy weather here over
Pittsburgh International. There will be a delay in landing while the ground crew plows the runway. I assure you that the plane has plenty of fuel, and we are not in any danger at this time."

Could it get any fucking worst? A furious Brian now pushed over the brink of aggravation, and stranded somewhere circling the skies over Pittsburgh International Airport once again rested his head on the back of his seat. Shielded by the darkness of closed eyes, he focused in on the inner sounds of his own breathing, until slowly he began to lull himself to a peaceful place. Before long Brian was back at home, padding his way through the dimly lit loft, and making his way toward the bedroom. He stopped short at the top of the stairs, taken aback by the sight of Justin in blue. There lying on his side, with his arms wrapped snuggly around his pillow, the young man appeared almost angelic under the neon. Brian smiled to himself, as the eyes of his memory slowly traced the sleek contours of his baby's body. Brian envisioned himself laying down next to him, and ever so lightly removing a tuft of golden hair that threatened his view. Justin stirred slightly, as Brian replaced the pillow with himself, and pulled his baby closer. "I love you Brian." He distinctly heard Justin whisper. Brian suddenly opened his eyes, and touched is lips. He could have sworn that he felt Justin's kiss.

"Oh god." Cathy gasped.

"Are you alright?" Brian asked.

"My water just broke."

"I'll get you another one." Brian was about to signal for the flight attendant when Cathy took his arm.

"Not that kind of water." she panted. "Oh god."

Brian's eyes widened. "Oh shit! STEWARDESS!"

The flight attendant hurried down the isle. "What is it now Mr. Kinney?"

"She's having the baby!"


The flight attendant went about the protocol for such a medical emergency. As usual, there wasn't a doctor around when you needed one. The tower was alerted of what was going on, and cleared the plane for first priority to land. Airport security sent out a page for Cathy's husband, and readied the ambulance. Mother nature however was not cooperating. The ground crew appeared to be fighting a loosing battle with the runway's snow accumulation.

"Awwww." Cathy squeezed Brian's hand, and groaned. "Don't leave me Brian." she panted.

"I won't." Brian whimpered. "What do you want me to do?"

"Awwwww, talk to

"What do you want me to say?"

"Anything. Tell me about your wife." Cathy winced in pain.

"I'm not married."

"Then tell me about your blonde."


"Justin?" Cathy's eyes widened.

"He's my lover." Brian said.

"You're gay? You don't look gay. Oh, here comes another one."

Brian watched his finger tips turn white as Cathy rode out another contraction. "Justin." Brian's voice trembled. "Well he's blonde, very fair, with the bluest eyes you've ever seen, and a smile that out shines my Christmas lights." Brian began.

"He sounds beautiful. Where did you meet?"

"We met outside of a dance club called

Babylon?" Cathy panted.

"Yeah, it's a gay club."

"Was it love at first sight?"

Brian smiled. "I didn't know it at the time, but now that I think back, yes it was love at first sight."

Cathy smiled. "Like me, and David, I knew right away that he was the one. It took him a while to realize it though. How long have you two been together?"

"Almost a year, this will be our first Christmas together."

"Oh, here we go again." Cathy warned, and proceeded to once again bear down, while squeezing Brian's hand. "Whew. That was a good one." she panted.

"Jesus Christ." Brian hyperventilated.

"Are you alright Brian?"

"Yes." he lied.

"Keep talking."

"I can't."

"Pant, don't take deep breaths." Cathy instructed.

Brian took a few panting breaths, and continued. "I love him, and Gus loves him too."

"Who's Gus?"

"He's my son. They're my babies. We're a family." The words rolled off of Brian's tongue with an ease that surprised even him. "We're a family." He said again, just because he liked the sound of it.

A nervous Brian continued to hold Cathy's hand, riding out each contraction, and eventually panting along with her. Frank, and Irene, along with the other passengers listened from their respective seats as Brian told Cathy about Lindsey, and Mel, and the night Gus was born. The frightened young mother laughed when he told her about the mishaps that almost ruined Lindsey, and Mel's wedding, and Cathy cried when Brian told her about Justin's prom. Eventually the plane landed, and Brian continued to hold Cathy's hand as they carted her off to the ambulance. She had them to pause briefly before they loaded her into the ambulance to introduce her knight in shining armor to her husband David.

"Thank you for taking care of my wife for me." David said.

Brian rubbed his sore hand. "It was my pleasure." he smiled.

Cathy reached for Brian one last time, and pulled him close for a kiss on the cheek. "Give your Justin a kiss for
me." she said. "Tell him that he's a lucky man."

"I'm the lucky one." Brian smiled.

Cathy returned the smile. "Merry Christmas Brian." she whispered.

Brian watched as the ambulance disappeared into the blustering white flakes of snow, before going to hail his own taxi. After numerous attempts, he finally caught one. It wasn't until he was seated inside, and headed down the slow moving, slippery highway that Brian realized that something was missing. "Oh shit, my briefcase!" he said.



"You alright young man?" an old man dressed in Armani walked over to Justin. "Saw you slip out there. Looked bad for a minute but you got right up."

"It was only a minute?" Justin asked "Seemed like a lot longer."

"Time is like that son." The old man chuckled to himself. "Ever notice how the bad times seem to last forever when they happen and the happy times just evaporate they speed by so fast."

"I guess." Justin wandered over to the satchel in the window display. "Is this Gucci?" he asked.

"It is fine piece of workmanship. One of a kind." He lifted it out. "Feel this leather, soft as a baby's bottom." He opened up the case. "The detailing didn't stop with the outside, no sir. The stitching and the little extras are carried throughout the case. This isn't any kind of briefcase. This is a work of art."

"It's beautiful." Justin looked at it closely. "Wow, $5,000.00 for a briefcase?" He was amazed at the price. No wonder Brian had wanted one, even when Brian was sixteen a briefcase like this one would have been expensive. "My boyfriend has always wanted something like this. But I think it will be awhile before I get him one." Justin laughed.

"You must love him to want to spend that kind of money."

"I do love him, but I want to give him something that says thank you as well. He's been there for me no matter what." He looked at the old man. "Brian Andrew Kinney has probably the biggest heart in Pittsburgh, but he keeps it well under wraps."

"Life makes you do that sometime son. You do it for protection." He looked at Justin "That an art portfolio young man?"

"It is, nothing like what you have here." Justin held it out "My mom bought it for me when I started at PIFA."

"My wife went there a long time ago." The old man walked slowly over to a pair of wing back easy chairs in the back of the store and sat down. "Come on and sit for a minute with an old man. Have anything in that portfolio to show?"

"I have the ones that I just graded on this past semester." Justin walked over and sat down. He opened the portfolio and took out some of his water colors.

The old man put on his glasses and one by one Justin handed him the water colors, explaining each one. Telling him about who he'd drawn and why.

"Does your wife still paint?" Justin asked.

"She died son, many years ago. I have a few of her paintings but not many." He sighed. "My house burnt last winter and now I don't even have a picture of her." The only paintings that were saved are here in the store. But all our personal pictures are lost."

"That's terrible" Justin said. "Doesn't any of your family have any pictures of her?"

"Have no family son," he looked around at the store "I guess this is my family, Suzanne died with our son and the store became my family." He looked at Justin who was about to say something. "It's alright, made my peace a long time ago with Suzanne’s death. Wasn't anybody's fault, there were problems with the baby's birth, it was winter and we couldn't get to the hospital in time and they died." His eyes were sad "It's like I told you. The bad times, they take forever, but the good ones fly by. I'll never forget the night they died. Yet, now, without a picture to remind me of her beauty, I sometime sit here and can't quite remember her face."

"I know what you mean." Justin took out another water color. "When Brian, my partner and I were having problems it was like I was stuck in a time loop. Like it would never end, yet now that we are happy, time goes by so fast." He handed over the picture.

The old man took it holding it carefully in two hands. He looked and looked again, his face parchment white. "My gawd" he gasped. "When did you do this?"

Justin, his eyes wide "I woke up on November sixteenth; I had this picture in my head and had to paint it. It won top marks of my year this semester." He looked concerned. "Are you alright? Can I get you some water or something?"

"It's her; it's my Suzanne, she looks so happy." He looked at Justin, tears in his eyes "you said November sixteenth?"

Justin nodded.

"That's the night they died twenty five years ago." He looked back at the picture of a young mother, her long red curly hair tied back with a green ribbon. She was sitting in a wing back chair holding a new born, a fuzz of red hair on its sleeping head. She was smiling out at someone, looking happy and
contented as only a new mother can.

"It's yours," Justin got up from the chair. "I have to go; I need to get Brian something for Christmas."

"I'll pay you." The old man reached for his wallet.

"It's Christmas." Justin smiled his sunshine smile. "Suzanne must have wanted you to have this; she must have loved you very much to get me working in the middle of the night." He grinned as he opened the door. "Merry Christmas."

It was still snowing out and Justin was cold and damp from his fall. He continued toward the loft, window shopping, looking for that special gift for Brian. He had two hundred dollars saved and he wanted something special. By the time he reached the end of the shopping district and was almost at the loft he realized that he'd have to get his mother to take him to the mall. He didn't have much time left; his walk in and out of stores had wasted more than two hours. A delivery man was ringing the buzzer of the loft when he rounded the corner at the building. "Hey, I'm not answering" he said to the guy "'cause I'm right here."

"You Justin Taylor?" the delivery man said looking at his clip board.

"That's me"

"I need a piece of ID then you can sign here." He looked at Justin's driver's license then handed him the clip board indicating where Justin was to sign, then handed over a large parcel.

Justin pulled off the envelope taped to the front of the parcel. It was a note from Mr. Snider at the leather shop.

"Like you said Mr. Taylor, it's Christmas. Please accept this from myself and Suzanne. You have made this my best Christmas ever, P. Snider."

Justin opened the parcel when he got into the loft. It was the briefcase only now when he lifted the front flap; BAK was embossed in gold script. Brian's present, almost exactly like the one he'd fallen for when he was sixteen. He couldn't believe that Mr. Snider had given this to him for his painting.

Justin went to the phone and called the leather store. "Mr. Snider, its Justin Taylor. The picture was a gift for you. You didn't have to pay me anything."

"I didn't pay for it Mr. Taylor. I gave you a gift. It's Christmas"

Justin could hear the smile in Mr. Snider's voice. He'd always been taught to accept gifts gracefully. "Thank you Mr. Snider. It means a lot to me to be able to have this for Brian."

"You have a good Christmas. I know I will" with that said the old man hung up the phone. He sat back in his wing back chair. They very one that Justin had painted, though he'd had it recovered a number of times since the fabric in the painting, "Merry Christmas Suzanne, Merry Christmas Sonny Boy," he said.

Justin quickly wrapped Brian's gift. He still hadn't heard from Brian, but his man had told him he'd be back for Christmas and one thing that Brian didn't do was break a promise.

The shower was hot and steamy but he finally felt warm. He looked at the bed but it just wasn't the same without Brian beside him. He went to the tree and turned on the Christmas lights then turned off the rest of the lights in the loft. He put on some Christmas music; made sure his present for Brian was prominently displayed under the tree then lay down on the sofa to wait.

Brian was coming; he could feel that he was close. The tingle he always got when Brian was near was starting. He let his eyes shut, resting for a few moments. When Brian finally arrived they were going to have the best Christmas ever before the gang arrived. This Christmas time was for the two of them to celebrate the past year and their future.



Having survived the great war of Frank, and Irene, threats of imprisonment from a hostile flight attendant, having remained calm under labor, and foraged through the worst blizzard of the season, an exhausted, but triumphant Brian returned to the loft. He looked at his watch as he rode the elevator up to his apartment. Although it was well past eleven, Brian had managed to keep the promise that he had made to Justin, to be with his baby for Christmas. Like a knight returning from battle, Brian slid the loft door open, and announced his arrival. "Baby, where are you? I'm home!"

The smooth sounds of Nat King Cole answered him: "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose......."

Brian scanned the usually dark apartment that was now decorated with strings of colorful lights. Near the sofa stood an oversized fresh pine tree that was way too large for it's area, but Brian had bought it anyway because Justin loved it so. Laying on the sofa, curled up into fetal position was where all roads ended, Justin.

Brian walked over to the sofa, and knelt down next to his sleeping beauty. He started to kiss him, but suddenly pulled back. Brian had heard of miracles, but never thought he'd have one to call his own. Would it be blasphemy to say that the birth of the Christ child paled in comparison to the miracle that touched Brian Andrew Kinney's heart that night on
Liberty Avenue? Brian leaned in close, and whispered in Justin's ear. "Joy to the world. My love has come. Let us bring him silver, and gold."

Justin opened his eyes as Brian was placing the gold bracelet on his wrist. "Merry Christmas baby." he whispered.


“Brian, is that you?” whispered Justin sleepily. “BRIAN, IT IS YOU” he shouted and threw his arms around Brian’s neck dragging him down across his chest.


Brian laughed, “I love coming home to you Sunshine,” He kissed him gently, letting his lips caress those of his partner.


Justin wiggled around until now he was on top of Brian. He was about to unbutton the red shirt when the sparkle of the bracelet caught his eye. “I love this Brian.” He said.


“Merry Christmas Baby.” Brian put his hand to the back of Justin’s blonde head and pulled him down so their lips could meet. “This is the first Christmas that has ever meant anything to me. Thank you for that Christmas present Baby.”


Justin could hardly take his eyes off his bracelet. He watched the braided gold sparkle with the lights from the Christmas tree. His artist’s eye took in the contrast as he began to slowly unbutton Brian’s shirt, his lips kissing the hard chest as each inch of it was revealed. His reward was the catch in Brian’s breath, the speeding up of his heart beat and the hardening of Brian’s cock pressing against his belly. He moved lower once the shirt was unbuttoned; giving his beautifully shaped belly button a quick rim then nipped it with his teeth making Brian gasp his name. He slowly pulled the zipper down on the fine wool of Brian’s trousers. He smiled at the wet spot forming from the leaking cock on the silk boxers Brian was wearing. One more nip in the middle of the treasure trail made Brian’s cock peek out from under the elastic. Justin couldn’t resist and let his tongue sweep the end of the reddening knob. Pleased when it leaped into the air forcing the silk down, Justin looked up and smiled then let his warm mouth engulf the end flicking his tongue across the slit. Strong fingers began to comb through his blonde hair, quick intake of breath each time Justin sucked until finally Brian couldn’t stand it any longer and pulled Justin away only to sit himself up, his straining cock waving in the air, his shirt and pants open, the epitome of debauchery. Justin grinned at him, his eyes hooded with lust. He stood in front of Brian and slowly began to remove what little he had on until his naked body glowed in the soft light shining from the tree.


“Come to bed Brian, or Santa won’t bring you any gifts.” He grinned his sunshine grin and walked with a wiggle to the bedroom, leaving Brian hanging out, but grinning, to follow him.


The rest of the night was spent in a tangle of passion until Justin finally lay sleeping in Brian’s arms, his hand with the gold bracelet on its wrist clutching Brian’s - fingers entwined.


Justin woke up alone. It was early; the sun was still not up. He could hear the soft music from a Christmas CD and he could hear what sounded like crying. He got up and quietly walked out into the living area. Brian was back sitting on the floor, his back against the sofa in his blue silk robe. He’d unwrapped Justin’s gift to him, the paper was on the floor and he was holding the portfolio tight to his chest while he quietly cried. He’d never seen Brian like this and it frightened him. But he walked over and sat on the sofa beside his lover. Brian put his head on Justin’s knee, then wiped his eyes. “For thirty one years Christmas was just another day.” He said “And then I met a young man who changed my life more than he could ever realize.”


Justin listened quietly while he ran his fingers through the soft auburn hair. “I don’t know exactly how you knew about this case, but I’ve seen one other Christmas miracle this year, so I’ll accept this one as another.” He turned his tear filled hazel eyes up to Justin. “I’ll never forget this Christmas. Thirty one is kind of old for a ‘first’ Christmas, but that’s what this one is for me. Thank you Justin Taylor for being my partner.”

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