Just Because

Just Because

It was exactly a year to the day that Brian and Justin had made the decision to be exclusive, and it still amazed Justin that Brian had really stopped tricking. Well, not actually amazed 'cause Justin had always known that Brian could do it if he wanted. And now he wanted to do it. For Justin.

'For me. He's doing it for me.' Justin couldn't help but smile.

"Daydreaming again, Taylor?" someone snorted.

"Huh? No, I was just..."

"Cut the crap Taylor. I know that look; it's the 'I wish my boyfriend was here fucking me against this table' look."

"Jeez Sam!"

"What? Am I wrong?" he asked raising a brow.

"Well... no."

"Told you so."

"You know, for a straight guy you seem to know a lot about gay men and how they think," Justin smirked.

"That just proves that I've worked with you for too long."

"Ha ha. Well anyway, I think I'm off. I've done enough for one day."

"Yeah me too. Wanna grab a quick drink at the bar?"

"No thanks, I'm heading home."

"In a hurry, are we?"

Justin gave him a look.

"Okay, I'll take that as a 'yes'. Well, see you tomorrow then!"

"Yeah, till tomorrow!"



"Hey," Brian said from the computer.

Justin went to Brian and kissed him thoroughly.

"What was that for?" Brian asked when they finally came up for air.

"Well you're my partner, isn't that enough?"

Brian gave him his patented tongue-in-cheek smirk.

"I thought so," Justin stated and headed to the bedroom. 'I bet he didn't remember,' Justin thought.

"Umm... Brian?"


"What's this?" Justin asked standing at the top of the stairs holding a box he'd found on the bed.

"Oh, that's for you," Brian said nonchalantly.

"For me?"


'So he *did* remember', Justin thought smiling to himself. "Is it from you?"

Brian rolled his eyes. "No. It's from the fucking tooth fairy."

Brian was met with Justin's infamous smile. 'That damn smile again,' Brian thought but couldn't hide his own smile when he walked into the bedroom.

"What is it?" Justin asked.

"Well you could always open it and find out. Unless you have some supernatural powers to get it out without actually touching the box."

Justin rolled his eyes and opened the box. He took out a beautiful dark-gray sweater. "Brian, this is beautiful. Is this cashmere?"

"What else?"

"Yeah, that was a stupid question," Justin grinned. "Thank you Brian. I love it!" Justin said and gave Brian a kiss.

"Why did you get this for me?"

Brian was silent for a moment and then shrugged. "Well you know, just because."

Justin looked at Brian and smiled. "I love you too."


"Leave it on."

"But it's gonna get come all over it."

"Leave it on."

Brian kissed away all of Justin's protests, and before he knew it, he was being fucked against the dining room table. In nothing but his brand-new sweater.

Brian sneaked his hands under the soft cashmere and curled them tight around Justin's shoulders. Leverage for a harder fuck.

When it was over, Justin's new sweater was streaked and dotted with pearly white. A lot of pearly white.

Justin looked accusingly at Brian, but Brian simply smiled, peeled the sweater off and threw it into the dry-cleaning pile at the bottom of the closet before tackling him onto the bed.

Justin soon forgot all about the sweater. It was pretty hard to ignore Brian's tongue as it licked him good and clean.

Two weeks later, Justin pulled the sweater out of the plastic dry-cleaning bag. He was going to a chichi art gallery opening and the sweater would go perfectly with his charcoal dress pants.

He took it into the kitchen where the light was better and looked it over carefully. There was no evidence of their hot, dirty fuck.

As always, Brian's dry cleaner had done a very thorough job.

For once, Justin was sorely disappointed with the quality and excellence of their service.