Secret Admirers


“Come off it, Kiddo,” Brian advised as the guys finished their lunch at the diner. “After all – you got one too.”

“Oh yeah,” Justin maintained. “Like – I got mine three days after you got yours – and I bet you sent it too. I should have the handwriting analyzed.”

“Now how dumb do you think I am, Taylor?” Brian laughed. “If I was gonna send you a valentine signed ‘Your secret admirer,’ do you think I’d actually sign it myself?”

“Well, maybe not, Kinney,” Justin begrudged, “But Cynthia knows a lot about handwriting and maybe I’ll ask her anyway….”

“Didn’t you try that with my “Secret admirer’ valentine?” Brian reminded him. “The one you’ve been fussing about for the last week. And didn’t Cynthia say she thought it was a woman’s handwriting?”

“Yeah,” Justin admitted. “But she could be wrong too, BK, and I don’t think I like you having a secret admirer of either gender – but I guess a woman would be better.”

“Geez, Baby,” Brian cajoled. “It’s not like it was signed ‘Meet me at the Schenley Park tennis courts at midnight’ or anything like that. What’s wrong with me having a secret admirer anyhow - as long as we don’t even know who he is?”

“See Brian,” Justin told him. “You said ‘he.’ Not ‘he’ or ‘she.’ You know it’s some guy who wants to steal you away from me – and this is like – the first step….”

“And it’s gonna be the last step too,” Brian replied. “It’s probably only a joke anyhow. But even if it isn’t….”

“Well I’m not happy that somebody else is….” Justin began to explain.

“You know what, Baby?” Brian interrupted. “Every time I’m out with you, I see guys looking at you. You know who they are – or what they are? They’re secret admirers. It’s the price I pay for having the best looking boy-friend in town.”

“You’re just kidding, Kinney,” Justin said. “Like – trying to change the subject so I’ll forget about that valentine you got.”

“Hey, JT,” Brian responded. “Did you see those two good-looking guys who just left. Well they were both giving you the eye the whole time they were eating. Maybe one of them wrote your ‘Secret admirer’ card. But I don’t worry about any competition cause….”

“Cause you know I won’t be eying them back – eh, Kinney?” Justin grinned. “So you don’t have to worry about my secret admirers. Right?”

“Exactly, Baby,” Brian agreed. “We are stuck with each other for the long haul – and that’s just the way it is…..”

“So like maybe I have a few secret admirers of my own – just like you do?” Justin proposed.

“Absolutely,” Brian reassured him. “And probably a lot more….”

“Well tell the truth now, Bri,” Justin commanded. “Did you really send my ‘Secret admirer’ valentine to like – shut me up?”

”Well like - maybe….” Brian began.

“Damn,” Justin told him.


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