The Invitation

Part 2

This is a continuation of O.G. Walton's Fantasy Season 11.  It is Chapter 8 of that series.



David felt a sinister sense of satisfaction as he drove away from The Plaza Hotel. In his rearview mirror he could still see Brian standing in the middle of the sidewalk where he left him. One could only imagine what was going through his mind. As far as David was concerned it was payback time for the time Michael stood him up to follow Brian on a road trip to New York, in search of a runaway Justin. It was payback time for making him look like a fool when David hauled chicken soup over to Debbie’s house, only to find that Debbie wasn’t sick at all. It had all been a fabricated lie so that Michael could go hang out with Brian. It was payback time for Brian having the audacity to show up at David’s office, and warn him that forbidding Michael from seeing him would cause David to loose him. Most of all it was payback time for Brian being the real reason why Michael left Portland, and returned to Pittsburgh. Yes, one could only imagine what was going through Brian’s mind now that the tables were turned.
David stood by his position that Tony was merely going through a phase, no doubt brought on by a mid-life crisis. It’s not uncommon for men, both gay and straight to do foolish things when they’re approaching their fifties. Chasing younger tail was the least of these. What better way to prove your continued prowess than to set your sights on arguably the hottest couple in Pittsburgh? The love story of Brian Kinney, and Justin Taylor was legendary along Liberty Avenue. Leave it to Tony to brazenly go after, and capture them both just to prove that he could. David smiled to himself. He knew his friend too well. With Lucky it was all about the thrill of the chase. Tony would soon tire of his newfound domestic bliss, and move on to the next great conquest. That’s where David came in. It was up to him to give his friend a push in the right direction.

“Ha-ha-ha, Happy Valentine’s Day, Brian.” David laughed.
Brian watched David’s car disappear into traffic before turning to reenter the revolving glass doors of The Plaza Hotel. Tony hadn’t mentioned any summit in Washington. David was clearly trying to fuck with Brian’s head, no doubt trying to ruin the Royal Trio’s first Valentine’s Day together. Brian was determined not to let that happen, not to give David the satisfaction. Besides, right now there were more pressing issues at hand, like the meeting with Holster & Associates that he was now late for. Brian decided to ignore David’s attempt to stir up shit. If Tony didn’t mention Washington, then neither would he.
While the rest of working-class Pittsburgh was teetering on the brink of collapse, Liberty Avenue was flourishing. The once working class neighborhood was now seeing an upsurge of developers, and first time buyers who wanted to be a part of the fledgling nuovo community. These younger clients brought with them the finances, and the attitude of a singles lifestyle. Some religious groups were calling it the end of days. They quoted their Biblical scriptures, and warned parents about the Sodom & Gomorrah that was growing right in their own backyards.
Sanford Holster of Holster & Associates proudly rolled out the final blueprint for the crown jewel of Liberty Avenue. “This is 'Camelot on Tremont'.” he began. “The split level unit will include the apartment next door, and the one above Brian’s unit. The two downstairs units will be conjoined with a common living room/dining room area, and a spiral staircase that will lead up to Justin’s loft studio. Over here will be Gus’s room, and Justin’s bedroom will be over here. What do you think?”
Tony sat back in his chair, and studied the diagrams on his desk, before looking over at Brian. “What do you think, Brian?” he asked.
“What kind of time frame are we looking at?” Brian asked.
“With the amount of workers commissioned for the site, we’re looking at 6 months, tops,” Sanford assured him.
“And you’ll loose $1,000 for each day that the project runs over,” Tony said.
“But Mr. Massey, surely you understand that unexpected problems can arise. It’s not unusual for a project of this size to fall behind,” Sanford tried to reason.
“Those are my terms. If you can’t deliver, then we’ll find someone who can. Six months.” Tony wasn’t budging.
“Six months.” Sanford Holster extended his hand to seal the deal.
Brian waited until the contractor had left before turning to Tony. “And they say I’m a bitch to work for. You know damned well that renovation is going to go over 6 months, and it’s probably going to run over budget.” Brian said.
Tony gathered up the papers on his desk. “It doesn’t matter. A deal is a deal. He made the bid, we accepted it, and now he’s stuck with it. As far as time is concerned, he shouldn’t promise 6 months if he doesn’t mean 6 months,” Tony said.
“You’re a ruthless son-of-a-bitch. I like that in a man.” Brian smiled.
“And I like the taste of cigarettes and coffee on a naughty boy, early in the morning.” Tony rounded his desk, and pulled Brian to his feet for a proper hello kiss.
Brian snaked one arm around Tony’s waist, while his other hand found its way to Tony’s crotch. The skillful tactician stroked the sleeping giant awake. “Sit down,” Brian ordered.
Tony pulled the chair up behind him, and sat down. “Have you got a present for daddy this morning?” he purred.
“Only if you’re good.” Brian unzipped his trousers, and slid them along with his briefs, down below his hips.
“Oh, you know I’m good.” Tony grinned.
“So what are you waiting for?” Brian asked.
“I’m waiting for you to serve me.” Tony opened his mouth, and displayed his tongue.
Brian cupped the back of Tony’s head, and placed his cock on the warm, pink flesh of Tony’s tongue. Ummmm, Tony closed his lips, and sucked his boy inside…………….


The store windows in the shopping malls were decorated with cupids and red hearts in hopes of enticing amorous passersby, scrambling for last minute tokens of affection. Among the sentimental, early morning shoppers was Justin-Taylor-Kinney-Massey. What does one buy for the men who have everything? Ideally, it would be something similar, something that would remind both men of each other, and of their princess whenever they looked at it. Equally important was to find something that Justin could afford. Somehow it didn’t seem quite right to put Brian and Tony’s gifts on their own credit cards. And so it was with debit card in hand that Justin set out to find the perfect gifts for the loves of his life.
“Do you see something that you like?” A conservatively dressed saleswoman strolled over to Justin’s end of the jewelry counter.
“I’d like to see the love knot cufflinks please.” Justin pointed.
The saleswoman opened the glass case, and handed the black velvet box to the little blonde in the jeans, and hooded parka. He certainly didn’t look like her typical customer. A quick glance alerted security who casually moved closer to the exit door. “Ah, the love knot, the classic symbol of binding, intertwining, constant, and never-ending love. It’s the perfect gift for that special Valentine,” she gushed.
“How much are these?” Justin asked.
“You’re very lucky. They happen to be on sale today. They’re only $750.” The woman smiled. As expected, the young man began to scan the jewelry case again. Never one to embarrass a customer, the saleswoman leaned in closer. “If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, we have some things at the other end of the counter that might interest you,” she said.
“Thank you, but these are fine. I was looking for a second pair. I need two pair,” Justin said.
“Two pair?” The woman looked surprised. “I could check the vault in back.”
“Would you please?” Justin smiled.
The saleswoman hurried off to the back of the store, while the guard stationed near the exit kept a discrete, yet vigilant eye on the little blonde left at the counter. He watched as Justin unzipped, and removed his jacket. The store felt exceptionally warm. Someone should definitely turn the heat down. What time was it anyway? Justin looked at his watch. It didn’t seem late enough to be lunchtime, but the hunger pains in his belly indicated otherwise.
The saleswoman returned with a second black velvet box. “I have good news, and I have bad news. The bad news is that we don’t have another pair of the love knots in yellow gold. However, we do have one more last pair in white gold.” She smiled.
Justin took the love knots, and held them side by side. The yellow gold would match the color of Brian’s auburn hair, and the white gold would go perfectly with Tony’s silver waves. “I’ll take them both,” he decided.
“Excellent. Will this be cash, or credit?” the saleswoman asked.
“Debit.” Justin handed her his bank card.
The saleswoman took notice of the beads of sweat on her young customer’s forehead. Nerves, perhaps? “It’s the store’s security policy that I request to see some additional identification,” she said politely.
“I’d like to have those gift wrapped please.” Justin handed her his drivers’ license.
The saleswoman swiped Justin’s card, and handed him the electronic pad to type in his pin number. Surprisingly, the approved sign flashed across her screen. “I need your signature, please, and we’ll get these all wrapped up for you. If you don’t mind me asking, who will be the lucky recipients of the love knots?”
Justin scribbled his name, and returned her pen. “They’re for my husbands,” he said.
“Your husbands, you have two?” she grinned.
“Lucky me.” Justin forced a smile. The pain in his belly was now accompanied by feelings of nausea.
“Are you alright, Mr. Taylor? You look pale,” the saleswoman noticed.
“I’ve been shopping all morning. I guess I should have eaten breakfast first. I’m fine,” Justin assured her.
“Your love knots will be ready in a few minutes. In the meantime, why don’t you have a seat in our lounge area? Please, help yourself to some chocolates and champagne,” she suggested.
Justin partially took her up on her offer. Foregoing the sweets and alcohol, he did take a seat in one of the more comfortable chairs in the cooler lounge area. What bad timing. This was the Royal Trio’s first Valentine’s Day together, and he was coming down with something. Justin hoped it wasn’t the flu. Perhaps a hot cup of soup was all that he needed to soothe whatever was causing the pain in his belly.
“You’re all set, Mr. Taylor. I hope your husbands enjoy their gifts. Be careful, you don’t want to crush the bows.” The saleswoman handed Justin the little shopping bag with the “Bacharach Jewelers” logo prominently displayed.
Justin proceeded to the mall food court, and ordered a hot cup of tomato soup. With the pain growing worse, he was still determined to finish his shopping. Remembering the saleswoman’s last warning to protect the bows, Justin sat the little shopping bag containing the love knots on the table, next to his soup. Brian and Tony’s gifts had cost a little more than he intended to spend. It was going to take some clever checkbook balancing to ensure that the other valentines on his list were remembered. Justin pulled a pen from his jacket pocket and began to write on his paper napkin. Red roses for mom, $30.00, chocolate turtle pixies for Daphne, $15.00, roses for Debbie, $30.00…..Suddenly, without warning, a dark jacket bolted past, and the little bag containing the love knots was gone.
“SHIT! SON-OF-A-BITCH! STOP, THIEF!” Justin took off after the fleeing figure……..


Brian took a moment to catch his breath before attempting to reciprocate Tony’s ball shattering blowjob. He was surprised, however, and a little insulted when his offer was turned down. “Are you sure?” Brian tucked his shirt inside his pants, and zipped his trousers.
“I’m sure.” Tony adjusted his tie. “I promise I’ll take you up on your offer later on tonight. Right now I have to get back to work. I have to move some appointments around. I’m flying to Washington next Friday. Oh, by the way I made reservations for the three of us at The Gazebo for tomorrow night. They have a fantastic Valentine’s Day menu planned…..”
“Whoa… back up.” Brian stopped him. “You’re going where?”
“I’m flying to Washington next Friday for a weekend summit on healthcare reform,” Tony explained further.
“Who are you going with?” Brian asked.
“I’m going with David.” Tony sat down at his desk, and turned on his laptop.
“Well at least you didn’t lie about it,” Brian conceded.
“Lie about what?” Tony scanned his memos.
“About you going out of town with your ex, that’s what!” Brian slammed Tony’s laptop shut.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? You almost caught my fingers,” Tony said.
“Damn your fingers. I thought we were supposed to be married,” Brian reminded him.
“We are married, but that doesn’t mean that we’re joined at the hip. And stop saying that David is my ex. He’s just a friend. I don’t say anything when you call Michael three times a day,” Tony argued.
“Michael was never my fuck buddy!” Brian pointed out.
“Keep your voice down,” Tony said.
“FUCK BUDDY!” Brian got louder.
Tony sat back in his chair, and looked at his auburn haired boy. “You’re jealous.” He smiled.
“You wish,” Brian hissed.
“Brian, I love you and Justin. I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize what we have, but you can’t expect me to work from nine to five, then sit around the house drinking beer, and mowing the lawn. That’s not me. That’s not the kind of man I am,” Tony said.
“So what kind of man are you Mr. Massey? It’s just starting to dawn on me that I don’t know much about you at all. All I know is that one day you dropped into Justin's and my life, and decided to stay,” Brian said.
“Stop now, Brian, before you say something you don’t mean to say,” Tony warned him.
“If Justin wasn’t in the picture, would you and I even be together now?” Brian asked the question anyway.
“Tony, I’m sorry to interrupt you….” the voice of Tony’s assistant came over the speakerphone.
“Not now, Everlee,” Tony said.
“You need to take this call, Tony. It’s about Justin.” Everlee said.


The details of how Justin landed in Allegheny General Hospital were protected by laws of confidentiality. The only thing Brian and Tony knew for sure was his location. Upon their arrival, the frantic husbands were directed to the surgical floor. There they found Justin fresh out of recovery and asleep in his room. Tony took a seat on the left side of the bed, and Brian pulled up a chair on his right while they waited...and waited…and waited for some answers.
“Where the hell is that surgeon?” Brian checked his watch for the thousandth time.
“The nurse said he would be in to talk to us as soon as he can.” Tony massaged Justin’s hand.
“I can’t believe this shit! Why can’t the nurse tell us something?” Brian’s frustration was starting to resonate in his voice.
“Calm down Brian, before they put us out,” Tony said.
“Let them try.” Brian stroked his fingers through Justin’s hair.
“I’m alright, Brian,” Justin whispered.
Tony rose from his seat, and leaned over the bed. “Hi, princess,” he smiled.
“Tony, he took the love knots,” Justin groaned.
“Love knots, what love knots, princess? What’s he talking about?” Tony looked over at Brian.
“Justin, what happened? Who hurt you?” Brian demanded.
“According to the police, Justin was chasing after a robber when he collapsed. The thief got away with your Valentine’s Day presents, two pair of gold love knot cufflinks from Bacharach Jewelers. Hello, my name is Dr. Roberts.” The surgeon walked in, and extended his hand.
“I’m Anthony Massey, and this is Brian Kinney.” Tony returned the handshake, and made the introductions.
“You certainly took your time getting here, doc.” Brian looked at his watch again.
Dr. Roberts ignored the sarcasm, and proceeded to check on his patient. “Justin, how are you feeling? Your family is here. That was a brave, but foolish thing that you did, young man. You could have been killed. You could have ruptured your appendix…. ”
“Appendix?” Brian interrupted.
“Don’t worry, Mr. Kinney. We removed it in time.” The doctor assured him. “He’s going to be groggy, and drifting in and out of sleep for the next few hours. The two of you are more than welcome to stay. I’ll be back to check on him later on tonight.”
“Thank you, Dr. Roberts,” Tony said.
Tony returned to his chair, where he continued to massage Justin’s hand.
“He took the love knots, Tony,” Justin started up again.
“Shhh, don’t worry about it princess,” Tony tried to quiet him.
“The lady said they were perfect, binding, intertwining, constant, and never-ending. Just like us.” Justin’s voice drifted.
“Yeah, just like us.” Tony looked at Brian.


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